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The definitive history of Bitcoin Infographic...

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The Definitive History of Bitcoin (Infographic)

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The definitive history of Bitcoin (Infographic)

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the definitive history of bitcoin infographic

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The Definitive History of Bitcoin - 5 years in one infographic

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[Infographic] The Definitive History of Bitcoin

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Cryptocurrency Books You Must Read

Cryptocurrency Books You Must Read
When you go out into Internet space to look for some information on the crypto world, you may end up being confused and baffled. Suddenly, everyone’s an expert and each has something to say about it. Without a basic knowledge of the technology, your lack of knowledge may backfire on you one day if you get into the clingy paws of ICO internet scammers, so before you invest, it is important to learn some of the basics and fundamentals.
by StealthEX
Here is a heap of cryptocurrency books we recommend you to read to nurture your crypto side of the brain:

Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper

In his shortlisted for the 2015 Financial Times and McKinsey business book of the year, Popper tells us the story of bitcoin since its early days. He tells the story through the eyes of famous and bright crypto influencers including South American and Asian millionaires, the Winklevoss twins and the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto. The author compares the digital currency to gold, claiming cryptocurrency to be the new global standard of storing the value.
Some readers say that Digital Gold book is a ready material for a thriller – unexpected plot twists, powerful influential organizations, drugs, blackmail make up the fascinating story to read and a really good starting point to understand what Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology is. The only downside that it only takes you up to 2015 but don’t worry, those were jam-packed years of growing.

The Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos

Even though Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and blockchain experts, he has a unique talent to simply explain complicated materials herewith maintaining the significance of the topic. For readers who want to explore more theory, The Internet of Money book is actually a collection of talks given by technology-enthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos, where he surpasses all the technical “geeky” details. In each section he delivers complex discussions in average words, exploring the economic, political, social and philosophical sides of the technology that has forever affected our world.
By the way, the book was released in 3-volume series so you won’t miss out on any trivia.

The Little Bitcoin Book: Why Bitcoin Matters for Your Freedom, Finances, and Future by Alejandro Machado, Jimmy Song, Alena Vranova, Timi Ajiboye, Luis Buenaventura, Lily Liu, Alexander Lloyd, Alex Gladstein

Why does the price keep changing? Is Bitcoin worth investing my money into? How does it even have value? Why do people keep saying that it is the future of currency? The answers to all these questions you are going to find out in this book written by 8 experienced crypto experts. They finished it in just four days and they did well in accumulating their knowledge in a book format along with covering a lot of different questions and concerns around the digital currency. The book also explains how Bitcoin affects people’s freedom and opportunities. Also, there is a Q & A section with some of the most frequently asked questions about Bitcoin.

Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond by Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar

The book provides a useful framework on some popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. and also explains why and how to invest and what would be the best thing to invest into. The authors make a major focus on investment strategies that really work, and teach you on fundamental notions like volume, liquidity and volatility of crypto coins. The authors use infographics, equations, historical data and statistics to teach you about crypto assets and markets.
This crypto book is as suitable for the beginners as for the advanced investors. It’s written in a straight forward style and will probably serve as a good reference for the future.

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Another Andreas Antonopoulos book but at this time an intermediate level. If you want a technical explanation, with code samples – get this book, Mastering Bitcoin is for people who already have a programming or computer science background. Well-delivered, useful and enlightening – the book takes you through the intricate world of bitcoin, providing the knowledge you need to participate in the internet of money. Whether you’re a software developer, startup investor, or simply curious about the technology, this edition is definitely worth your attention!

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking by Saifedean Ammous

This is a book written by a world-class economist Saifedean Ammous, where he explains how money works, why some money works better than the others and how monetary systems evolved throughout history – from ancient times to our days.
Some people call it an eye-opening book, which would make you overthink the concept of money in general. Anyway, the book certainly is thought-provoking and it might induce you to dive deeper into the crypto world. The author doesn’t try to predict the future of money but to widen our horizon, to understand the problem of our economic system, and see the possibility of having a decentralized alternative to central banking.

The Book Of Satoshi: The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto by Phil Champagne

Have you ever wondered who stands behind the whole crypto industry? Who made it all possible? The fun thing is that nobody knows. All we know is the name – Satoshi Nakamoto. In his book, Champagne dives deeper into his mysterious personality and investigates who Nakamoto might be, whether it is one person or a group, and how it was possible for Nakamoto to create the game-changing Bitcoin while remaining completely anonymous. The book includes actual emails and internet posts by Nakamoto, presented in chronological order. Fine resource for anyone interested in Bitcoin, it gives insight into Satoshi’s thinking, and readers can look at Bitcoin from a whole new perspective!
And speaking of Bitcoin, if you need to exchange your BTC and many other coins, StealthEX is here for you. We provide a selection of more than 250 cryptocurrencies and constantly updating the list so that our customers will find a suitable option. Our service does not require registration and allows you to remain anonymous. Why don’t you check it out? Just go to StealthEX and follow these easy steps:
✔ Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example ETH to BTC.
✔ Press the “Start exchange” button.
✔ Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
✔ Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
✔ Receive your coins.
Follow us on Medium, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to get updates and the latest news about the crypto world. For all requests message us via [email protected].
The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.
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Weekly Update: Launch of BOMBX, Parachute + BOMBX partnership, Crypto Lifestyle Interview, AXPR on Binance Dex... – 12 Jul - 18 Jul'19

Weekly Update: Launch of BOMBX, Parachute + BOMBX partnership, Crypto Lifestyle Interview, AXPR on Binance Dex... – 12 Jul - 18 Jul'19
Hiya folks! This was one of the most eventful weeks in recent Parachute history. Strap onto your seatbelts. Here we go!

Cap announced the start of a new journey with BOMB’s latest venture, BOMBX (more on that later). In short, new groups will get to explore ParJar, new tokens will be added and a ton of new communities will get to experience Parachute in all its glory. Plus, ParJar will add the Binance chain to its list of supported chains. BEP2 tokens, here we come! Cap’s interview with The Crypto Lifestyle was this week as well. Have a look! PAR got listed on MetaMorphPro through a Twitter vote. This week we added a new token to ParJar: SNTR (Silent Notary). Read more about the project here. Don’t forget Cap’s reminder: when you join a new partner project channel, read up on them, join to learn about the project, be a part of their community. We want ParJar to be used as a tool for that community. Hence, try not to tip other coins/tokens there (including PAR).
Derjenige is a master of woodwork. Check out how he makes PAR coasters
Ian hosted an art trivia in the Tiproom. 50k PAR given away. Noice! In the Big Chili Race, Jason is still ahead of the competition at 47 cm. Just 3 more centimeters to win 400k PAR. If you’ve been meaning to use the Parachute sticker set on Telegram but couldn’t find it, click here. Cryptonoob has been hard at work designing UX concepts for the Parachute app. This week, he interviewed Parachuters to gauge user sentiment. Chris announced the start of a British Open Pick ‘Em Tournament with a prize pot of 100k PAR. Say what! Jason’s flash game for 65k PAR to find the “weirdest product for sale on the internet” saw some super wacky items being posted. Evan, Alexis and CF picked the craziest ones. Pika, Nilzinho, Richi and Airdrop won honourable mentions. Lmao! Roberto was kind enough to translate the ParJar guide to Spanish.
Big Chili Race participants. L to R: Abhijoy (8th), Tony (2nd), Jason (1st), Richi (5th)
BOMB announced the launch of an exploratory incubator on the Binance Chain called BOMBX. As Zachary explained during the livestream of the launch, while BOMB signifies destruction, BOMBX signifies creation. All BOMB token holders will receive BOMBX tokens (XIO) in 1:25 ratio. Find out more from Dash’s article linked above. Check this tweet thread for the TLDR. If you plan to watch the full announcement video, check out the index to skip to the sections of your interest. This infographic should help explain the incubator ecosystem being planned. There was also a giveaway for the top lessons shared by entrepreneurs from the BOMB community. As announced in the last update, BOMB was listed on Hotbit this week. Benjamin’s latest report on tokenomics got published. And as promised, the token statistics dashboard went live this week. Opacity is also one of the partners of BOMBX. As the explained in their article, Opacity will be the preferred storage provider for startups incubated by BOMBX. Opacity’s whitepaper is also now available with an Opacity storage handle for downloading and reading.
BOMBX Partners
This week’s Parachute + Uptrennd brainstorm session focused on Technical Analysis. Uptrennd founder Jeff sat down with Enjin CTO Witek Radomski to talk about the Efinity scaling solution, ERC-1155 marketplace and other topics. Membership on Uptrennd has been growing steadily. This called for a celebratory giveaway with Plus, Idex listing of 1UP is expected next week. Another public voting for a free detailed review of a project by the Uptrennd team started this week. aXpire’s AXPR token was listed on Binance Dex. Woot woot! Like last week, the weekly aXpire burn event was for 20k AXPR. Reasons for the double burn to be released in next update. There’s also a new dashboard to track all the token burns now. Checked out Clinton’s cool aXpire mug yet? Do it! And finally, catch up on the weekly updates at aXpire and the crypto space from this video. 2gether won the second prize on Pitch Day at the Barcelona Trading Conference. Congratulations!
AXPR Burn dashboard (as on 28-Jul-19)
Fantom appointed their consultant Bariq Sekandari as Director of BD and Listings this week. Bariq has been the driving force behind the deluge of FTM listings on exchanges in the last few weeks. The project also entered into a partnership with The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum and SEED Group to join hands in the Dubai smart city project. This news was covered by The Merkle, Coin Spectator and The Daily Chain. In this week’s technical article, the Sfxdx team writes about ChainWitness consensus algorithm. If you’ve missed the July updates of Fantom, fret not. CMO Michael Chen has covered it all in this post. Fantom also joined the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) this week along with several key figures from Fantom being added to the GBA Consultant Directory. Core dev Andre Cronje will be speaking at CFN Network’s “Future of Blockchain and Bitcoin” event at London in September. Click here for deets. The infogif contest winner was declared. THORChain announced a partnership with Fantom to allow BEP2 token swaps at market rates. Benjamin Cowen’s first FTM deep dive was released. Neat! Plus, Chico Crypto, That Martini Guy, Crypto Zombie and Bloxlive featured the project in their videos this week.
Fantom sets up its footing in Dubai
Hydro and its molecule solution got featured in World Blockchain Forum’s latest Medium article. Hydro announced the start of its article contest and winner of the video contest. Click here and here for the latest updates on all the moving parts of Hydro. Switch and SwitchDex were covered by BitcoinNews, The Merkle, Coinspeaker, NullTx, Incrypts, Altcoin Sara and Cryptopedic. ESH got listed on AltMarkets with a BTC pairing. Ahead of the start to the SMS Beta Testing phase, Birdchain announced social media competition. 50k BIRD up for grabs! Marketeers, have a read of their article on the efficacy of Pay-per-click campaigns. The latest Bounty0x bi-weekly update is available here. We have covered most of the news items in past updates. Catch up on District0x news from the weekly update post. All the pending questions from last week’s ETHOS AMA were answered this week in another AMA with founder Shingo and Voyager CMO Steve Capone. Following a system maintenance, Update 2.0 for the Universal Wallet went out this week. Upgrades include faster transactions, fee improvement and listing of BCH. Remember Horizon State’s nomination to the Wellington Gold Awards? They have started introducing the nominees recently and featured Horizon State this week. The project also got nominated for a Blockies Award by Blockchain Australia. Woot! And last but definitely not the least, Horizon State is now conducting a vote for The Opportunities Party in New Zealand. Check it out here.
Cap’s beer haul from the Parachute Beer Exchange. Courtesy: Thane
And with that, it’s a wrap for this week at Parachute and partners. See you soon with another weekly update. Ciao!
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Komodo's 2.0 Infographic Contest: 5,000 KMD Grand Prize!

Komodo's 2.0 Infographic Contest: 5,000 KMD Grand Prize!
A total prize pool of 7,000 KMD in our infographic contest
Calling all creatives to take part in our infographic contest and compete for a prize of 7,000 KMD. The winning infographic will explain the architecture of Komodo Platform’s technology. Winners will be those who are able to communicate our architecture and tech visually. This contest will run primarily on Reddit, with the exception of resources being posted to Medium and a master twitter thread for submissions on Twitter. You'll find links at the bottom of this post.

Prizes for winning infographics.

Are you a creative designer? Here's what you can win…
  1. A grand prize of 5,000 KMD
  2. Two runner-up prizes of 500 KMD each
  3. Two third-place prizes of 250 KMD each

Prizes for sharing and giving feedback!

Not a designer? That's OK. You can still participate and win! We'll award five lucky winners 100 KMD each for sharing and promoting the contest. Winners will be picked in a raffle. If you'd like to take part click here and share this post with your friends.

Your Goals

  • Create a high-quality infographic that illustrates the genesis of our platform, the working tech that has been created and how Komodo has been built differently, and deliberately, from the very beginning to ensure security, scalability and interoperability. This is why we refer to the architecture, because Komodo was designed to overcome common problems like congestion, governance and attacks that other platforms did not foresee or prevent, from the beginning. This is Komodo DNA.
  • Share your submission far and wide and encourage your friends and followers to vote for you.
  • Encourage feedback, ask questions and make your infographic the best that it can be.

Our Criteria to Judge

Please note that upvotes and shares are not the only criteria we'll use to judge winners. While useful, we will value creativity, good questions and discussion on Reddit highly. When sharing your posts you will score more highly if people comment, provide feedback and are engaged.
  • How well the infographic conveys our working tech, it's core concepts and plans to build on top of it.
  • How well the infographic illustrates our story, purpose and conveys our tech so that it's easy to understand.
  • Constructive discussion, questions and feedback on Reddit that lead to improvement.
  • Sentiment and comments generated across all our social media. This will not include vanity metrics like likes or shares.
  • Upvotes on Reddit for the author's submission post ONLY. All votes will be counted (i.e. doesn't matter which week they were made).
  • Retweets of the submission in our master thread ONLY. Include your handle and a cover image in your submission. This means if you promote yourself on Twitter you ought to promote the tweet with your work in it.

How do you win?

You may submit up to two infographics. By submitting an infographic, you understand Komodo may post and use your submissions on our digital channels during and after the contest. Each infographic must have it's own post.
  • Create a post on Komodo's subreddit using the 'infographic contest' flair.
  • Add the infographic image into the Reddit post.
  • Include your Twitter handle.
  • Include a social media friendly cover image for us to use when we tweet your submission out.
  • Post a link to your submission post here in the comments for all to see.

Contest Timeline Guide (these dates indicative and are subject to change).

  • 7th September. Announcement. If you're reading this on Reddit before the big announcement then well done! You have two extra days before this is announced on Friday.
  • 10th - 21st September. Research and Questions. We will promote the contest, invite questions and requests for resources, in the comments of this master Reddit post (because this means all information and good questions will be visible to all participants).
  • 22nd September. Draft Submissions. Creatives to submit their draft infographics on Reddit. All submissions need to have their own post and then be linked to in the comments of this master post. This is important to remember!
  • 24th - 30th September. Feedback. A period of one week will be devoted to promoting the submissions and asking the community and team to give you feedback.
  • 1st October. Final Submissions.
  • 2nd - 8th October. Voting. A week of promoting your work and at the end we'll count votes, consider feedback and pick our winners.
  • 15th October. Winners Declared. The final decision by judges. Votes and community feedback counts towards judging but do not have final say.


If you need help please post in this thread, or email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with ‘Infographic Contest’ in the subject line.
  1. A list of resources for the Komodo infographic contest including tools to create infographics.
  2. Komodo Platform: Redefining The Architecture Of Blockchain Platforms
  3. A bullet point study aid to help you understand the history of Komodo’s architecture.
  4. Logo Pack
  5. Mylo's notes on Software & Platform Architecture for Designers in the Infographic Contest
  6. Mylo's Conceptual Model of Architecture
  7. Video: A brief history of our working tech and an animated timeline of the Komodo Platform.
  8. Video: Komodo Atomic Swaps Explained.
Also please let us know if you are, or you know, a good GUI developer because we'd love to hear from them. Ask them to DM ca333#0118 or SHossain#8093 on Discord.

Entries and submissions for the infographic contest. You can click here to see them all in a scrollable thread on Twitter.

25/09/18 - First Round of Feedback

Infographics should use graphical design elements to visually represent the Komodo Architecture Story found here: included in our ‘required reading’. There’s also a bullet point aid: you may find useful.
  • We want to stress that the infographic ought to focus on the Architecture story. In the first round we've found many have focused on the five pillars which is a part of it but not the focus.
  • Copy should be short and concise and not dominate the infographic. The idea is to simplify the story and not to copy and paste directly from the story.
  • Colour Palette - avoid heavy usage of the old KMD green and yellow-orange. Would prefer usage of the interim KMD colour palette.
  • Recommended fonts: Montseratt, Roboto, Open Sans, Helvetica, or Arial.
  • Graphical - Imagery should complement the associated copy. Diagrams are encouraged in place of simple icons to explain more complex technology concepts.
  • Interim KMD colour palette
Interim KMD Colour Palette
If you’ve not been included in the first round it’s because the submission hadn’t been made when the team reviewed. Don’t worry though because we’re organising hangouts and further feedback to help.
  • #001 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by thesudio. There’s a lot of good points made, however, these would work better if there is a clear narrative and flow to the information being presented. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming and confusing to the reader. The #1 objective is to visually depict the architecture story and how KMD is redefining blockchain platform architecture.
  • #002 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by thesudio. We like that there is a clear structure and clear messaging aligned to each of the 5 pillars. However, the infographic should be focused on telling the architecture story vs the pillars.
  • #003 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by VolsenVols. Love how you’ve incorporated our existing graphic design elements into the infographic. This is heading in the right direction and the level of copy and content are well balanced. It would be nice to align this closer to the architecture story and to expand on the different layers of our technology using the same style.
  • #004 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by dexter_laabo. Needs to tell the architecture story. This looks more like it took information from our current website. “Anonymous” is not a key aspect of our technology that we’re focusing on.
  • #005 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by savandra. The visuals are strong but the narrative could be stronger. It would be nice to align this closer to the architecture story and to expand on the different layers of our technology using the same style.
  • #006 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by VolsenVols. Team prefers the other submission style in entry #003.
  • #007 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by cryptol1. Doesn’t depict the architecture narrative. Inaccurately describes cross-chain tech as “proprietary”. Simplification has the wrong messaging associated, should be white-label focused. This is considered more of a graphics versus an infographic. Needs to be more comprehensive.
  • #008 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by pacosenda. We like the unique design style and approach taken. Doesn’t follow the architecture narrative. Should be expanded out as it is a bit short on content with no clear flow or narrative.
  • #009 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by jeanetteLine. Great level of detail and thought on the layout and content. Doesn’t, however, cover the architecture story. Would be preferred if the design direction reflects interim colour and style vs. legacy KMD. The roadmap should be avoided. Looks like they borrowed more from the website than the guidelines.
  • #010 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by Meyse. Very creative way to explain and layout the content. This could be expanded out more to encompass the entire architecture story. Cross-chain verifications/smart contracts, blockchain bridging need to be incorporated in.
  • #011 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by Brenny431. Follows the 5 pillars versus the architecture story. Would prefer stronger visuals and design elements.
  • #012 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by ProofDraw. Design elements are good but need to follow architecture story versus 5 pillars.
  • #013 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by sayonara_girl. Needs to follow the architecture story.
  • #014 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by Limiter02. Good thought has gone into the copy, however, there’s way too much of it. Would prefer stronger visuals and utilizing a more visual storytelling approach. Doesn’t follow the architecture story. Remove the lizard.
  • #015 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by piptothemoon. Great thought into visually representing key points. Needs to be expanded out to incorporate the architecture story, but this is heading in the right direction from a visual storytelling POV.
  • #016 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by thecryptofoundation. Love the timeline approach, and mostly followed the guidelines and architecture story. Also, like the incorporation of accomplishments at the end. Would like to get the stock imagery used to reflect our interim colour palette. Not all visuals match what is being represented in the copy.
  • #017 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by jsteneros. As discussed in the Zoom call, this graphic is really solid but a little heavy on the copy. Would be good to see more visualizations of the info. This graphic hits on some of the important messages (e.g. Komodo is built differently from other blockchain platforms and solves many of the issues that first-gen platforms are struggling with) but it would be great if there was more information about Komodo’s architecture and how Komodo is different from other platforms.
  • #018 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by gravigocrypto. This one was also discussed in the Zoom call. Outstanding visuals and overall design. The info follows the architecture story well but could be stronger if the 3 layers of Komodo’s architecture were tied together into one, coherent visual. It’s a challenging task but that’s part of the contest : )
  • #019 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by PacoSenda. This is a really creative infographic, which is great! However, we’d really like to see the visuals a bit more in line with fonts and color palette described above in the “First Round of Feedback” section. Also, as with the feedback for many of the infographic submissions, sticking to the Komodo architecture story would be best.
  • #020 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by emmanmalaman. The visuals are pretty cool but this one misses most of our core messaging. It would be much stronger if it followed the architecture story and touched on the info provided in this post. There’s definitely potential here but it needs some work.
  • #021 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by immimidada. The colors and visuals here are spot-on. It’s also really great that it sets up the problem and then presents the Komodo solution. However, the problem and solution aren’t defined exactly the way we’d like. Check out the architecture narrative to learn more, and try to follow that story a bit more closely.
  • #022 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by mohitgfx3. This one is a bit heavy on the KMD logos. We’re really hoping to see a visualization of Komodo’s infrastructure architecture. As with the feedback for many of the infographics, it would be best to re-read Komodo’s architecture story and try to stick to that as much as possible. Using images from the current website is also not a great approach, as we’re preparing to launch a new site in the coming months.
  • #023 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by u/sayonara_girl. Some of the visuals are cool! It’s missing the narrative we’re looking for. In general, less copy and more visual storytelling would improve this graphic a lot. We’d like to see a smooth, linear flow of information. Take another look at the architecture story and try to follow that narrative.
  • #024 Infographic Link // Reddit Post Link by brunopugens. This one follows the narrative well! But it’s a little heavy on the copy. It would be much stronger if the architecture was displayed visually, rather than explained with text. Also, the design is cool but it’s difficult to read b/c the perspective of the text is skewed. It’s a really cool idea but might be better to put the text flat for the sake of readability and clarity.

We hosted a round of live feedback sessions via Zoom. The recording is here:


The first block in the KMD blockchain was mined just under two years ago, on September 13, 2016 to 9:04 PM. Since then, Komodo has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and established a history of execution.
  • February 21, 2016 — The vision for Komodo Platform is born with jl777’s Declaration of Independence.
  • September 13, 2016 — The first block in the KMD chain is mined.
  • October 15, 2016 — Komodo’s initial coin offering (ICO) is launched.
  • November 20, 2016 — Komodo’s ICO comes to a close with a total of 2,639 BTC raised.
  • January 2017 — The Komodo Mainnet is launched, complete with independent assetchains and delayed Proof of Work security.
  • January 31, 2017 — The KMD coins purchased in the ICO are issued.
  • March 2017 — Komodo’s development team develops one of the first atomic swap protocols.
  • July 2017 — Thousands of atomic swaps are made in a public, observable setting.
  • August 2017 — Private, zero-knowledge trades made possible with Jumblr, Komodo’s native shuffler.
  • October 2017 — Komodo develops a way to make atomic swaps in SPV Mode (“Lite Mode”), thus eliminating the need for traders to download entire blockchains to do atomic swaps.
  • November 2017 — First GUI for Komodo’s atomic-swap-powered decentralized exchange (DEX) is released, making atomic swap trading more accessible than ever before.
  • January 2018 — The mobile version of Agama wallet is released.
  • February 2018 — A public stress test allows 13,900 atomic swaps in a 48 hour period.
  • March 2018Komodo bridges the gap between Bitcoin-protocol-based coins and Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens, providing support for 95% of coins and tokens in existence.
  • March 2018 — Komodo holds its second annual Notary Node Elections.
  • May 2018 — The world’s first decentralized ICO is held on Komodo Platform.
  • June 2018 — The alpha release of HyperDEX, a new GUI for Komodo’s decentralized exchange, is launched.
  • July 2018 — Komodo enters a partnership with Netcoins, making KMD coins available for purchase with fiat currencies at over 21,000 locations across three continents.
  • July 2018 — Komodo announces the 5 Pillars of Blockchain technology and begins introducing some Komodo 2.0 technology features, like Federated Multi-Chain Syncing and Cross-Chain Smart Contracts.
  • August 2018 — Komodo takes two big steps towards mass adoption, announces a collaboration with Ideas By Nature, an industry-leading blockchain agency, and releases a full briefing on the development on UTXO-based smart contracts.


  • is a website that ranks 866 different blockchain projects according to the Github commit history of that project’s most popular repo. Komodo is ranked #1 overall for Github commits over the last 12 months.
  • China's Ministry Research Initiative regularly ranks Komodo in the top 10.
  • Binance CEO highlights Komodo (see this Five Bullet Friday edition for more info).

If you would like to update your post, please edit and add to the post so people can see the different iterations. Entries and submissions for the infographic contest. You can click here to see them all in a scrollable thread on Twitter.

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We entered into August 2018 now a full 7 months after the launch of Cred CX @ Credits.Energy
As the jingle goes we have been hearing "Credits Cryptocurrency, Supports Green Energy"
Many are only waiting to have an exchange listing.... Many are questioning what they really have received after they paid for their Cred CX coins.
Most do not know they are still waiting for an actual Cred CX cryptocurrency coin.
If you read this I hope it will help educate some on matters of a cryptocurrency the one in review here is based upon cryptonote - The most popular cryptocurrency like Cred CX is Monero.
I would go over the last 7 months but there is little to Report. So little to report that Credits has not released a much anticipated end of July update as they did with the end of June. The end of June report was mostly about challenges and future or forward thinking and goals. Nothing in the way of a verifiable blockchain / coin.
Some ICO fundamentals:
~Dollars and Cents~
How well did the pre ICO and ICO and Now crowd sales do from a financial perspective is not clear to to purchasers and or investors alike.
The only thing I find is that in a May 2018 they edited the timeline infograph they ~ failed to reach the softcap of 100 million Cred CX sold. They have subsequently said that they have exceeded the softcap but have not made known a hard cap, nor do we know how many Cred CX where purchased as of this date.
As well they also have not published any official figures from their corporate offices regarding bonuses, incentives, airdrops or other distributions etc. This in addition to corporate distribution among themselves and their stake or holdings, the company, and what appears to be a un published foundation or "entity", there are no details about any such entity as of yet in our knowledge. Perhaps the whitepaper plans have changed again with out noting public revisions.
We do know that they are still taking orders for Cred CX and are reportedly going to "explore" merchant account options. July saw Paypal suspended on Credits.Energy website. Another red flag.
Our analysis leads us to think it went something like this...
Read the following:
Hello xxxxx,
We are writing to you in regards to your PayPal Account.
PayPal appreciates that you have chosen us to accept payments for your business. A periodic review of your account shows that you are cryptocurrency trading using PayPal.
However, unfortunately we have determined there to be excessive risk involved with the business model that you engaged in using PayPal. While we wish you the best of success in your future business endeavors, we respectfully ask that you seek another method of payment for the online business.
Your remaining balance will be held in your PayPal account for 180 days from the date your account was limited. After 180 days, you will be notified via email with information on how to receive your remaining funds.
We deeply regret any inconvenience this matter may cause you.
Sincerely, PayPal Compliance Department PayPal"
^^The above was of an IOTA trader a well established coin.
Cash is still king with this ICO it appears.
Looking at their past known published crypto addresses used at some time over the last 7 months to receive crypto payments for orders of Cred CX it reveals "nominal" volumes. The current address advertised shows zero activity for in puts and out puts at the time of this writing.
I it is another cleaning of the crypto slate as it where. No update notification has been given of the change on social media other than now perhaps here. By publishing the explorer to their adresses and hashes here I am not promoting anything.
You can explore them here:
With out the public having kept track of previously published address one would not know that they raised anything via crypto during this ICO and the pre ICO based on currently available data.
Please see this post for IMPORTANT INFORMATION:
There is no data to reference as to who Credits llc has been in talks with or what applications they have submitted to whom. They say that is what they are doing still. Acceptance is reported to have been granted by two exchanges as to why thy have not taken the listing offer and acted upon it until now is not clear at all.
They have said they want to get it just right and the coin was not ready for release and others agreed. I am presuming that includes exchanges feedback, with out comments on the acceptance and negotiating there is nothing definitive I can find to clarify anything re exchange listings chatter.
The exchange listing seems to be the number one question with Cred CX owners.
We did not see any new code commits to the official github. Reginald Gaines created the first cryptonote fork 2 years ago.
Forked from Appinvestocred and is found here:
Appinvestor Reginald Gaines aka Appinvestor a seemingly abandoned github account that points to a now defunct domain and email, attached to a Business "AppInvestor.Co Inc"
Seattle Wa USA
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
We do see the blockchain project for Cred CX "CRED-1" was updated 6 months ago on or about the time Reginald Gaines was last known to be developing for Credits LLC.
Reginald Gaines was known by me to have been paid by the founders based on past phone conversations,
In fact I advised founder Luke to cut him loose as he was at the time failing to deliver as contracted and development of the blockchain rested solely with him. He was holding the project up and I advised Luke to not be held hostage by a prepaid contractor and take the loss and move on quickly. Last conversation I had with him about it in Feb 2018 he reported to me that he had candidates lined up to replace him.
Mobile apps:
Bidhan Baral Co founder of is said to be responsible for the android and iOS apps. We are not certain that what Bidhan and or others @ Credits in collaboration have released is a cryptocurrency / blockchain wallet. On Andorid the back end is served by
Firebase is built on Google infrastructure and scales automatically, for even the largest apps.
Firebase is not a open distributed ledger aka blockchain. Credits plans to include a credits run private (in app) auth network in tandem with an actual open distributed ledger. How they have implemented this is unknown.
App Store Preview gives it a 5 out of 5 out of 8 Ratings currently.
The current progress report is minor setbacks re the mobile miner. No reports on any Windows, Mac, Linux wallets, or mining pools. As for as we know there is no published list of mining nodes or if code exist for "testnet" and or actual mining.
We have seen no community activity among miners to create their own pools to Mine Cred CX and there are literally billions that need to be mined.
What kind of computing infrastructure is Cred CX relying on in the future or have already deployed the blockchain on, who are the service providers, they are part and parcel to a healthy "ecosystem" who are the supply partners?
I am not convinced that withholding details about logical questions asked of a blockchain company start up, or not, is good for business.
The current advertised CTO @ is Justin Farmer, he has a previous private relationship with Rick Floyd CEO before both of them came to executive team.
He has been the chief technical officer according to the website since approx mid March of 2018...?
Justin's code developments or those of others he is in charge of as CTO appear to be one of the most closely guarded secrets about Credits LLC's coin Cred CX's development, just as much as fundraising data and operations.
Although this is not a secret many people do not know about the webwallet ( that is believe to be in part coded by Justin and Bindam. There are no verifiable details know to me. It is the code that I can reference as proof of development and evidence of an accomplishment task as set forth in the companies whitepaper... We do not beieve it is a webinterface to an actual blockchain but the same corporate ledger as is found in that drives the android app.
Why Credits LLC Cred CX did not update github over most of the life of this opensource code based project has no official explanation as far as we are aware. Why they have not released where the development logs and code are is a mystery to us.
We have to presume that there are in fact those things some where. Both developmentally as is financially this companies ICO has been anything but transparent where it matters most.
Lastly on the subject of this topic heading is Steven Crider the Sr. Product Analyst is hoped to be in a position to provide his analysis on the product.
"Kendra" highlights the relationship between Credits (CRED - CX) and renewable energy. - Published on 2 May 2018
^^That is pretty much all of what some know regarding aabout Cred CX and how it support green energy.
Last know relationship building with green energy groups was focused on Denver area associations.
A Missed speaking engagement.
Former acting CEO and Credits LLC's founder Mr. Ingraham was said to have be confirmed as speaking on March 13th at Solar Power Mountain West about how Credits LLC via Cred CX is incorporating blockchain technology into the renewable energy sector. Mr. Ingraham was not able to attend that conference @ Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA). Since that time there has been no updates regarding green energy relationships or building a community of interested parties in the purported solar energy project on the outskirts of Denver Colorado.
With out a doubt the real world clean or green energy producing project is the most significantly complex and challenging part for Credits LLC and it's Cryptocurrency with a purpose .
It seems that Jared Wells has the best publicly documented insight on how credits is actually thinking in part what they are achieving in what can be called a Green energy Cypto Currency - A Crypto with a purpose.
"Credits.Energy, the “crypto with a mobile mining app that supports green energy,” aims to virtually eliminate the cost of supporting renewable energy. We asked Credits.Energy COO, Jared Wells, to explain what the current barri-ers to entry are in the renewable energy market:
“Mainstream adoption of solar and wind power is all about efficiency. Obviously, if I put a solar panel on my house, I need batteries to harness that power overnight, charge controllers to manage wattage and voltage, and a way to integrate that energy into the power system. These same basic components are required whether you have 1 panel or 400 panels . . . 1 turbine or 50 turbines. . . . So while the overall cost per watt in the solar and wind power har-nessing platform decreases incrementally by increasing the number of generation components involved in the sys-tem, it is inversely more expensive per unit of electricity to implement the smaller scale systems that can be afford-ed by an individual homeowner. In addition to that, there are so many people who live in leased or rented housing and are unable to attach solar panels or wind generators to their residences or who maybe just can’t afford to have their own system....
Credits.Energy intends to resolve this problem by allowing for simple purchasing and management of the CRED cryp-tocurrency token through their intuitive website and mobile applications. "
Google search: Credits.Energy ICO is now live Jared wells
As it is with the CEO, CFO, CTO, and Developers, Operations @ Credits has very little shared data on the strides taken to invest into a green energy project/s on the outskirts of Denver Colorado. The location of the Solar Project remains undisclosed. There has been no comments by the COO Jared or press releases with regards to acquisitions, investment or strategic partnerships with any Green energy related entities to date.
Participants in this ICO who participated based on the green energy components are due for a long anticipated report on how their investment and purchases have contributed to green energy, the environment and how it has helped the Cred CX ecosystem" and various charities.
~Community and Ecosystem~
Other than this reddit and the Facebook & Twitter pages Credits does not have a perceptible community.
Some cryptonote forks attract anaon coin investors, cryptopunks, miners etc. As there is know known blockchain and wallet / node / miner for Cred CX it is no surprise they have not joined our ranks as of yet. There is always the future.
Adoption and traction take time and delivering open source software tools to the community to create an ecosystem / auth network and mine the coins as reward for participation in the auth network. Potentially billions and billions of of hashes waiting to make this a viable anaon coin.
As for Ecosystem there is none that we can speak of. One can use the apps or webwallet to send and receive in app tokens. The functionality is only extended to include the ability to send a one line note. We have not tested to see what is the character limit is or if it is encrypted and will be recorded on the immutable open ledger.
So as a community, or one on one, holders I suppose could use it as a message or note app. It would "cost" you 1 Cred CX per as many characters you can write in the line space provided.
Although Cred CX is as said as being based on cryptonotes cryptonight algorithm it shares the note feature.
XDN has built a solid cryptonote enterprise on this one feature. Cred CX is it's sibling technically speaking.
"DigitalNote XDN is a decentralized private cryptocurrency. It is based on CryptoNote anonymous technology and has a unique untraceable encrypted messaging system with blockchain based staking for a defined period."
There is always a bright side and we hope Cred CX will come into that as soon as is possible. DigitalNote XDN had a name change and a history that had it reinvent it's self several times...
About DigitalNote XDN
Formerly known as DarkNote XDN
Formerly known as duckNote XDN
As you can see they have had some stormy seas and needing to "right the ship". The question is how is Cred CX navigating those waters?
"May 30, 2014 — day of the first XDN block"
We have been long waiting and anticipating the announcement of Cred CX first block announcement.
With a new cryptocurrency the first block mined is like the fist minting of a new coin in metal. It is generally a celebrated event and anniversary date.
It is unclear how one deletes or closes out their accounts.
Example in the case of refunds. Do you send them back their Cred CX using the convenient email address feature they sent it from and use the Note space to file an invoice / refund? After that is settled how does one close the account out for good. How does one close an account or in cypto speak burn their coins with proof (on the open blockchain).
Not being able to transfer off app has left Cred CX use limited to, limited in app only functionality.
I have not ever seen any press or pr promoting this feature alone.
A community of testers would have really helped. No group feed back forum was used including this the reddit group. That leads us to...
~ PR / IR / Social Media ~
Very little evidence of a concerted social media campaign/s Relative new comer to the Credit's team is Torin Tostanoski the "Social Media Strategist". The strategy seems to be that less is more in the way of social media and customer relations / support.
As was pointed out to me in analysis of this aspect of this ICO was that one could have looked at the youtube channel and some have said it speaks volumes perhaps even enough to make an informed decision to pass on Cred CX -
Joined Jan 16, 2018
VIDEOS: Uploads 1 title "Credits Cryptocurrency & Platform" 162 views 6 months ago
It appears to be abandoned. Rick Floyd has a youtube Chanel set up for credits but the original "official" youtube account is inactive for over 6 months now.... - Good news they created a Topic for Cred CX there. A powerful creditable account and community to have a voice in as an ICO, trader, miner. Minimal activity on the content and any substantial information shared has given no cause for exposure to arguably an ICO's best source of support in all things cryptocurrency. It is a market place for ideas and collaboration as well as investment and traders. See:
Most PR was done in the form of paid for press releases and they where picked up and syndicated on crypto centric investments aka ICO's and technology blogs. I do not know of the effectiveness of the paid adwords and facebook ads. Facebook delivered a blow to all ICO's this year with a change in policy.
Many holders of Cred CX are baffled by the choice to not improve Credits social media presence and reach. As it is, it remains a decidedly non communicative, non transparent ICO on this front as well.
With some issues in its executive ranks, lacklustre ICO participation, and very little to report regarding progress some might think it not surprising to have a policy that seems to be based on one of silence is golden.
The issue is at this point very, very, basic: Where are our cryptonote blockchain tokens / coined as Cred CX?
What many holders in the public do not know is they do not need an exchange or mobile app with a mobile miner to hold the coins and exchange them. We have yet to see code written by them for the actual blockchain.
There are mobile apps and a webwallet. OK.
Where are Windows, OSX, and Linux wallets and miners? Where are Cred CX testnet/s? and the credits internal node network? Who has been recruiting or building a mining pool?
This reddit should be abuzz with posts about such things and @
The last update on twitter after a full calendar month of no updates @ we hear that there are minor set backs and re the mobile mining feature. That could very well may be. It is understandable to have compliance issues both technical and policy, to not ever reference technical or policy data is a red flag for many.
It also does not explain why a mobile platform with an off app network cannot not give us our hashes, our coins on an immutable ledger aka blockchain. Cred CX Cryptocurrency a cryptonote fork is an anonymous coin by default. Transactions on the apps and on credits internal auth network are not truly anon, and require the public open blockchain for distributed off credits network authentications of transactions for them to be so.
We have not been given it. When looking at (<--- Hint the foundation that is or is not?) it redirects to
The chain explorer is not publicly active nor is the source code for anything as far as we can see other than the github - Last updated 6 months ago... It is a fork (a copy for those who might not know what a fork is) - no development code or update to or of code have been committed to the projects opensource software repository as advertised on the website.
How is the premine going? Is it started or over? Where are the cryptonotes coined and mined as Cred CX?
Do I need a mobile app with mining features to use my cryptonote wallet, no, no one does. So if a "feature" is what the project hangs on that is a red flag.
A quick way Cred CX could be made viable and live right now is like this:
MyMonero is the only web wallet for Monero. It is operated and owned by Riccardo Spagni, who is one of the lead Monero developers.
The wallet works like any account. You create an account and can login online to access your funds. MyMonero only encrypts your keys and stores the data on its servers. It cannot access your funds.
See for a live example
Monero Desktop Wallet
The best and only Monero desktop wallet is the official client which is a full node.
It can be downloaded from the official Monero website.
Credits position:
"...crypto with a mobile mining app..." A Crypto. A mobile mining app. One does not need a mobile mining "feature" in an app for there to be a coin or crypto wallet, in fact it is quite the opposite in certain respects. "Technicalities"
So set backs as of August 2018... We have no progress reports we just have our own ongoing independent analysis.
I hope this has been helpful to the community. Your feed back is welcomed.
If you have questions or concerns feel free to post here. Start a new topic.
I am certain there are other things people can share here that would be of a benefit to the community as small as it may be at the moment.
Supporters and fans of Cred CX are welcomed to share what good news the have and what inspires their enthusiasm and support for Cred CX. COME WAVE THE GREEN FLAGS FOR CRED (CX)
We are looking into sponsoring a Cred CX airdrop and give aways! Tell your Friends :-)
We hope for the best and truly want to see the CRED CX coin succeed
"Stay tuned" here for more in depth reports and analysis on (Cred) (CX)
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To arms Bitcoin community! Help us to complete this mining installation for the Zürich MoneyMuseum. We are not asking for funds. Only your expertise needed! 20$ tip if you give us the relevant clue to solve or mitigate our main problem. Nice pictures of the exhibition inside as well…

A big thank you to all people who helped us we can now mine true pps with diff1! The people in this thread which have helped most have been awarded. I want to mention also the operator of denis2342 and Luke-Jr.
Actually looking at the miner screen in the Linux terminal helped a lot ;-). The pool constantly resigned to stratum with variable difficulty. We can now mine true pps with diff1. Getwork with long polling seems to be default after disabling stratum...
We will probably post again, when there is a video of the installation in action...
Again many thanks. Learned a lot.
Edit: Thank you for all the answeres so far! We will try different things now and report back. Tip bounty will be distrubuted as soon as we found out what finally does the trick. Ths could take a few days. The offerd tip will be distributed and very likeley a few others as well.
First of all, let me tell you that the Bitcoin Exhibition at the Zürich MoneyMuseum is most likely the biggest and most diverse of it’s kind. Please read more about the museum and the exhibition below.
Help us solve the following problem we experience with our “Muscle Powered Proof of Work” installation:
Me and a friend have invested a lot of time to build an installation for the Museum. It is basically a 10GHash/s miner and RapberryPi which is powered by a hand generator (Maxon DC motor with planetary gear). Here are some pictures of the installation, although not entirely put together yet. There are still some changes planned.
Now let’s get to the core of our problem:
We are mining at the getwork diff1 pool as it is a true pps pool with getwork diff1. The visitors in the museum can power the generator for 2-3min and see directly how many Satoshis the "network" (actually pool but we don't want to confuse the visitors to much at that point) has given the museum for their work. This all works well so far but one problem remains. Sometimes the pool does not get a share from us for more than 40 seconds or even more than 60 in some cases. I have calculated that with 8.4 GHash/s we should find a share about every 0.5 seconds in average (diff1). I think when the pool gets a share it gets all the hashes as it then accounts for several Satoshis. Statistically we get per minute what we should get in theory. We would very much like to lower the time between the accepted shares by the pool, however. This would help to make the overall experience much smoother for the visitors.
Please look at this screenshot from MinePeon and answer some questions:
We see that we get a lot of diff1 hashes. However, only 11 shares/packages have been accepted. The Is there a possibility to set the miner SW so it submits to the pool as soon as a share is found? It seems to send them in packages which sometimes have 4-5 seconds in between but sometimes a much as 80 seconds. I would like to submit packages of hashes much more often. How can this be influenced?
What exactly are the Getworks (GW)?
What exactly are the Accepted ones (Acc)? This is where the TipBounty is. Help us to get a better Acc/diff1 ratio. Best would be 1:1.
What exactly are the rejected ones (Rej)?
What exactly are the discarded ones (Disc)?
What exactly are the difficulty one hashes (diff1)?
Now some of these questions seem very very basic but it is important for us to understand what these are and how we can influence these. We have a 1:1 correlation between the Acc and the pool side acknowledgement of shares/packages. So whenever the MinePeon shows one more for this value the pool value for last submitted share goes to “moments ago”.
Does the miner SW have a setting where we can set after how many diff1 hashes a package of hashes is sent to the pool? If no, do you have another idea why so few are sent? Ideally we would set it so the diff1 hashes are sent every 5 seconds or so, probably even more often.
Is stratum with fixed diff1 possible? If so, would it be better to use stratum?
Are there critical settings if we should know of? (we have tried --request-diff and --no-submit-stale)
We are using BFGMiner on MinePeon if that matters. We could switch to CGMiner if that would help. Any help is very much appreciated. The museum is doing a great job explaining Bitcoin basics. We had special focus on interactive learning and have several things to underline this.
I hope to hear back from you so we can improve our installation. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions. We are both not mining experts.
Thanks for reading and AMA.
Current features of the Bitcoin exhibition at the Zürich MoneyMuseum:
Current Features:
  • Life screen with various stats/charts/parameters/transactions…
  • Printed infographics.
  • Muscle powered PoW: Hand generator with 5v and 3.5-5A output, Raspberry Pi, MinePeon, 5x Antminer U2+ plus a screen to show the hash-rate at the pool and/or in MinePeon web interface. This screen will not be hand powered. This installation will complement their coining die (go to 1:27 to see what I mean).
  • The Bitcoin mining evolution (CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASIC)
  • A few short (2-3 minutes) interviews.
  • Other wallets, Trezor, PiperWallet
  • ATM Prototype, functional
  • MoneyMuseum Bit-Cards
  • PiperWallet to use.
  • Casascius and other physical Bitcoins, Wallets (also some commemorative coins), Paper wallet like one out of the first Bitcoin (A)TM ever
  • Bitcoin Quiz
  • 12 Picture tours
    • Bitcoin for beginners
    • Bitcoin advanced
    • Debunking 13 Bitcoin myths
    • What you definitely have to know
    • The history of Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin und traditional forms of money
    • Alternatives to Bitcoin
    • Citations about Bitcoin
    • How do I open an account?
    • How do I get Bitcoin?
    • Bitcoin community and economy
    • Bitcoin as a platform
I see this as a good opportunity for Bitcoin, so let’s embrace it. I am especially excited to compare the traditional forms of money which used proof of work to the new money which also uses proof of work. I think in that context it will be much easier for the visitors to value this concept.
A lot of schools and other groups book guided tours at the museum. It is open on every Friday from December 05. On. Entry is free of charge.
Edit:Markdown, typos
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/u/mattymillhouse on Why is global warming a partisan issue?

You would listen to your mechanic or lawyer if they gave you advice, why not listen to the climatologists?
If my mechanic said the only way to fix my car was to shut down the US economy for 3 months out of every year, I wouldn't take his word for it.
The problem here is (at least) two-fold.
First, agreeing that the climate is changing, and that man has affected that change, does not mean that you have to agree with the most dire predictions of apocalyptic effects. Here's Al Gore in 2007 giving a speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on climate change, in which he cites to climatologists who predict that the ice caps will be completely gone by 2014. Again, just to emphasize how absurd that is -- that's Al Gore accepting a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on climate change, and highlighting a profoundly _wrong_prediction on climate change. Here's an article discussing another climatologist from 2013 that predicted that the polar ice caps would be gone by 2016. The UN predicted back in 2005 that unless we acted immediately to stop rising sea levels, by 2010, there could be 50 million "climate refugees" fleeing the devastation of global warming. We get dire predictions that climate change is going to increase the frequency and severity of hurricanes, followed by the longest drought of hurricanes making landfall in the US in recorded history.
Obviously, those were all predictions by climatologists that proved to be wrong. Hopefully I don't need to list more. Hopefully we can agree that the most dire predictions have proven wrong. And often, dramatically so.
The point being that climatologists may be experts in their field. But even the climatologists _should_tell you that there's still a ton of uncertainty in this field right now. They don't know yet.
And yet, for some reason, people keep talking about this "consensus" as justification for incredibly dire policies.
Which brings us to the 2nd problem -- the "cure" might be worse than the disease.
Like it or not, for better of worse, the global economy right now runs on fossil fuels. Creating power through fossil fuels is _much_cheaper and more efficient than "green" energy. And the vast majority of the world's infrastructure is built on fossil fuels.
You can't cut fossil fuel emissions without turning off the economy. People can't drive to work, factories can't run, and you can't keep the lights on in the office without generating carbon emissions.
And, as your economy grows -- which you definitely want it to do -- the amount of carbon emissions from your economy grow, too.
And yet climatologists suggest that our current level of carbon emissions is way too high, and needs to be cut. Not just a cut in the amount of increase per year. Cut absolutely.
Under the Paris Accord -- which many people criticized as doing too little -- the Obama administration agreed to cut US emissions from their 2005 levels by 26% - 28% annually by 2025.
We can meet that goal in two ways.
First, we can shrink our economy by 26%-28%. Maybe we just ... I don't know ... shut the factories and workplaces and power plants down for 3 months out of the year. I really hope that doesn't happen in the winter, when we need our heat, or in the summer, when we need our air conditioning.
Second, we can completely remake our current power infrastructure and society, which will cost trillions of dollars. This website suggests that changing the global power structure to "go green" would cost 21.96 trillion pounds, which is "only" 21% of all human wealth on the planet. What a deal!
Of course, that prediction is practically rosy compared to other estimates. The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate puts the price tag as $89 trillion. And Mark Jacobson, a civil and environmental engineering professor at Stanford, and Mark Delucchi, a research scientist at the University of California, Davis’s Institute of Transportation Studies -- they're scientists, so you have to take their word for it! -- estimate that construction of a worldwide wind, water and solar system would cost a cool $100 trillion.
To give some perspective at how much money that is, under a broad definition of "money," there's currently about $90.4 trillion in easily accessible "money" in the world right now.
So there's reason to doubt the most dire predictions associated with climate change. And the policy proposals are so absurdly costly -- not just in terms of money, but in terms of freedom -- that they make sense only if you buy the most dire predictions. And even then, you kind of have to question the idea of spending the entire world's collective wealth to stop the climate from warming 1 degree over 100 years. It's a patently absurd cost-benefit scenario.
And in that regard, the climatologists should stay in their lane. I'm fine with my mechanic telling me I need to change my oil, or repair my transmission. I'm not going to take his word for it when my mechanic tells me I need to try this new type of yoga, or invest in bitcoin.
Similarly, I'm fine with climatologists describing the climate. But I'm not going to give them any more credit than they're due when they talk about how the economy needs to work, or how the US should create and deliver power, or how cars should operate. The climatologists have to convince me on their own merits.
When climatologists are trying to tell me about something that doesn't involve the climate, then they have to make arguments. And I get to disagree with them. They're certainly no more qualified to tell me how Americans should live their lives than I am.
from mattymillhouse on Why is global warming a partisan issue?
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The end is neigh! Rilly has been accused of "noise" at tactic that effectively censors by shoving everything up the memory hole. Dump of #general from then to now.

leithaus 6:32 PM If she redeems the AMP for a RHOC and even 1 RHOC is burned, then she has 1/(1B -1 ) of the total supply of RHOCs. (edited) 6:32 This is a strictly better position than her position in AMPs. 6:34 Now, we have gone over the arrangement between the Co-op and the Holdings company in detail many times. lexysis 6:34 PM Show us the documents leithaus 6:34 PM There have been infographics, discussions, all posted in videos. lexysis 6:34 PM Show us what the arrangement is in legal terms 6:34 this information should be given to everyone in a structured manner leithaus 6:35 PM It has been over the last 4 months. lexysis 6:36 PM We don't want an infographic. We want actual precise language. For example, it's not enough for you to say "don't worry about X because the company is legally bound to develop on the platform." You should give us the actual legal documents that precisely describe what the situation is. amp100 6:36 PM Keep ignoring Greg. Nobody watches those hangouts anymore thats why we all keep asking here! 007 6:37 PM @leithaus Please, all I'm asking is: what will be the total Rchain if 10 mil amp are swapped. Please no formulas just a number. lexysis 6:38 PM You're doing the equivalent of telling us that we should trust some smart contract code we've never seen, because you've told us in videos and infographics about how it works. Do you not see how this goes against the whole idea of this project? amp100 6:38 PM @ed.eykholt Ok mayeb I misquoted you, though that didn't change anything at all IMO. 'under any circumstances' is the same for me as 'in any case'. So the 105 million won't be changed 'in any case'. (now happy?) And nwo please answer what will hapopen if 10 million coins will be swapped. Pinned by fdt leithaus 6:39 PM As we posted back in February, we will burn the difference between what's in circulation versus what's redeemed. amp100 6:39 PM Where does teh burning come from if the Holding wont be touched! The 1:10 ratio cant be honored in that case. 6:40 As teh Holding company holds 105 million and teh total supply would be 100 million if 10 mill is swapped ed.eykholt 6:40 PM @amp100 No, I said there is no plan to return them; the whole sentence matters. (edited) Pinned by fdt leithaus 6:40 PM What's in circulation is roughly 115M, take away 10M, that's 105M burned. Leaving a total supply of 895M. amp100 6:40 PM Ed : 'in any case'. 6:40 SO thats why I ask this question abotu 10 million amps. Will that 'in any case' change? ed.eykholt 6:41 PM @amp100 Greg is addressing the question about supply. I'm not going to. amp100 6:41 PM Ok 6:41 So now we are getting somewhere Greg. 007 6:42 PM Thanks Greg!!! (edited) amp100 6:42 PM The Holding company keeps 105? +10 = 115 and teh rest gets burned. So then teh next question! How is this all gonna work with teh Rchain COOP having ZERO Rhocs? leithaus 6:43 PM No, you have misunderstood. 007 6:43 PM so only 105 mil Rchain would be burnt if 10 mill are swapped.?? leithaus 6:43 PM The Holding Company has what it has. End of story. 6:43 @007 that's correct. amp100 6:43 PM lol? Pinned by fdt leithaus 6:43 PM i have to double check the number of AMPs in circulation is 115M. amp100 6:43 PM OMG 6:44 This you coudl anwers very very easily a long time ago to all these people who ask here! 6:44 yes you kept ignoring and saying it was in some hangouts. 6:44 I cant believe this. 6:44 Anyway the dillution will be ridiculous to swappers. bad deal. 6:45 Thanks for finally answering , it cost me lots of valuable hours/days/weeks/months. Pinned by fdt leithaus 6:45 PM Assuming that is correct, if only 10M is redeemed, then 105RHOCS get burned. So, the total supply of RHOCs is 1000M - 105M = 895M. 007 6:45 PM I might be mistaken, but I recall a plan to burn MUCH more amps. leithaus 6:46 PM They aren't going to do that. 6:46 But, anyway, if you don't want to participate, don't. 6:46 We don't need this. We're doing it as a service to the people who were defrauded. 6:47 People who feel this doesn't serve their interests should definitely not participate. 007 6:49 PM Currently AMPs in circulation are 10% on total supply. If we maintain the same ratio (10 mill swapped) we should end with 100 mil Rchain??? (edited) leithaus 6:50 PM @amp100 - your calculations are incorrect. No matter how you calculate this, RHOC holders' positions are not diluted at all. They are improved. If you look at the position of liquid, they are in a much, much better position. If you look at the total supply they are in a slightly better position. amp100 6:50 PM no. as 10 million will be in circulation and a 895 million supply 6:51 Bad 6:51 Holdings companies coins are not in circulation yet. 6:51 This is very bad for investors/swappers or however the hell u wanan call it leithaus 6:51 PM Do whatever you think is right! 007 6:51 PM 10 mil rchain circulation and 895 millin supply DOES'T maintain the same synereo ratio amp100 6:52 PM You not maintain your promise Greg. leithaus 6:52 PM If you feel it doesn't serve you, please don't participate. ed.eykholt 6:53 PM @amp100 Holdings company RHOCs are in circulation. amp100 6:54 PM Synereo company hold abotu 850 million coins and 85 in circulation. Total supply is 1.1 x what SYnereo holds. In Rchains case its far from 1.1x. It's 9 x.:joy: (edited) 007 6:54 PM Back in January I understood that the ratio would be the same as Synereo. If only 10 mil Rchain are in circulation how do we get to 900 mil Rchain supply?? amp100 6:55 PM @ed.eykholt Do as Synereo does and you get a 115 million total supply. 6:55 10 million investors and 105 by company. (synereo 85 million investors and 850 million company) 6:56 This is teh worst deal ever, and not even close to all your promises Greg. 6:56 What a joke... 007 6:57 PM Wish I could get slack archive. What was said few months back is completely different. 6:59 This is NOT the same ratio Synereo I was promised! amp100 6:59 PM It's not even close..... leithaus 7:00 PM Again, please don't participate if it doesn't serve your interests. amp100 7:00 PM Synereo holds 1:10 (investors : synereo) If Rchain woudl do that it would be 10:100. 7:00 Greg is a big liar and never keeps his words. What a fking joke. 007 7:01 PM I remember we spokes about it here and understood that total amp swapped to rchain would be approximately 10% of total supply. (10% is the synereo ratio). amp100 7:01 PM Only cares about safing his ass from legal battles and only cares to enrich himself in a way that it looks like that isnt the case. 7:02 @007 we re fucked over once again. 007 7:03 PM @amp100 no need to be nasty.... we are here to get answers help decide if to swap or not. Lets not insult. lexysis 7:06 PM @leithaus and @ed.eykholt - Will you please start putting these questions and answers into an official FAQ? cleiton 7:07 PM joined #general lexysis 7:07 PM you will save everyone so much time and energy if you will just make this basic effort to professionalize your communication amp100 7:07 PM @007 indeed but having be here for at least 300 hours I feel fucked over once again. My words aren't nasty, Greg is nasty.... Fact imo, his words not kept as usual. And these were very IMPORTANT words to keep. (edited) 7:08 Anyway I'm out. 007 7:10 PM I understand the frustration. I have been waiting months for the swap to start. Burn ratio is not what we were promised back in January. 7:12 Well now we know.... will keep my amp's, maybe sell and get into ETH. 7:12 Rchain Good luck! 7:14 In January we were speculating on 30 mil amp being swapped. Now it looks like less than 10 mil. 7:16 So far only the CORE slack members (Greg followers) swapped. Why invest here with these burn ratio, take a risk?? Cosmos already done it. tantrum 7:31 PM how many amps swapped to date greg? (edited) 007 7:38 PM @leithaus I feel deceived now. leithaus 7:39 PM If you include the ones recently pledged, but not yet processed, just under 4M. 7:39 If you include my founder's AMPs, it's about 104M. 7:39 :slightly_smiling_face: ab 7:40 PM So u have 100m or the coop (edited) 007 7:41 PM your founders amps are locked no?? leithaus 7:41 PM Thereabouts. You can check the founders' wallets. 7:41 But mine are going to be redeemed. :slightly_smiling_face: 007 7:41 PM when redeemed? 7:42 before the end of the week? 7:42 the swap is only 10 days. 7:43 you will swap in the future outside the 10 day swap window? 7:46 The swap is only for 10 days. 7:47 when you get your founder amps, you could sell them on polo and buy Rchain on the market. leithaus 7:53 PM No. They will be redeemed. 007 7:58 PM you could redeem you founder amps now??? Before the 10 day swap period? 007 8:04 PM First I don't think that you have a special option to swap amp's at any FUTURE date! it's in 10 days or never! (edited) libertyzeal22 8:16 PM joined #general libertyzeal22 8:17 PM at what point in the redemption process should i receive a confirmation email? tantrum 8:18 PM 104 millino amps ???? :thinking_face:# 007 8:21 PM @leithaus This is a big lie! you don't have 100 mil amps. you have 25 mil. 8:21 perlis 8:21 PM if I hold them to exchanges, how do I swap them? 007 8:23 PM 100 mil amps for 4 founders!! For a math wiz your numbers are not adding up. tantrum 8:23 PM oh so the general hockey pockey stuff! its "pledged" :joy: leithaus If you include the ones recently pledged, but not yet processed, just under 4M. Posted in #generalYesterday at 7:39 PM (edited) 007 8:25 PM He also said: " If you include my founder's AMPs, it's about 104M " 8:28 Oh-boy... glad we found out all the info now before swapping! Greg is using random numbers in his calculations. tantrum 8:28 PM tantrum 8:28 PM :joy::joy::joy: leithaus 8:29 PM Sorry, i just forgot what was in the founders' wallets. 8:29 That's why i said check. :-) 8:30 But, my AMPs will be redeemed. libertyzeal22 8:30 PM Well, I just redeemed my vast fortune of 20k AMPS, lol.. leithaus 8:30 PM :-) 8:31 Yay! 8:32 i'm just glad we can help out everyone who wants to continue being a part of the platform. libertyzeal22 8:33 PM That's just it, I wanted to invest in a technology platform, not a marketing campaign. ab 8:33 PM Well, if some of u naysayers think holding amps with Dor is less of a risk, then u are simply diluding yourselves.. libertyzeal22 8:35 PM Is there anyway to confirm a successful redemption? 007 8:38 PM @leithaus are you planning to liquidate your amp founder wallet in the future? ab 8:39 PM Well @leithaus , for better or for worse I am casting my lot with Rchain, because ultimately I think it has the potential to be the first truely scalable blockchain platform. rilly 8:40 PM Was Synereo "legally bound" to produce RChain? If so, what are you doing to recover this funding? Are you even getting any of your founders AMPs from them instead? leithaus Instead only 11% of the treasury has been transferred to a company that is legally bound to develop on the platform. Posted in #generalYesterday at 6:30 PM rilly 8:50 PM Ohh well that's rather important but not really because RHOCs expire at the end of 2018. Then you can issue more Revs instead. But no one has claimed Revs will be the sole staking currency on Rchain so you can make more tokens after that. LOL Pinned by fdt leithaus As we posted back in February, we will burn the difference between what's in circulation versus what's redeemed. Posted in #generalYesterday at 6:39 PM 8:51 1.12. Promotional Credits are valid for a limited time only and expire on December 31, 2018. Failure to use Promotional Credits to receive Eligible Services before such expiration date will result in the forfeiture of Promotional Credits. We reserve the right to modify or withdraw this promotional offer or cancel Promotional Credits at any time. No refunds will be granted for any expired or cancelled Promotional Credits. 8:51 source!/eligibility-check 8:54 And every hoop you jump through could require more stringent identification. (You might not care but the market certainly will.) amp100 8:55 PM @tantrum when Dor said that, just now? 8:55 So Greg can't acces his AMP's and yet he says he can swap them within the swap period? I smell another lie? (edited) rilly 9:02 PM See there is this problem with defining AMPs. 9:03 Greg can just issue himself RHOCs and say he redeemed his AMPs. 9:04 Don't assume that means that he will have AMP omni assets to sell in order to fund Rchain. 9:06 Or perhaps this is part of some deal he struck with Synereo LTD that he won't help recover the crowdfunds if they give him those amp omni assets. 9:07 That is probably the best you can do but maybe since the bnktothefuture thing is in the US you could make a case there. amp100 9:07 PM @leithaus Please respond to this: how will you redeem your founders AMPs if you don't have access to them as Dor controls it and makes the rules? (edited) rilly 9:15 PM And until he sells those AMP omni assets and they get mixed with the rest there is a risk that Synereo LTD could void them and refuse to use them to issue AMPs on their blockchain (assuming thatn's not RChain, etc) 9:15 AMPs and RHOCs are IOUs for we know not what darkpill 9:41 PM WTF is the developer posting memes and calling them infographics? There is no transparency here. You guys need to get your shit together, or I'll be publicly calling this out as scam. (edited) biophil 9:50 PM joined #general biophil 10:13 PM When I sent my AMPs to the target address given to me by the redemption website, I had this crazy idea that the redemption process would be the following things: 1. Documented somewhere 2. Transparent 3. Automated 4. HonestSo far, it appears to fail miserably on points 1-3, and we're still waiting to see about point 4. I sent a small enough amount that I won't lose my house if it turns out I've been scammed. My message to whomever is in charge of this: You should be embarrassed by your lack of professionalism regarding this swap. (edited) rilly 10:30 PM The less RHOCs you claim the more they own! I guess they say they will burn some but Greg will be issuing himself RHOCs for his founder AMPs (even though Synereo may not giving them to him) so he will have a shitton and thus burning will be more profitable to him personally. 10:32 They make the redemption as unattractive as possible and hardly promote it anywhere so they will have a larger share of RHOCS. (edited) 10:33 It is just so Greg and Synereo can pacify AMP buyers so they won't pursue legal action, or so they can win a defense. dandelion 10:57 PM so in regards to that, what does the founders AMPs count as? redeemed or in circulation? Pinned by fdt leithaus As we posted back in February, we will burn the difference between what's in circulation versus what's redeemed. Posted in #generalYesterday at 6:39 PM 10:57 AMP founders wallet only has 60M AMPs now 10:58 Well there's the vested founders wallet too with 40M 10:58 Data taken from: libertyzeal22 12:07 AM @biophil did you get a notification email of any kind? fweili 12:35 AM Hi, can someone let me know when the batches of redemption will be done? I submitted my first try over 36 hours ago and still haven't seen the RHOCS. ab 12:36 AM i think it was said either tonight or tomorrow night fweili 12:49 AM Thanks! amp100 1:38 AM @leithaus Help these guys out, seriously what are you waiting for?? 1:40 You promised for max 24 hour conversions. Again you didn't kept ur word. 1:41 Another thing, I just found another lie of yours. You said you would swap 25 million founders AMPs. This is incorrect and you know it! You can NOT thouch the founders AMPs as Dor decides when they can be moved. 1:42 So explain to me how you will get your founders AMPs into Rhocs? Will you do a secret deal later on when you finally have access to your AMPs? Please inform us if that is a possibility or if you can not do that. biophil 3:13 AM @libertyzeal22 no notification email. leithaus 5:01 AM The next batch will be run tomorrow. blo 8:13 AM I had my AMP in 2 different addresses. I ended up going through the redemption process twice and used the same email both times. I hope that doesn't cause any problems. tomtreeleaf 10:41 AM Still awaiting Rhoc. Man. This has been one painful experience from start to end. 10:42 I certainly hope we can get this redemption soon so you guys can get back to tech. tantrum 11:55 AM @amp100 dor said that a couple week ago darkpill 12:00 PM Just publish the fucking numbers regarding supply and dev allocation publicly now. 007 12:27 PM We need to be sure that any Founder AMP's will not be swapped in the future. The swap window is for 10 days only! coininterview 2:10 PM Live leithaus 2:26 PM @tomtreeleaf - we will run the next batch a little later today. Don't fret. tomtreeleaf 2:27 PM @leithaus thankyou;) peculiarity 2:38 PM joined #general peculiarity 2:42 PM hey guys cobordism 2:43 PM joined #general otomplodomo 2:45 PM Hey @peculiarity. Does the peculiarity precede or follow the singularity? peculiarity 2:46 PM precede :slightly_smiling_face: cobordism 2:48 PM trying to get amps to rhocs... first time using bitcoin again in ages... has it always been this slow?! sighh... cobordism 2:54 PM I didn't have enough btc in the amp account to pay for gas the transaction... trying to get some more btc into that account has been taking hours(!) jimscarver 2:54 PM bitcoin block time was 25mins when I redeemed... we need rchain! :smile: (edited) cobordism 2:55 PM I'll take ethereum in the interim leithaus 3:14 PM The Holding Company/Co-op agreement is here leithaus 3:14 PM 20170307 RHOC purchase and deferred payment agreement Executed redacted.pdf
229KB PDF from Google Drive Click to open in Google Drive mungwi 3:43 PM trying to get my private key out of my armory paper wallet... initial bitcoin core client blockchain sync is PITA, does bitcoin land have no fast sync options? libertyzeal22 4:48 PM so for receiving RHOC's is there a token contract address we need to use? 4:48 (in mist / eth wallet) pythagoras 4:51 PM Redemptionprocess with omniwallet is not working. When choosing ‘send’ it is impossible to choose the amp coin, and it’s impossible to choose the ’from adress. Tried it on several devices (macbook, iphone, windos-pc) and several browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome, FireFox), same problem everywhere. Must be an OmniWallet bug !! biophil 6:20 PM @leithaus from what I can make out from that document, the Holdings company is funding the development of Rchain by buying RHOCs at $0.05? So we exchangers are essentially buying RHOCs at $0.08-9, or for whatever our personal AMP cost basis is. Then when the exchange process ends, all RHOCs in existence have either been a. Sold to the Holdings company, b. Exchanged for AMPs, or c. Are still held by you.Is this correct? If so, what are you going to do with the remainder of the tokens in (c)? You have said something about burning them, but that appears to contradict section E.1. of the agreement you posted where it is implied that the Co-op can continue to sell RHOCs as it sees fit. mungwi 6:32 PM hah my cost basis is 0.14 biophil 6:34 PM @mungwi that's a lot better than some peoples'! libertyzeal22 7:21 PM it would be nice if there was someone here who could answer redemption questions, since it's there's only, what 8 days left? patrick727 7:23 PM @libertyzeal22 yes you need an ethereum wallet with keys that you control to recieve rhocs. myetherwallet works well. You will need to add cutom token in order to see it libertyzeal22 7:23 PM @patrick sure, I have the core wallet, but for the custom token I don't know the contract address? 7:24 @patrick727 oops, wrong patrick, see other message :smiley: patrick727 7:25 PM To see RHOC in choose add custom token, address 0x168296bb09e24a88805cb9c33356536b980d3fc5, with 8 decimal places amp100 7:44 PM @leithaus Greg keeps ignoring important questions and keeps being a liar. he said he would swap his founders AMPs (25 million) during the swap. But he fully knows that he can not swap them as he doesn't have acces to them as he need Dor to give the OK before founders AMPs can be thouched. So AGAIN Greg, what will happen with your founders AMPs in the future? Will you create a back door so you can swap outside of the swap window? What can we expect? (edited) amp100 7:52 PM All his lies and delays and the damage he did to us investors for wasting so much time will haunt him for a very long time. Greg I advise you to be more clear and keep your words. blo 7:56 PM 25 million AMP! That's a nice amount to hold. coininterview 7:56 PM its actually 100 million libertyzeal22 8:02 PM @patrick727 thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for, unfortunately my balance still shows 0 though.. patrick727 8:03 PM That's unfortunate, I know the next batch process is happening soon. libertyzeal22 8:04 PM @patrick727 thanks, been 26 hours since I submitted it approx patrick727 8:09 PM No problem, these questions of issuance are interesting. keep in mind these tokens are meant to run the RChain platform, it's not equity. Co-op and Holdings intend on running the platform. jessecouch 8:13 PM This is a meta-coin so all the coins start from a single source. I think the coop has 800 million coins. Is that what 800 million wallet is? fredmadrid 8:58 PM joined #general rilly 9:06 PM If you are wondering who @patrick727 was talking to it was me before the comments were deleted. Was the COOP consulted? Does anyone have any say or knowledge in the negotiations between Synereo LTD and Greg Meredith? Does anyone care whether Greg is issuing himself RHOCs for his founder's AMPs without actually recovering or contributing AMP omni assets to the development funds? The only way the community will have any control is by issuing your own tokens. #a-fork-of-rchain (edited) 9:08 And participating in uncensored social networks like reddit Synereo/RChain evaluations and alternatives • ethereo Synereo/RChain is the latest of the cryptocurrency to be sold before they abandoned their pre-sale commitments. With proof-of-work becoming... libertyzeal22 9:08 PM Dumb question, who is Greg exactly otomplodomo 9:19 PM He is the CEO of rchain. Chief Scientist. (edited) libertyzeal22 9:21 PM @otomplodomo okay, then so yeah, I'm going to trust that guy, there is no RHOC without him. The value of RHOC is literally in his mind and the people who help him. rilly 9:31 PM That value being quite different from the future market value. (edited) rilly 9:36 PM Although being that issuance is entirely centrally managed by someone who has a history of abandoning explicit and implicit promises and expectations, he should be a lot more informed to make a judgement of what the future market value will be as compared with those who buy and hold RHOC. 9:38 What he is promising at this point is that you will help the development of Rchain and get early access to "services" up to a certain date; perhaps the service of producing the Ethereum token. LOL 9:41 They reserve the right to void your tokens for doing such naughty things as attempting to resell them. 9:41 Did you read the contract? libertyzeal22 10:13 PM @rilly my understanding is that RHOC's are basically placeholder tokens which we will later be exchanged for the native rchain tokens (similar to ETH) rilly 10:17 PM I thought that's what most would assume from Synereo/Rchain's marketing materials. But the contract makes no such promise and JohnMalthus tells us that at least two more fundraisers are planned and Vlad Zamfir seems to imply that these two fundraisers will involve the issuance of new tokens, Rev or whatever. (edited) libertyzeal22 10:23 PM @rilly " The promotional coupon token will then be later redeemable for a to-be-created software access protocol token on the to-be-developed RChain network. "... 10:27 @rilly definitely not your typical crowdsale, but I'd rather be holding RHOC's than AMP's rilly 10:28 PM When? What happens if they haven't launched their own blockchain by the end of 2018? It says they are void. libertyzeal22 10:28 PM @rilly where does it say that? 10:29 @rilly oh i see rilly 10:30 PM "AMP vs RHOC" those are your choices? Can't you sell AMP anonymously? You can't even buy RHOC for the AMP price without agreeing to these conditions that say you can owe them RHOC for even trying to resell them! LOL (edited) 10:31 It ends today. "After the closing of the Promotional Credits Offer on April 10, 2017, all requests for Promotional Credits in return for AMPs will be refused." (edited) libertyzeal22 10:32 PM @rilly sure, but the only reason I own AMP's at all was to invest in Rchain rilly 10:33 PM 1.12. Promotional Credits are valid for a limited time only and expire on December 31, 2018. Failure to use Promotional Credits to receive Eligible Services before such expiration date will result in the forfeiture of Promotional Credits. We reserve the right to modify or withdraw this promotional offer or cancel Promotional Credits at any time. No refunds will be granted for any expired or cancelled Promotional Credits. 10:36 Greg has not been reciprocating to "investors" in the past. You can look at his kickstarter campaign for a book. A decade later they are selling the book without giving it to the crowdfunders. 10:38 The campain included no refund or time limit, just like this one. leithaus 10:41 PM The next batch of redemption requests have been processed. leithaus 10:41 PM
"ampTrgtAddr" : "19dQWWNFqBCBNvbdPAumjeHcmbBYqyQTTB" -> "rhocTrgtAddr" : "0xE9be94b552eB81228482321710e1d8A485eC360F" 23431.0535321
"ampTrgtAddr" : "1F1w2SgiRVzyvT8ZqiS4r6sg5XtorCrPxb" -> "rhocTrgtAddr" : "0x1dffdb0eebb0e80eb22af3adbeb0070a40d384ee" 1725.12313909
"ampTrgtAddr" : "1GLhh92yegXh6qc1a3arqmD1AEDUFHds6x" -> "rhocTrgtAddr" : "0x1917aE21F1269F84fa93E9200106DCf9a4e3C513" 2412.089788
"ampTrgtAddr" : "1J6gVdzZzYUTFeD4HnXfK9PemF2soBzb3x" -> "rhocTrgtAddr" : "0xAF42df07969BA5Da676be3ED94439Ab85008aabf" 4200.00
"ampTrgtAddr" : "1BRg9TxctqzG9bUu4cVSKHyxztcTp57daL" -> "rhocTrgtAddr" : "0xB259AA92C97fbaA9001BA213680034f1D5C4C777" 13242.42527602
leithaus 10:42 PM These can be checked against both blockchains. libertyzeal22 10:42 PM @leithaus cool, checking now! dc 10:42 PM Awesome. FYI I’ve submitted a request to etherscan to have the RHOC token contract recognised in their list of verified tokens rilly 10:42 PM We can make our own tokens for those who want to invest in Rchain. The problem with the way these Rchain devs think is that they will "get Rchain built faster" by tricking "investors" over and over. It isn't working. Ethereum and Cosmos are getting way more funding by making offers that are attractive to rational investors and sticking to their commitments. libertyzeal22 10:43 PM @leithaus w00t, it worked, awesome leithaus 10:44 PM If your ampTrgtAddr is not included, this is either because you did not send AMPs to the AMP target address supplied to you, or in 1 outlier case, you provided a bad ETH address. 10:44 @dc - many thanks! libertyzeal22 10:45 PM @rilly I don't think you understand how this ICO stuff works, the devs could literally wake up tomorrow and decide not to do this, or the theoretical basis of the software might just outright fail, you are looking for guarantees and there are none in this game. rilly 11:00 PM @libertyzeal22 I've done quite well predicting the future market of ETH and ATOM. Although Rchain is likely to be dominant, ethchain or credichain could be far more profitable to those who invest in ETH or CRED. libertyzeal22 11:06 PM @rilly the point i'm trying to make is that worrying about the finer points of the contract is a waste of energy, if you don't believe the team is authentic and has a chance of delivering on this project, then there is simply no reason to invest or hang around here. rilly 11:06 PM Because Greg and Co can and will dilute Rev to the point that so many people have acquired it without much effort that by the time of the announcement that a million billion Rev will be issued for the next fundraiser, the same thing will happen that has happened with AMP. Some may rather join ethchain. At least with credichain RHOC/Rev/etc would be redeemable but the rates may not be great, at that time. 11:07 Didn't Greg deliver a book? When did I say he wouldn't deliver? After a decade he wrote a book. Didn't someone say Rchain would take a decade? 11:08 I'm here because I think they are already delivering information goods. 11:08 That doesn't mean RHOC will be a better investment than ETH or CRED libertyzeal22 11:09 PM @rilly you're constanting attacking the dudes character saying he's effectively going to do a cramdown and screw everyone, so obviously you don't trust him, so i again i ask, why are you here? 11:10 @rilly actually n/m it doesn't matter. I don't care.. rilly 11:10 PM Here is what Greg just sent me "Hello! i have had complaints about your signal to noise ratio on slack. Additionally due to limits on history you are erasing important posts. i must ask you to confine yourself to more on topic commentary and become a bit more considerate of the public resource." 11:11 So what is on-topic in #general? 11:12 I'm censoring the community because Slack sucks everything up the memory hole. LOL rilly 11:20 PM @libertyzeal22 I can speak when spoken to or no? I'm here because I think Rholang and the RhoVM could be the most advanced contract language to date.
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[Table] IAmA: I am Steve Goldstein, DC bureau chief at MarketWatch, AMA!

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Date: 2014-07-29
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Is there any part of our economy that you can see as a ticking bomb? I know student loans are a concern for many individuals of my 20 something generation, but is there something else we need to be worried about? Were people aware of the housing market warning signs before the 2008 collapse? Ticking bomb is strong but officials both inside and outside the Fed are concerned that low interest rates we've had for so long is causing some bubbles to be built. Student debt has grown rapidly, and is impacting the spending decisions of students after college, but so long as the economy improves, it's a good bet both for the lender and the student taking on the debt. Before 2008, were there warnings about housing? Absolutely. But even among those who thought housing was overvalued, there were very few who then saw how leveraged the entire financial system was to housing.
Do you think the current Administration deserves credit for the recovery of the stock market in the past several years? If so, what policies in particular do you think helped the recovery? My colleague Russ Britt recently ran a terrific story examining those very issues -- well worth a click. Link to My quick 2c is that the White House did act quickly to restore the financial system and provide stimulus (flawed as it may have been) during the recession, but has done comparatively little to help ordinary homeowners.
What do you think can be done to create incentives for people to learn manufacturing trades and (hopefully) bring a lot of manufacturing back to the United States? Two great questions. I think there's a big movement more generally to improve what's an education system badly needing repair, and improved literacy and numeracy more generally would help that. I'm a little less enamored with specific tweaks here and there to give breaks to manufacturers. We want a dynamic economy and don't want to load it up with too many complicated and often conflicting incentives.
What do you think about rating companies? So on the one thing they've been doing forever -- rating the prospects that debt-issuing companies will go bankrupt -- they are actually very good. On rating asset-backed securities, obviously, not. And on government debt, also they haven't done a good job. Classic example of difficulties in moving out of the niche you understand.
How is the unrest in the world (Ukraine/Israel) going to affect the economy short term or long term? In the short term, the risks are with commodities, and energy prices in particular. But remember, everyone has an interest in selling, and buying, oil. Read a fascinating article on how even the terror group ISIS is selling oil. The Israeli economy will definitely feel the pinch of lower tourism, but that's not likely to have an impact on the global economy.
Don't you think that the market is a parasite for the economy? There are people who earn millions and billions without producing anything. Edit : typo. Interesting Q. I think there's a benefit to trading and arbitrage -- it can help lower costs for businesses to invest, by making it easier for companies to raise money. But abuses can filter out of this world and, as 2007 showed, wreck the broader economy. What's important is making sure the large banks and other institutions aren't providing too much leverage to financial markets.
Do you think that the floating NAV for money market funds benefits the end investor? So, the issue with money-market funds really is one of risk perception. People treat MMFs like banks, but they're not, and don't have a backstop, yet when there was a run, the federal government stepped in. This is what the SEC tried to address recently after four years of intense debate. Not sure they came up with the perfect answer.
The consensus every year since 2009 has been later half 'strength" gdp has been remarkably weak during the recovery. If we have another miss of latter half strength, do you expect fundamentals to meaningfully lead to a correction, or has the sea of liquidity put in a floor under markets that cannot be broken? I saw a little essay on this yesterday, and honestly, I don't agree that the second half always disappoints. Q3 2013 was 4.1% growth, Q4 was 2.6% -- that's pretty good! But then, Q3 2012 was 2.8% and Q4 was 0.1% -- not so good! The Fed's taking away liquidity -- or will be soon -- so no, I don't think markets cannot be broken. You can argue of course that the Fed rushes in as soon as markets struggle, and I would have a hard time disagreeing!
Historically, this period in fed policy mirrors almost exactly what the federal reserve did in the 1930s with the gold stock. This time, they are calling it QE. When the fed backed off of gold stock accommodation leading up to 1937, the market corrected 60 percent. What kind of reaction do you expect to see at the end of QE3? I think one good thing the Fed has done is to be extremely open about the timing and schedule of bond purchases and when they're going to end. So there will be no surprises. I don't think QE3 has had much of an impact on the economy so the lack of it shouldn't, in theory, have much of an impact either. Markets have a mind of their own, however.
What's the most unexpected thing you have ever had to cover at work? I was in London during the Great Recession and to keep coming into market implosions was just jaw-dropping some days. I remember one day at a meeting with our colleagues, discussing the possibility of what would happen if banks collapsed and how supermarkets would function. We were actually having those discussions.
Hypothetically, if the GOP takes the Senate and keeps the house, what (if any) tax legislation could be passed and signed by Obama? I think it will be difficult for any tax legislation to go through. But right now there's a lot of focus on what are called inversions -- a way for U.S. companies to pay tax overseas instead of here -- so corporate tax reform has the highest chance. The idea would be to lower rates and eliminate deductions but this is easier said than done!
Do references to Bitcoin automatically make you roll your eyes or do you have an interest in it? I don't have a financial interest in bitcoin, but I am intrigued by it, for sure. There's clearly flaws, and the whole 'mining' process seems to be nearly as bad for the environment as physical mining. But I could see a continuing role in the financial system for bitcoin or for different electronic currencies.
Is now a good time to buy a home? There seems to be a echo-bubble going on at the moment. Mortgage rates are historically very low. If you can get credit, and you're comfortable with prices in your area -- and are comfortable with idea of living in that house for quite a while -- then absolutely. But not all areas are the same -- prices in some areas, like San Francisco, are looking expensive.
Hi Steve. Thanks for doing an AMA. I'm curious about the longer term effects of QE on the market once QE ends soon and rates are set to rise. Is this something the Fed might keep in its toolbox to use in the future even once rates are above zero? I do think the Fed will keep in the toolbox, so to speak. In fact, I'm pretty sure Janet Yellen explicitly said so. I think history will judge it was a terrific tool when markets were basically frozen-- so-called QE1. QE2 and QE3 have had far less impact on the economy and possibly have been more trouble than they were worth, though that's going to be debated for some time to come.
Thanks for the reply! Great way to interact directly with your readers. Definitely. It's important not just to write but to listen.
What's your favorite visually, personal, or information packed infographic/chart that you'd like to show us? Personally I'm a fan of the largest Phylogenetic Tree I know of found here in .pdf format made by the people over at the UoT. Come join us over at /infographics sometime! This is one I did recently that has received a lot of attention -- on the happiest and unhappiest cities. Why are people in Louisiana so happy? I have no idea. Link to Not just on MarketWatch, you're seeing news sites devoting much more attention to infographics, and some are quite good. I'll be sure to check out the Reddit thread.
Why is it a good thing that the Federal Reserve is controlled by private bankers? How can we be sure that they serve the interest of the general public ? Whatever the set up, the Fed is mostly under most control by the people appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate. The regional Fed presidents (who are not picked by elected officials) have a say but Janet Yellen, the current chairwoman, has a far bigger influence than they do.
Do you think the SEC will regulate dark pools and HFT as more evidence of front-running trades comes to light? Have you read "Flash Boys" or followed the work of Nanex? The SEC is definitely looking into this area. And I've read Flash Boys, and do read Nanex, as well as those with opposing opinions. Not all HFT is front running, but it's apparent some is. The SEC for good reason is treading carefully into this area, but it's clear there will be action.
Do you want to abolish the FED? Nope! I think Congress should provide healthy oversight, and honestly I'm not as freaked out by this 'auditing the Fed' idea that some are. But we had a world before central banks, and the data I've seen suggest we weren't better off for it.
What's your opinion on basic/guaranteed income? It's an interesting concept, the one the Swiss were debating. It's not totally different from the safety net we have here, and writing checks is more efficient than means testing. That said, I don't think anyone seriously thinks it will happen.
Would what be your best piece of advice for a recent college grad looking to break into the finance world? I'm probably not your best source here! What I can tell you is that the traditional investment banks aren't the only place to look -- hedge funds, venture-capital funds and private-equity funds are often at the cutting edge.
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