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[ad_1] The head trader of Octagon Strategy has told CNBC the company “remains bullish” on Bitcoin despite price decreases and “obstacles” it may face in the future. Octagon Strategy is a privately-owned commodity and digital asset trading firm. Speaking to CNBC July 1, Ryan Rabaglia, the head trader, dismissed the current downward price pressure on … If you look at Litecoin vs Bitcoin after the halving, Litecoin consistently lost value. It went into a Death spiral for almost 2 years (vs Bitcoin). And this is what I’m expecting to happen with Litecoin now. I think Bitcoin’s value is going to greatly increase over the next couple years. But not Litecoin. Litecoin […] octagon.lhohq.info - Bitcoin's value would increase substantially, but depending on the country (ie. Zimbabwe vs Germany), the impact would be greater or lesser. - A large number of businesses (see "majority") in that country would explore accepting Bitcoin payments, both offline and online. - The same would be replicated in related countries (ie. in the case of Germany, many EU countries ... Digital asset broker Octagon Strategy has said that the company “remains bullish” on bitcoin despite the current decline in price and the possible obstacles that await it in the future. Bitcoin’s continued dip in price has led to a new set of bearish. Trending. HSBC stock hits 25-year low: 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week ; Future of Mining with Unlimited-Hash; Algorand, Compound ... Octagon Strategy, Hong Kong based commodities and digital assets trading house, took its first steps in the field of Bitcoin in 2016. Recently it commenced trading in the second most popular cryptocurrency: Ethereum which it describes as „a rising star in the digital assets space”. We asked Dave Chapman, managing director of Octagon Strategy, about […]

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Road to flip a coin ep 1 ( OCTAGON SHAPED COIN ) MasterFliper90032

See if i can flip a coin!!! Yo'ull see if i can do it here! EP 2 will be made later or tomorrow. If you did it,plz send to me. Seeeeeeeee. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Bitcoin Surged Again, XRP Primed, Bitcoin Simpsons & Bitcoin Halving Price - Duration: 41:07. ... Octagon SX88+ IPTV Kurulum Xtream-Stalker [ UyduMarket Anlatım ] - Duration: 3:07. UYDU MARKET ... Dave Chapman, Managing Director of Octagon Strategy, shares his views around the phenomenon of bitcoin and other digital assets, including: bitcoin’s history, mining distribution, the industry ... At least for some, bitcoin is seen to have both scarcity and utility. That makes it valuable. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: Fr... Educate yourself on how to trade Bitcoin correctly, just like I have done. If you take all 3 levels, the last level is jaw-dropping as you will learn how to buy stocks for free. Get a $50 discount ...