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What does the Future of cryptocurrency look like? #Bitcoin #cryptocurrencies #Crypto $btc $dusk $daps $ltc $eth #finance $bravo #Huobi #blockchain #altcoin #Trump #fix2k20 #Finance

What does the Future of cryptocurrency look like? #Bitcoin #cryptocurrencies #Crypto $btc $dusk $daps $ltc $eth #finance $bravo #Huobi #blockchain #altcoin #Trump #fix2k20 #Finance submitted by BravoCoinFoodies to bravo_coin [link] [comments]

Huobi Introduces First Crypto index on TradingView, includes EOS, XRP, Tron, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and 5 others

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CEO of Largest Bitcoin Exchange in the World, Huobi Responds to MT.GOX Situation | Says LTC on Huobi is in works

CEO of Largest Bitcoin Exchange in the World, Huobi Responds to MT.GOX Situation | Says LTC on Huobi is in works submitted by Jack_Gatsby to litecoin [link] [comments]

Litecoin [LTC] contracts launched on Huobi Derivative Market, XRP nex... #bitcoin #crypto #altcoins news… - Crypto Dynamic Info - Whales's

Posted at: January 27, 2019 at 09:08AM
Litecoin [LTC] contracts launched on Huobi Derivative Market, XRP nex... #bitcoin #crypto #altcoins news…
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CEO of Largest Bitcoin Exchange in the World, Huobi Responds to MT.GOX Situation| Situation in China | Says USD and LTC on Huobi is in works
** "Does your company have a global expansion plan or will you stay a China-only business?**
Huobi definitely has a global expansion plan and USD exchange will be the most critical part of it. But before we go global, we need to first strengthen our stand in China and maintain our leading advantage as well as building up our competitive edge.
Huobi’s trading volumes have surpassed all other exchanges and it is now the biggest exchange in the whole world. How many users trade on an average day to generate such high volumes and how do you explain the unusually high numbers?
Having large volumes is related to our no-exchange fee strategy. Besides, China is a huge Bitcoin mining country and also a country of more hot money. These are all our advantages. As to the question “How many users trade on an average day?” It involves our website operating data and I cannot give the exact number to you. It is over ten thousand. And this number, compared to the vast population of China, is still very small. Therefore there should be more space to grow.
Are any of your clients actually using Bitcoin for shopping or is it all speculators at this time in your view?
Currently in China, Bitcoin is not allowed to enter the circulation and used as currency. Therefore most of Bitcoin traders in China are investors.
A lot of people outside of China fail to understand the current legal situation regarding Bitcoin in your country, please explain how you see it.
The Chinese government policy of Bitcoin is clear: they do not accept Bitcoin as currency and do not allow Bitcoin to enter the market circulation as value marker or payment method. However, the government allows Chinese citizens to consider Bitcoin as investment to be invested and traded freely. At the same time, the Payment and Settlement Department of the People’s Bank of China (Editor’s note: the Chinese Central Bank) specifies that third-party payment companies in China cannot provide Bitcoin payment and settlement service in RMB.
This is the well announced policy in China. As to how the Bitcoin policy will be in the future, it is highly unpredictable.
When do you plan to offer other popular currencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin or any others?
We’ll evaluate the virtual currencies’ general market value and its circulation to decide whether to include them. Litecoin is in our plan. We need more observation of the situation of Dogecoin.
** Have you ever encountered something like the bug MT.GOX claims and what do you think about the situation?**
Wallets sometimes experience small technical problems, but all of them can be fixed and thus won’t cause large-scale withdrawal problem. We are aware of the technical problem that Mt. GOX raised and our Technical Department is working on the details."
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Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) – Huobi Australia Moves Crypto Away from Bitcoin Reliance With 10 Fiat Pairs

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"Crypto exchange Huobi Pro launches a new market index that tracks the ten top-traded digital assets on its platform" $btc $ltc $neo $eth #btc #bitcoin #crypto #ethereum

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"Blockchain asset financial service provider Huobi has disclosed on May 4 its expansion to the Canadian market as it plans to establish a fully operational subsidiary by the end of 2018." $btc $ltc $neo $eth #btc #bitcoin #crypto #ethereum

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"Huobi Labs partners with Tianya Community Network Technology and is setting up a $1 billion blockchain fund to research the Chinese market." $btc $ltc $neo $eth #btc #bitcoin #crypto #ethereum

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Bitcoin Still Flat, Huobi Offers Margin, Ditches LTC

Bitcoin Still Flat, Huobi Offers Margin, Ditches LTC submitted by CoinCadence to Bitcoin [link] [comments], Huobi, BTC China would be temporarily delisted from BTC and LTC's index constituents from Sep 30, 2017 applicable to all OKEx's Futures /r/Bitcoin, Huobi, BTC China would be temporarily delisted from BTC and LTC's index constituents from Sep 30, 2017 applicable to all OKEx's Futures /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments], Huobi, BTC China would be temporarily delisted from BTC and LTC's index constituents from Sep 30, 2017 applicable to all OKEx's Futures (Weekly, Bi-weekly and Quarterly /r/Bitcoin, Huobi, BTC China would be temporarily delisted from BTC and LTC's index constituents from Sep 30, 2017 applicable to all OKEx's Futures (Weekly, Bi-weekly and Quarterly /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

OKCoin, Huobi, BTC China to delist BTC/LTC starting 30 September 2017. /r/Bitcoin

OKCoin, Huobi, BTC China to delist BTC/LTC starting 30 September 2017. /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Huobi BTC/CNY trading down for 4/5 hours. Yet BTC/USD and LTC/USD is trading. /r/Bitcoin

Huobi BTC/CNY trading down for 4/5 hours. Yet BTC/USD and LTC/USD is trading. /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Still Flat, Huobi Offers Margin, Ditches LTC - Bitcoin Education
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Bitcoin Still Flat, Huobi Offers Margin, Ditches LTC - Bitcoin Education
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Top 20 cryptos. What's missing? What shouldn't be here? What is actually being used today?

bitcoin (BTC).
ethereum (ETH).
xrp (XRP)
tether (USDT).
bitcoin cash (BCH).
bitcoin sv (BSV).
cardano (ADA).
litecoin (LTC).
9 coin (CRO).
binance coin (BNB).
eos (EOS).
chainlink (LINK).
tezos (XTZ).
stellar (XLM).
okb (OKB).
monero (XMR).
tron (TRX).
leo token (LEO).
vechain (VET).
huobi token (HT).
What's missing? What shouldn't be here? What is actually being used today? What should the top 5 be? Which of these will be outside the top 50 a year from now?
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coinlib analysis
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Crypto currency prices

📷Bitcoin BTC
$ 11,643.7331.87%$11,732.129$11,249.109$ 6,963,433,66618,448,568$ 214,798,463,428Buy / Sell2
📷Ethereum ETH
$ 358.5843.73%$359.910$342.029$ 2,987,083,393112,000,895$ 40,150,596,564Buy / Sell3
$ 0.2719.49%$0.271$0.247$ 732,271,96543,299,885,509$ 11,726,079,124Buy / Sell4
📷Tether USDT
$ 1.001-0.06%$1.002$1.000$ 8,076,425,5499,998,221,723$ 10,006,470,725Buy / Sell5
📷Bitcoin Cash BCH
$ 309.0921.21%$312.660$298.725$ 452,748,42818,478,019$ 5,712,006,647Buy / Sell6
📷Bitcoin SV BSV
$ 239.2272.77%$243.773$227.420$ 304,224,07018,476,640$ 4,416,611,039Buy / Sell7
📷Litecoin LTC
$ 59.8842.15%$60.660$57.772$ 610,801,38065,156,546$ 3,899,779,315Buy / Sell8
📷Cardano ADA
$ 0.1411.95%$0.143$0.137$ 119,301,93925,927,070,538$ 3,655,983,124Buy / Sell9
📷Binance Coin BNB
$ 20.9472.52%$21.239$20.390$ 104,533,196144,406,560$ 3,025,726,194Buy / Sell10
$ 3.1792.19%$3.224$3.069$ 841,809,263934,824,115$ 2,970,113,617Buy / Sell11
📷Chainlink LINK
$ 7.7923.07%$7.877$7.515$ 176,160,952350,000,000$ 2,726,843,489Buy / Sell12
📷Stellar XLM
$ 0.10610.28%$0.106$0.095$ 99,623,95820,492,280,522$ 2,164,605,153Buy / Sell13
📷Tezos XTZ
$ 2.9032.14%$2.931$2.824$ 44,383,962738,335,358$ 2,143,085,839Buy / Sell14
📷Monero XMR
$ 87.0544.40%$87.054$82.838$ 46,303,53417,651,045$ 1,534,840,585Buy / Sell15
$ 0.0201.61%$0.020$0.019$ 120,820,39071,659,657,369$ 1,420,086,531Buy / Sell16
$ 1.2841.03%$1.285$1.268$ 119,904999,498,893$ 1,283,245,221Buy / Sell17
$ 0.999-0.12%$1.001$0.999$ 115,044,2921,076,111,655$ 1,075,346,378Buy / Sell18
📷Cosmos ATOM
$ 4.1049.39%$4.104$3.737$ 71,622,839248,453,201$ 1,018,204,591Buy / Sell19
📷Huobi Token HT
$ 4.6354.33%$4.723$4.398$ 72,147,982215,789,733$ 999,618,025Buy / Sell20
📷VeChain VET
$ 0.0171.87%$0.018$0.017$ 72,590,15455,454,734,800$ 951,392,798Buy / Sell21
📷Neo NEO
$ 12.9077.41%$12.913$11.909$ 95,881,17870,538,831$ 910,496,404Buy / Sell22
📷Ethereum Classic ETC
$ 7.6182.13%$7.747$7.326$ 307,400,826116,313,299$ 885,783,544Buy / Sell23
📷Dash DASH
$ 91.09410.49%$91.097$81.989$ 127,045,9009,632,154$ 877,460,121Buy / Sell24
📷Zcash ZEC
$ 87.57721.19%$87.577$72.316$ 227,542,0169,719,906$ 850,399,085Buy / Sell25
$ 0.3021.05%$0.306$0.298$ 8,108,6232,779,530,283$ 840,333,137Buy / Sell26
📷Maker MKR
$ 574.0610.81%$574.580$557.515$ 1,434,8741,005,577$ 577,191,721Buy / Sell27
📷Ontology ONT
$ 0.7446.68%$0.744$0.694$ 39,693,142699,029,877$ 519,985,095Buy / Sell28
$ 0.0556.30%$0.056$0.051$ 5,787,3798,999,999,999$ 495,437,287Buy / Sell29
📷Dogecoin DOGE
$ 0.00414.57%$0.004$0.003$ 67,199,088125,652,078,627$ 460,905,771Buy / Sell30
📷Aave LEND
$ 0.3164.53%$0.325$0.300$ 22,528,1751,299,999,942$ 410,919,090Buy / Sell31
📷Basic Attention Token BAT
$ 0.2531.15%$0.256$0.249$ 18,772,8031,487,012,637$ 375,945,814Buy / Sell32
📷Multi Collateral DAI DAI
$ 1.018-0.27%$1.026$1.016$ 4,201,587361,886,961$ 368,632,064Buy / Sell33
📷Synthetix Network Token SNX
$ 3.9155.04%$4.086$3.661$ 7,450,71889,570,544$ 350,708,771Buy / Sell34
📷Compound COMP
$ 135.6322.85%$138.879$129.898$ 69,7182,561,279$ 346,494,732Buy / Sell35
📷DigiByte DGB
$ 0.0252.33%$0.026$0.024$ 2,852,11413,403,117,980$ 335,102,106Buy / Sell36
📷Kyber Network KNC
$ 1.4984.08%$1.533$1.435$ 9,612,812195,535,117$ 292,907,898Buy / Sell37
📷0x ZRX
$ 0.3850.80%$0.393$0.380$ 11,331,771713,994,632$ 275,172,013Buy / Sell38
📷Havven HAV
$ 3.99418.39%$3.994$3.308$ 7,09467,060,807$ 267,800,427Buy / Sell39
📷Qtum QTUM
$ 2.6009.12%$2.612$2.384$ 69,555,03796,907,296$ 251,979,506Buy / Sell40
📷Algorand ALGO
$ 0.3262.15%$0.332$0.318$ 20,910,916771,817,007$ 251,755,263Buy / Sell41
📷Paxos Standard Token PAX
$ 1.000-0.08%$1.001$0.999$ 40,428,513237,000,555$ 236,909,326Buy / Sell42
📷OMG Network OMG
$ 1.6231.27%$1.645$1.578$ 14,564,317140,245,398$ 227,551,748Buy / Sell43
📷Augur REP
$ 20.4872.09%$20.600$19.869$ 6,055,53811,000,000$ 225,346,064Buy / Sell44
📷Hedera Hashgraph HBAR
$ 0.0451.75%$0.046$0.044$ 4,202,4375,027,120,480$ 224,385,876Buy / Sell45
$ 1.000-0.07%$1.001$0.999$ 13,668,480216,968,322$ 216,934,838Buy / Sell46
📷Theta Token THETA
$ 0.30113.86%$0.304$0.262$ 11,358,190706,502,689$ 212,775,900Buy / Sell47
$ 0.3792.90%$0.380$0.370$ 9,123,288558,208,701$ 211,683,195Buy / Sell48
📷Zilliqa ZIL
$ 0.0182.32%$0.019$0.018$ 15,179,50710,320,650,381$ 189,985,435Buy / Sell49
📷Decred DCR
$ 15.9514.06%$16.080$15.179$ 2,117,09011,820,904$ 188,540,580Buy / Sell50
📷Bitcoin Gold BTG
$ 10.4484.95%$10.465$10.003$ 1,976,39117,513,924$ 183,273,263Buy / Sell
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Round up of Cryptocurrency News #2 Week 13/07 - 19/07

Round up of Cryptocurrency News #2 Week 13/07 - 19/07
So much has happened this week! We saw a capitulation point of bitcoin before bears took over and we saw the selling pressure push Bitcoin down toward the $9000USD mark then move back up above $9100USD So far it has been a stable hold, however we may see some more action within the coming weeks.
Widespread scamming within the Twitter-sphere, Youtube and other platforms as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may seem like fair game. Cryptocurrencies providing big payouts for scammers without the ability for reversals of accounts. Remember if something seems too good to be true, do some research or just plain do not respond/believe it. Stay safe and careful with your funds!
On the brightside, there has been even more adoption of cryptocurrencies as rumours of Paypal utilising cryptocurrency has been confirmed as they are developing crypto capabilities. In addition to this we received exciting news at the start of this week about Binance partnering with Swipe (SXP) and offering a debit card to spend BNB, SXP, BTC and BUSD. ( I will be keeping a swift eye on BNB and Swipe as its utilisation as tokens has just increased 43 fold).
Positive news for the Bitcoin network as its hashrate reaches all time high which helps to secure the network further even though mining profits have dropped by 50% from the recent halving. If you didn't know already the last Bitcoin will be expected to be mined in 2140 with its difficulty ever increasing and each time securing the network further. Processing units will have to become faster, stronger and most importantly more cost effective to continue to entice miners for the block rewards and further renewable energy practices.
Furthermore we can see Central banks and countries discussing and developing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). Read more about it here and check out some of the developments in the world above. This shows the popularity and strong nature of cryptocurrencies. As the saying goes "If you cant beat them, JOIN them".
Overall, very solid week full of adoption, animation and anticipation. Another post next week for a weekly round up! See you then but in the mean time join us at our Gravychain Discord.
- DISCORD LINK: 🍕 Bring some virtual pizza to share 🍕
Come have a chat, stimulate a discussion, ask a question or share some knowledge. We are all friendly crypto enthusiasts up for a chat, supportive and want to help each other with knowledge and investments!
Big thanks to our Telegram and My Crypto HQ for the constant news updates! - The Gravychain Collective: - My Crypto HQ:

Special Mentions:
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MXC Exchange – One-stop Service Provider

MXC Exchange – One-stop Service Provider
Established in 2018, MXC has become a one-stop service provider. It is now able to provide users spot, margin, contract, leveraged ETF, Index Products, Contract, PoS Staking, OTC services.
It emerges as one of the fastest growing exchanges in the world. In 2019, the daily trading volume of MXC took 5% of the world’s digital market. Besides, leveraged ETF products on MXC took lion share in the world of the same kind of products based on data from CryptoRank. On top of that, It obtained regulation-compliance licenses in many countries, like U.S., Canada, Australia, etc. and is able to carry out digital asset service in these countries.
In the aspect of OTC trading, MXC established partnership with Simplex, a European regulation-compliance payment company, and Banxa, a legal payment company in South-east Asia, allowing users to use Visa and Mastercard to buy cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, etc. directly.
In the aspect of spot trading, MXC now support over 200 trading pairs. In addition to the top market cap coins and token, it has listed many high-quality DeFi projects, like COMP, MKR, SNX, KNC, LEND, REN, BNT, IDEX, SWTH, OKS, RUNE, KAVA, BAL, UMA, etc. as well as projects of Polkadot ecosystem, like KSM, EDG, PCX, RING, etc.
In the aspect of margin trading, MXC supports the largest number of margin pairs among all exchanges across the globe, with 2 – 10x leverage available. The automatic loan and repayment functions are available. With the coming of the upgraded margin system, the depth, price difference, loan efficiency and matching efficiency have greatly updated.
In the aspect of leveraged ETF, MXC, learned from traditional financial products, introduced in re-balance system, so there’s no liquidation risks in buying leveraged ETF products. Leveraged ETF tracks the changes of the underlying assets with 3x leverage. “3L” products refer to 3x long, while “3S” products 3x short. Now it 3x leverage for 29 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, BSV, DASH, ZEC, ATOM, XTZ, ALGO, etc.
In the extreme market on March 12, 2020, BTC plummeted a high of 52.36% and the ordinary 3x leverage products for BTC plunged by 157.08%. However, with the re-balance system, the BTC3L product on MXC decreased by 92.96%, lower than the ordinary 3x leverage products and protect the interest of users in some extent. Furthermore, in the following market, the BTC3L product rose by 236%, higher than the 167.41% of ordinary 3x leverage product.
The leveraged ETF once became the label of MXC, "Huobi's OTC, OKex’s contract, MXC’s ETF and Binance's spot." The popularity of leveraged ETFs has attracted many exchanges to follow suit.
In terms of index products, MXC officially launched index products under the ETF zone, including decentralized storage asset index, mainstream cryptocurrency index, DeFi asset index, public chain index, 2020 halving cryptocurrency index.
MXC index products are similar to traditional financial fund products, and each index product is composed of multiple constituent cryptocurrencies. According to the announcement, the MXC Index product will be adjusted according to the average daily turnover ratio of the previous 30 days, that is, the proportion of the component cryptocurrency will be adjusted. If the target does not meet the representativeness and investability, the index may be removed from the product.
Decentralized storage combination components are STORJ, LAMB, GNX, BLZ; mainstream currency combination, components are BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, ETC, BCH, BSV, XRP; DeFi asset components are KNC, ZRX, KAVA, NEST; Public chain combination, the components are TRX, VET, NEO, QTUM, BTM, ONT, IOST; halving index components are BTC, ETC, BCH, BSV, ZEC, DASH.
Index products can help users not miss the bull market. Any one of the constituent cryptocurrencies increase, the user can make gains. Secondly, it can help avoid the risk of a single cryptocurrency’s plunging. In addition, it can also help save investment time and improve investment efficiency.
In terms of contract transactions, MXC upgraded the contract trading system and launched a new version of the contract in June this year. MXC contract trading currently supports free adjustment of 1-100x leverage multiples. In the isolated margin mode, users can still adjust the leverage multiples after opening a position, and support isolated margin conversion to cross margin, which can help users pursue the market with all their strength.
It supports users to place stop profit and stop loss orders at the same time, while occupying only one margin. It supports Post Only (Maker only) and IOC (Immediately or cancel all) strategies. Under Post Only (Maker only), the user will not immediately place an order on the market when placing an order, to ensure that the order is always Maker (pending order), saving handling fees. IOC function, that is, if the order cannot be fully executed, the rest will be cancelled.
For example, the BTC price index of MXC selects the bitcoin spot prices of 6 exchanges, namely: Coinbase, Bitstamp, Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Bitfinex. If the spot price of an exchange deviates from the median of all exchanges by ±3%, the spot price of the exchange is calculated according to the median of ±3%. Use reasonable prices for liquidation, which are based on index prices.
In addition, underlined proper nouns on the webpage, as long as the mouse points up, the corresponding explanation will be displayed, which is convenient for users to understand.
In terms of PoS pools, MXC supports three types of PoS: Saving, Staking and Lending. Among them, PoS saving does not need to lock assets, and holding assets can obtain income.
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Litecoin LTC Technical Analysis (2 Sep 2019) Extract Private Keys from Coinbase Wallet, Huobi Wallet in 5 minutes 15 LTC Giveaway to 15 fans of Huobi Wallet! CRYPTO NEWS: New free EOS, Litecoin [LTC], Ripple [XRP] pairs on Huobi Pro 10$ DOLARES LiteCoin  Huobi Wallet regalando 188 LTC Coin Gratis

Huobi offers the safest and most convenient crypto trading services, covering the spot market, OTC, margin trading, futures, etc. Check real-time market movements of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies via Huobi's price alert push notifications. LTC/USD LTC/EUR LTC/RUR LTC/CNH LTC/BTC: Bitstamp: BTC/USD: BTCChina: BTC/CNY LTC/CNY LTC/BTC: QuadrigaCX: BTC/CAD: BTC/EUR: Coinbase: BTC/USD: Huobi: BTC/CNY LTC/CNY: OKCoin: BTC/CNY LTC/CNY: Kraken: BTC/EUR LTC/EUR: Bitfinex: BTC/USD LTC/USD LTC/BTC: 796: BTC.FUT LTC.FUT: BitVC: BTC.FUT LTC.FUT: BTC-e: PPC/USD PPC/BTC NMC/USD NMC ... Huobi BTC price today is $11,209.02 with a 24-hour trading volume of ?. It has a circulating supply of 6 Thousand coins and a max supply of 6.01 Thousand coins. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as A Huobi, uma das maiores exchanges de Bitcoin do mundo, lançou em 19 de agosto seu plano de economia com Bitcoin e Tether.. Assim, segundo a empresa, os clientes que deixarem seus criptoativos custodiados com a exchange podem ganhar até 88% ao ano. LTC/USDT Litecoin/Tether Huobi Global bitcoin transaction page provides you with bitcoin today price trend chart and bitcoin exchangesto help you understand bitcoin real-time market more quickly. Litecoin,Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Litecoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully ...

[index] [41488] [20071] [21866] [23862] [45101] [50184] [6566] [8553] [9546] [48594]

Litecoin LTC Technical Analysis (2 Sep 2019)

Target 1. We're almost there. 🙃 Full list of LTC technical analysis: Use these 5 ===== Short with Huobi. http://bit.... Do you want to earn money online, work from home, extra income online, and earn free bitcoins or cryptocurrencies? If yes, Like our video SUBSCRIBE Hit Notification Bell ... Hello! If you want to earn free money from internet without investment then you are are right place Subscribe our channel & press bell icon to receive All notification from our latest video ... 👇👇👇👇👇 DA CLICK EN MOSTRAR MÁS 👇👇👇👇👇 Aprovechen Huobi esta regalando 10 dólares en litecoin aqui les digo que hacer #CoinGratis #Airdrops #LiteCoin SUSCRÍBE... Mnemonic code converter Coinbase Wallet Huobi Wallet #Bitcoin #Huob...