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But according to Shin of DigiMex, for Asian financial hubs Hong Kong, Singa­pore and Malaysia, it wasn’t too much for the market at all; in fact the decision by regulators in those markets to keep their hands off of bitcoin was very deliber­ate and strategic. In November the Hong Kong Monetary Authority said it would not regulate bitcoin. Singapore fell in line in December with a similar ... 00:30:41 BingoBoingo: Unless we get into some weird gnostic Bitcoin theology where Amir Taaki was Satoshi/Jesus and then gave himself downs syndrome to hide his secret. 00:30:57 snackman: benkay: ? 00:31:03 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo satoshi wasn't a virgin. 00:31:46 BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: At some point he/she/monkeyfuckingapig was... 00:31:59 Vexual: vd in the orginal code? 00:32:04 ... Bitcoin mining firm DigiMex has showed investors “where funds were invested and ... But the stock recovered to be down less than 1% at the close in New York.“Other than a few cosmetic changes ... Bitcoin is an anonymous, digital currency that catapulted in value thanks to heavy media coverage in May and June, and coupled with the heist of $500,000 worth of Bitcoin currency last week, this latest megaheist of is a hyperbolic example of how unstable the market has become. As Megan McArdle notes over at The Atlantic, "This spate of bad news and volatility leaves many wondering if this is ... Dave's startup, DigiMex, raised US$2.5 million worth of bitcoin in 7 days with over 300 bitcoin investors from across the globe. The money is being used to finance a publicly-owned, enterprise-scale, bitcoin mining operation, called "IceDrill". The story was covered on CNN.

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