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Has anyone used recyclix and made any money?

I found about this site called recyclix where it claims you purchase waste and wait 5 weeks until it turns into raw material and you you sell the waste material. I decided to give it a go because they give you €20 to start with. Has anyone else been payed by this website?
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I've just been paid by Recyclix, even though I didn't invest anything.

I know that Recyclix is probably another pyramid scheme site. However, you can start it without investing any money so I gave it a try. I registered 2 maybe 3 months ago and I just got 20.20€ today through wire transfer. Proof
They give you the option of getting paid with Paypal, wire transfer or bitcoin but Paypal is only available if you have deposited with it before. I didn't really expect to be paid as there were some problems but after contacting them a few times they gave their justifications, which appeared legit but I was thinking I wouldn't get paid, and ended up paying me today. I did have to take a photo of myself holding my identification document and upload it to them as part of the withdraw process (before it was delayed).
The site is really easy to work with. You start by using the 20€ they give you to buy 100kg of waste. You let it recycle through all 3 phases abd after that you can cash out as it is worth 60€. However, you only get 25% of those 60€ so you get just 15€ and the minimum cashout is 20€. What you do is choose to restart the process and you get like 1.20€ in your withdraw balance. You keep restarting the process until you have enough that at the end of it you have at least 15+5 so that you can withdraw.
REF NON-REF I don't get anything by reffing people unless those people actually invest money so it doesn't really matter but it also doesn't hurt to put it here.
If you didn't understand something, feel free to ask.
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About Recyclix is a recycling company based in Poland. The idea is that you pay for waste (yes, waste) which they then process and sell for a higher price. You are then given a share of the profits. Currently new users are given €20 to use when they sign up, meaning that you can earn money without investing any of your own. Other than buying waste, you can also buy shares in their equipment to increase your share of the profits.
Minimum amount for withdraw is €20. Payout is available through PayPal, wire transfer and bitcoin. PayPal has a transaction fee of 3.5%. I assume that you have to earn €20 before being able to withdraw since it wouldn't make sense that you can just withdraw the new member bonus.
The entire process is handled by Recyclix so the income is earned more or less passively.
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Payment proof (NOTE: Not mine - found online) 1 | 2
A word of warning Since this website is new, I recommend that you proceed with caution and should you choose to invest your own money, don't invest more than you can afford to lose.
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recyclix how to withdraw you money and how to send bitcoin Recyclix Earnings and Withdrawal نسخة عن reCyclix withdrawal Recyclix MPA My24 ATM Withdrawal 250 00€ with Salaxas Nikos Recyclix.. كيف تربح المال من الانترنت بإعادة تدوير القمامة عبر هذا الموقع

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recyclix how to withdraw you money and how to send bitcoin

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