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Over $1000 per Bitcoin Transaction? Roger Ver tenders Bitcoin Cash as a sharpened substitute

Over $1000 per Bitcoin Transaction? Roger Ver tenders Bitcoin Cash as a sharpened substitute submitted by cryptolobe to cryptolobe [link] [comments]

$1000 per bitcoin and /r/Jobs4Bitcoins reached 3000 readers!

Hey /Bitcoin!
Everything is happening in such a short period of time! Bitcoin just reached $1000 per coin today, /Jobs4Bitcoins just reached 3000 readers, and /Bitcoin reached 70,000 readers! (It's a bubble, about to burst, unsubscribe quick!) But seriously, this is incredible. It hasn't been so long since I last posted about reaching 2000 readers, just showing how quick Bitcoin is catching onto the mainstream! All I have left to say is: To the moon!
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Even if Bitcoin increases 1000 per month, which some people think is too high too fast, it will only end the year around 16k,

Even if Bitcoin increases 1000 per month, which some people think is too high too fast, it will only end the year around 16k,
do you think that is where the price will be eoy,
do you think 1000 per month is not too fast too high to go?
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People think they are making a profit from bitcoin gold but actually they are making a loss if they are buying bitcoin right now : My detail analysis

My Detail Analysis on recent price increase of Bitcoin and decrease on the price of other alt coins.
People make these common mistakes when they are trading in stock that is why they don't win in the long run, Below are some of the common facts that people missed before investing in bitcoin right now. they think they are making a short term profit but i will prove how they are going to make a net loss.
Fact 1 : Market cap of Crypto currencies are still the same as of 10 days ago $152 billions hence no new money coming in crypto technology just the current money flowing from here and there within crypto economy.
Fact 2 : Bitcoin Offered a free Bitcoin gold coin to every bitcoin holder which will have (assuming) $300 price so everyone wants to enjoy free profits right.
Fact 3 : Bitcoin Value have increased from $4100 to $4800 in last days so without any new money flowing into the market is proof enough this $4800 is inflated and people who are buying a $4100 worth of coin at $4800 just because of the free coin offer would be buying Bitcoin at a $700 more than its actual worth.
so even if u get a free profit of $300 u are making a net loss of $400 but wait this not the total amount of loss they are making there is more to the story.
Fact 4 : People are selling their alt coins to buy bitcoins at a price less than they actually worth for Example if people are moving from Ethereum to Bitcoin just to avail a free coin ethereum was valued at $308 as of 9 oct 2017 and right now it is valued at $296.
so if someone is moving his/her money from ethereum to bitcoin right now to avail the free coin will be making this loss on each bitcoin they buy.
To buy 1 bitcoin they have to sell 16 ethereum coins $4800/$296 = 16 coins Net loss = $308-$296*16 = $192 (ethereum sold at a price less than they actually worth).
Fact 5 : once on 25 october they avail the bitcoin people will start moving their money to the alt coins in which technology they believed it (Resulting a decrease in bitcoin demand due to the outflow of money) decreasing the bitcoin price now these people unless they hold onto bitcoin for long period of time will be selling bitcoin at a price less than they actually bought right now.
Fact 6 : Once the trend moves towards alt coin again their prices will start to rise again now these same people will buy these alt coins at a price higher than they sold before.
Analysis : U might think u are making a short term profit but they are actually making a loss of atleast $1000 per bitcoin bought selling their alt coins right now (and this $1000 loss will vary and can only be confrim from a person to person on how much value they sold their bitcoin after 25 october 2017 and at what value they bought back again those alt coins they previously sold).
Short term profit making opportunity : If u have a bitcoin right now(because u believe in its technology) sell ur bitcoin at a inflated price of $700 right now and invest in ethereum (another great techonology) and buy back Bitcoin and sell ethereum once the free coin is given and people start taking their money out of bitcoin to these alt coin. This way u will make a Net profit of $ per bitcoin u hold. Bitcoin inflated price : $700 per bit coin. Purhasing Ethereum at a lesser price they actually value : $192 per 16 ethereums. Selling Ethereum at a profit of $192 after 25th october 2017. after u make these short term profits and buy back bitcoin at its original value later because once the bitcoin gold is given people will start moving their money to the alt coins in those technology they believe in.
What i would do in such a situation : If i had money i would buy lisk right now because it is very cheap right now and i believe in its technology so guys don't go for short term gains look at the bigger picture.
Note : i am a ICAEW finalist and given u a financial advice and if u think i deserve some credit for it then kindly reward me with as many Lisk coin as u like because i don't earn enough right now to save money and invest in lisk as i am just a student. My Account number is : 8750267694321726624L
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Even if Bitcoin increases 1000 per month, which some people think is too high too fast, it will only end the year around 16k, (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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0.1 of a Euro millionaire soon

Approaching €1000 per bitcoin now. My €5000 investment will soon be worth €100,000. How happy am I tonight?
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Could I reasonably attempt to brute force the password to an old TrueCrypt volume of mine?

I had $20-30 worth of bitcoin back in 2013 when mining first exploded, where the price was about $1000 per Bitcoin. So, given the recent explosion in Bitcoin price it got me thinking about trying to find my old Bitcoin wallet and see if it has anything left in it. I found my old hard drive and plugged it into my computer to copy the files over. While I had labeled the drive "ALMOST DEAD" and it regularly made clicking sounds while plugged in, I managed to copy over my Documents folder from it. On there I found my Bitcoin folder, with a 16GB copy of the blockchain (oh, how times have changed...) and a "wallet.dat" file. Awesome! Trying to import it into BitPay brought me to a new issue; I don't remember the password! I tried all of the possibilities that came to my head, and none of them seemed to work.
I poked around a little folder in my old files and found an encrypted TrueCrypt volume. At the time I did like to save my important passwords that I couldn't change in text files, and store those in a TC volume. So there's a reasonable chance that volume contains my wallet decryption password.
So here's my question; would it be futile to set my computer loose on that volume and try to brute force the password? My knowledge of security at the time wasn't great so I think it's reasonably likely that the volume was encrypted with an 8 character password, maybe a 10 character password, that was just alphanumeric. I know that for cracking an MD5 hash that would be a hilariously easy crack, but for a proper hashing strategy, like bcrypt with a cost of 12, that becomes a serious issue very quickly, because calculating one hash takes a long time. I don't know whether there is a "hash" function to calculate for trying a password on a TC volume. The volume is 100MB; how long would it take to try one password on that? My computer has a GTX 1070 and i7-6700k with 16GB of RAM; does that help me here? If I can, what tool would I use to automatically try all of the combinations, or is there a simple script I should write?
Also, would it be better to try to crack the password to the Bitcoin wallet directly? I'm assuming not.
TL;DR: Cracking a 100MB TrueCrypt volume, with a GTX 1070, i7-6700k, and 16GB of RAM, most likely a 8-10 character alphanumeric password. Can I do this? If so, what tool/scripts should I use to implement it?
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Earn Money $1000 Per Day With Bitcoin Free Bitcoins Blockchain Scrip...

Earn Money $1000 Per Day With Bitcoin Free Bitcoins Blockchain Scrip... submitted by masaad22 to u/masaad22 [link] [comments]

About localbitcoin

There is no international website to buy bitcoins from where i live and only trusted one i could find is localbitcoin. But, there is a huge margin in price of about 2000$ per bitcoin. Should i buy from localbitcoin because i really want to get into it. Also, there is a variation in buying price and selling price. Is this variation normal. It is along the line of 600-1000$ per bitcoin. Just wanna know that I’m not getting ripped off. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Why not just buy and keep?

I see a lot of guys speculating and worrying about minor fluctuations. I am no investing genius, but why not just invest an amount of money you won't need in the nearest future and then hold your bitcoins until they really take off?
All trades bare commissions and the gain is not that significant. Why not just buy now and then hope it reaches $1000 per bitcoin in 10 years or something? Because we all know it still hasn't reached its potential, so it should raise much higher.
I might be wrong about all of this, but it just seems more logical to me.
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Reminder: Bitcoin-Legacy supporters advocate for $1000 fees per transaction, while Adam Back CEO of BlockStream says $100 fees are acceptable. If you follow common sense logic, its easy to realize Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.

Reminder: Bitcoin-Legacy supporters advocate for $1000 fees per transaction, while Adam Back CEO of BlockStream says $100 fees are acceptable. If you follow common sense logic, its easy to realize Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. submitted by cryptorebel to btc [link] [comments]

March 30/19 Bitcoin reached 1000 Segwit transactions per block..Milestone!

The number of daily median transactions per block using Segwit reached 1,003 for the first time on March 30th
Sourced here
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Everyone should migrate from Reddit to Steemit & from Youtube to Bitchute or other blockchain based video website. Bitcoin & all finite crypto currencies will go up in value like Gold or Oil as long as we keep using worthless fiat paper money & only 1 million out of 3 billion web users use bitcoin

everyone should Migrate to Bitchute....its decentralized p2p videos but with same nice user friendly youtube type GUI and also fuck Reddit, everyone should go on Steemit where its a BLOCKCHAIN version of reddit where content creators and voters/commenters get PAID with REAL cryptocurrency thats traded for real bitcoin on exchanges, u get paid in Steem dollars and STEEM two different crypto currencies that power the site...i just started and already have $3 USD from just a couple posts...but i really worked hard on i used to for reddit, and i still will post stuff to reddit but already steemit allows you to put photos into the text stories, LOL reddit STILL doesnt even have that! U can just drag and drop em or copy paste em into steemit and it automatically uploads them to steemits own photo system, fuck reddit and fuck imgur, well imgur is cool and has always been great but we dont even need it anymore...on steemit u just copy an image or its url and just PASTE it into your Steemit story, unlike reddit, which doesnt even show images in your text submissions! HAH seriously Steemit is WAY better its fuckin BLOCKCHAIN baby! Also Sia and Siacoin for blockchain storage, OR StorJ and Storj coin , also Bitshares for finance, bitMark for blockchain watermarking to know who actually originally uploaded content, Stratis for Businesses on the blockchain (eventually theyll be a CRM on the blockchain) and so many more amazing blockchain services with their own crypto currencies, now is the time to buy them on Poloniex, and now is the time to migrate away from reddit and youtube to Steemit and Bitchute OR a New Youtube clone but on the blockchain where creators get paid in bitcoin or their own crypto currency somehow and end up making MORE money than with Youtube and google adsense...we need to teach google and Reddit a lesson and show them they will loose alot of customers, and we ARE customers, not users, we need to become users again and switch to decentralized blockchain, youll thank me later, everyone who adopts blockchain now will be RICH, i know bitcoin SEEMS expensive at over $1000 per bitcoin, but thats just an arbitrary number! Bitcoin just a few years ago in 2009 was worth less than $00.00001 and quickly went to $00.01 or a Penny, in just months, and then people really paid attention, it wpould go to $10 in another few months, and i had friends who bought it at 10 cents and sold it at $10 who felt stupid after it KEPT going to $100 and then $1000 and the last two years it went down to $100 and now its back to $1000 and beyond, going to $1300 higher than an ounce of gold, more expensive than ever, well, why would it stop? ONLY 1 MILLION PEOPLE USE bitcoin and there are over 3.2 BILLION people who use the internet and about 2.5 BILLION people who have smartphones on the think about it, theres only about 1 million bitcoin users globally...imagine when there are 2 million, then 3 million, or how about when we have 10 million people using bitcoin? how about when there are 100 million whop finally adopt bitcoin? the price will jump 100 times or MORE it will be worth $100,000 per bitcoin...and when 1 BILLION people start using bitcoin it will get harder to mine, and it might even cost more to mine than howerver much thgeyll actually get, diminishing rerturns, so theyll start mining other coins instead, litecoin will then go to $1000 and be mined like crazy, Dash and Etherium will all go up to $1000 and get mined like crazy by people trying to get the most from their mining hardware or mining farms....we will see the price of bitcoin go from $1000 at 1 million users to $1 MILLIOn dollars per bitcoin when we have 1 billion users....Its a SCARCE and RARE digital object, u cant just make copies of bitcoins like u can print money, its a real blockchain system decentralised p2p money that REALL works because its FINITE theres ONLY SO MUCH.....and so the price in US dollars will ALSO go up not just because more users but because the FIAT paper and digital money like US dollars and other paper currencies are all WORTHLESS and INFLATE inflation has taken the dollar from being worth 1% or a hundredth of what it was worth in the early 20th century....$10 in 1950 was like $100 in 2017....(Like the movie Fences taught everyone, because the audience was all wondering why the family was arguing so much over $10 , they all looked it up on google which tells us 1950 $10 is equal to about $100 today in yeah thats not gonna stop, inflation makes the dollar value go down while bitcoin which is based on something real like Gold or OIL goes UP theres another two things that have only gone up in value, gold and Oil, used to be so cheap, and like bitcoin they will all go up in value as long as we use a debt based Fiat valueless paper money system
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Cryptocurrency Future

After watching a documentary on Netflix about the deep web, I said to myself how in the world is this possible? Why do we have a war drugs and there's a multi-billion dollar underground drug market. This was around November of 16, I dove head first buying marijuana with Bitcoin and having it delivered literally to my door. During my cloud of ignorance I had no clue that Bitcoin would be taking off. I checked my Coinbase account and I had bought enough and spent enough Bitcoin to have at a minimum 4 Bitcoin back when it was cheap around 700-1000 per Bitcoin. According to some it's set to take off once more. Put your skepticism aside and invest while the bacon is still hot or end up like my current self pulling from savings to profit from the next wave.
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Mined Bitcoin Unlimited Blocks are at 43.1%, per last 1000 blocks, an All Time High

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Have you guys heard of a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open source peer-to-peer electronic money created in 2008, and recently received immense media attention around the world, especially covered in CNBC and RT. Prices have recently hit an all time high of US$1000 per Bitcoin, and I would imagine more people are beginning to get interested in it.
1) What is Bitcoin? 2) Bitcoin value passes $1000
This worldwide phenomenon has even reached our sunny shores, with several merchants in Singapore now accepting Bitcoins as payment.
You can find a list of merchants here:
However, because I haven't seen any thing about Bitcoins from the media in Singapore, and haven't heard of much people who own bitcoins, I am really curious.
Who knows what a Bitcoin is, and who owns some coins? Many are skeptical about it, what do you think?
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Do you think this would work for pricing bitcoin?

There are many obstacles to overcome in order for bitcoin to become mainstream in the world. I feel the pricing model of a bitcoin is actually what is holding everything up. Volitility, hoarders, whales, early adopters etc. are what is keeping main street and wall street away. Think about it, there is absolutely no incentive, in the short term(days to one year), to hodl bitcoin over fiat. Lets face it you are not going to convince many people to use bitcoin if there is any chance that their principle is going to go down.
Here is what I would propose. Get rid of all the exchanges in the world. No more btc-e, bitfinex, kraken etc. The only actual business' that would deal with bitcoin would be your coinbases', circle type business' or otc trades. But here is the kicker, we start bitcoin all over again. I dont mean going to zero, we start @ $1000 and continue from there. Immediately go to bits so, 1 million bits per cashed in bitcoin. A fixed 10% rise in price per year would be the pricing model. So at the end of year one, 1 full bitcoin would be worth $1100. So throughout the year bitcoin would be rising about 1% per month.
Something like this would make everyone happy Those who want to cash out @ $1000 can. Those that hoard can cash out, early adopters, those that have been holding the last year can get out even etc.
If this plan went into place we would easily get to $1000 initially and then up forever from there. Everyday the price would rise 1/364 of 10%. The miners would basically be guaranteed almost a fixed profit for mining so there is incentive there. So nobody has a problem holding because you wont lose you can only gain. Everyone would be lined up waiting to park their money in it.
Basically what this is, is the blockchain is for sale. going price is $1000 per bitcoin with a guaranteed 10% return for as long as it works. You want in now or down the line. It could work.
The whole idea is to make everyone happy in the system and take this mainstream. Who wouldnt be happy with the above conditions?
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Airdrips |rise up to 1000 bch per declare | greatest bitcoin money faucet | bitcoin faucet | bitcoin mining

Airdrips |rise up to 1000 bch per declare | greatest bitcoin money faucet | bitcoin faucet | bitcoin mining submitted by Rufflenator to 3bitcoins [link] [comments]

Airdrips |rise up to 1000 bch per declare | greatest bitcoin money faucet | bitcoin faucet | bitcoin mining

Airdrips |rise up to 1000 bch per declare | greatest bitcoin money faucet | bitcoin faucet | bitcoin mining submitted by ososru to Bitcoin4free [link] [comments]

1000 transactions per hour avg - Dogecoin is more than 10% in value compare to bitcoin - that means $1070 evaluation for the year of the Dogecoin!! It’s me jbeaupre87- I’m back and still on my quest for 1m Doge!

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While Bitcoin fees climb above 1000 satoshi per byte, the fees in Byteball are, and always will be, 1 Byte per byte.

While Bitcoin fees climb above 1000 satoshi per byte, the fees in Byteball are, and always will be, 1 Byte per byte. submitted by Suirelav to ByteBall [link] [comments]

[H] 1000+ Keys [W] $1.85 Bitcoin per Key

B/O: $1.85 per Key - Be careful of impersonators.

I am willing to go first if your Cash Rep is larger than mine.
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