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[Friday, 12. October]

World News

Turkey has audio and video evidence showing that Saudi agents tortured & killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Turkey
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Richard Branson halts $1B project with Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi disappearance
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In major shift, the U.S. says it won’t ban Canadian pot workers
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All news, US and international.

Uber CEO pulls out of Saudi conference after journalist's disappearance
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A bitcoin miner has been sent to prison for stealing electricity from trains
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Facebook has lost 30% of its value since July
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Cancer is so expensive to treat that 42% of patients deplete their entire life's assets to afford treatment within the first 2 years, according to a new study. Patients faced higher likelihood of asset depletion with worsening cancer, continuing treatment, and increasing age.
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A new study finds that bacteria develop antibiotic resistance up to 100,000 times faster when exposed to the world's most widely used herbicides, Roundup (glyphosate) and Kamba (dicamba) and antibiotics compared to without the herbicide.
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In a study of identical twins, the child who experienced harsher behavior and less parental warmth was more aggressive, and exhibited more callous-unemotional traits.
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Former Reddit product head Dan McComas: 'I Fundamentally Believe That My Time at Reddit Made the World a Worse Place'
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45 Out of 50 Electronics Companies Illegally Void Warranties After Independent Repair, Sting Operation Finds - New research showed that 90 percent of contacted companies told customers that repairing their own device would void the warranty; that's illegal under federal law.
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Pro-privacy search engine DuckDuckGo hits 30M daily searches, up 50% in a year
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

North Jersey Man Has Eaten Pizza Every Day For 40 Years
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The Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is so grim, extras were reportedly forced to pee on subway tracks
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Woman Nabs Coveted Job Of Russian Town’s Cat Chief
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What is a great YouTube channel to binge watch?
Deaf people of Reddit. What are some things you thought were silent, but later found out they weren’t?
Couples of reddit, what sex toy/equipment drastically improved your sex life and was worth the buy?


The more you get paid, the less likely turning something off and on again will resolve the issue.
Boss wants us to do maintenance to our workstations afterhours
So, I guess I'm a sysadmin now?

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL beginner help
Is it okay to Defrag a Primary Key index?
SSMS 17.9 just going so slow -- suggestions?


What kind of free online tool would be helpful to you?
Send-Balloon: A function to send a balloon notification to another computer
Verb for function containing a Pester test

Functional 3D Printing

Made a bigger dimmer slider for my light switch and printed a missing screw
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Designed and printed a ventilation system for my enclosure.
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3D printed Angles for a shelf

Data Is Beautiful

Animating the Mercator projection to the true size of each country in relation to all the others. [OC]
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[OC] US Electric Vehicle Market Share Crosses 3% For The First Time
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2 Years since we started talking [OC]
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL Only 10 Scouts earned the Invention merit badge, which required obtaining a patent for an invention. It was discontinued in 1915, and is the most rare badge.
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TIL Ludger Sylbaris, a man thrown into solitary confinement after a bar brawl, survived one of the biggest volcanic eruption of the 20th century because his cell was bombproof and poorly ventilated. He became one of only three known survivors of the event, and his prison cell still stands today.
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TIL that there is a very rare and special type of gemstone that can only be found and formed in fossils of extinct species of cephalopods over the process of hundreds of millions of years. The most expensive opal in the world is one of these being an opalized fossil valued at over $1,000,000.
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So many books, so little time

Incarcerated Pennsylvanians now have to pay $150 to read. We should all be outraged.
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Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was hugely inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby
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For those of you looking to become more well-rounded readers, edX is currently offering a free course on Masterpieces of World Literature

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

My grandfather at an army base (early 1950s) in his own triple exposure self-portrait
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David Bowie on The Tonight Show, 1993
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Jane Goodall c. 1960s
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Here's an A319 next to a B777
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Feeding the Bear
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Never before used center pedestal of an A321NEO
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Reddit Pics

Proud moment for me: My movie comes out in theaters today. I spent every day since I was 12 waiting for today. Thank you Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas for taking a chance on me.
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Best picture I've ever taken of my doggo
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Australian Mum uses body to shield Baby during hailstorm
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Boston Dynamics robot doing parkour
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Barbeque down by the river
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Concealed carry.
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

I don't think I'll need a paternity test
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Meet Bridget, she is 13 and adorable.
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Here he comes
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 229 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 59.12. Turns McCabe Knew Christopher Steele From EurAsia Days - YouTube
    • It's day 59 this is version 11
    • So Thomas Paine's out with another article today yeah--what it turns out that Christopher Steele--the first time he met Andrew McCabe, it wasn't last year
    • No no it wasn't
    • {{ GOWDYMODE Activated }} As a matter of fact, goes way back way back
    • Before Andy McCabe, before Andy McCabe--(I got to do the Gowdy) before Andy McCabe ever cayme to DC!
    • Before I knew Trey Gowdy!
    • Right and where it was is these guys all started in Boston
    • They're all in this Whitey Bulger thing
    • All the these corrupt agents they go back to Silk Road
    • They moved down to EDNY which is through the eastern district--that's the Brooklyn
    • It became part of that hit team homies hit team and then they moved over to SDNY to be when Comey moved over to the Southern District to New York down in Manhattan became part of that hit team
    • If you know the reputation of Southern District of New York, it's called the Southern District of Anywhere or Everywhere
    • That's when you can start going and going after FIFA guys you can you can take on people all over the world
    • You can go to Malaysia and go after people that are laundering money they're laundering money in Indonesia, put out the Panama papers to extort some more, you know, contributions for Hillary, right?
    • And then Andrew McCabe comes to DC
    • Now guess what? What did he do that before that?
    • He was the Russian organized crime--he was Russian organized crime
    • Where was?
    • (Huh? with it yeah yeah we're gonna get there with)
    • So EURASIA
    • {{ Gowdymode }} The YOUR (EUR) part of that is McCaybe!
    • The EU part that you're part of it is McCabe
    • The Asia part of it is OHR--you get it? YOU/OHR Asia EURASIA -- YOU(EU)-OHR(RO) Asia
    • It's your Asia its McCabe's Asia its McCabe and OHR, McCabe and OHR, McCabe and OHR
    • That's when he was working the Russian Eurasia organized crime, whatever the heck that thing is called
    • Eurasia organized crime whatever
    • And guess who his counterpart was?
    • {{ Gowdy }} A real spy guess who did the real work, you come heyre, yeah
    • So the real work was done by Christopher Stevens and all the Russian
    • TP: Christopher Steele
    • Chrisopher Steel sorry and all the real Russian spies he got out of Russia
    • Whoever said Paperclip 2?
    • And that's how that happened
    • So that's what made Annie McCabe because he had a real spy and a real Intelligence officers, not really Christopher Steele
    • Christopher Steele is more like a like a concierge, "hey are you Russian guys happy? Can we get you any more about gay vodka? Can we get you any more Ukrainian girls?"
    • "I mean here we are at the Sun Hotel, I mean the piano bar. I mean I can get anything for you?"
    • That's Christopher Steel
    • He he doesn't--but the guys he got the Alperovitz guys, and I'm not talking about Dmitri, Mr. McAfee that I used to work with
    • I'm talking about the older Alperovitz mchao macaé
    • There's a spy that guy's a spy Mikhail is a spy
    • So I'm giving your dad some props here Dmitri or is it Dmitri Dmitri is the son that's right yeah Dmitri
    • Mikhail though was we I worked at McAfee with you Dimitri
    • This reminds me of that fail-safe movie
    • Now I know Moscow blew up Dimitri, don't yell at me to me, Dimitry remember that?
    • So yeah So I worked with him there
    • They wrote the viruses they wrote the viruses at McAfee at the end of the quarter and they'd sell a whole bunch
    • And people get there--so the CEOs could finish out their books
    • That's how they did it. It was virus-vaccine only with computers
    • This is old I've been that was I want to say 1999
    • They ran me out of there
    • Look at look at the record--they ran me out of there
    • They did the honey trap
    • Well anyway we'll get there later
    • But this is Boston Silk Road boyZ
    • Look at the Bitcoin, moving down to EDNY
    • That's your base, before you can jump over to SDNY
    • And then they came to DC after that
    • And they didn't do a damn thing
    • They didn't lift a finger
    • Christopher Steel and really it's Alperovich
    • So I'm gonna give some props here as John Henry who runs CrowdStrike: you made a good hire
    • You're like McCabe you're like--Adrian Hawkins, "hey you guys got hacked again--I'll call you back next month right"
    • Remember Adrian Hawkins?
    • DCCC oh yeah we saw the hack we just couldn't make it down that three blocks or four blocks to go over Capitol Hill and down to DNC and down trees DCCC
    • Hey you guys you got hacked again, I just wanted you to know
    • That's not law enforcement
    • Low-light cameras is not law enforcement
    • Entrapment's not law enforcement
    • Compromise is not law enforcement
    • If you want to learn about being a spy, talk to you Dimitry
    • Dimitri Alperovitz
    • Talk to Dmitri Alperovich
  • Day 59.12. If Seth Rich Really Was Helping Hillary With Resources For the Future, Draddle Dancing W - YouTube
    • Well here we are at Ocean City Maryland, and all I can say is coming into Ocean City and looking at Ocean City is like I said
    • This is Atlantic City: it's the same city--with the boardwalk and everything
    • But not only that just I said there's got to be a Trump Casino here somewhere?
    • Just I'm looking for the Trump Casino
    • {{ To someone }} Is there a Trump Casino here? Is there a Trump Casino here?
    • No no no Trump Casino here
    • So yeah I know I don't I'm just joking I'm just saying it looks
    • So much like Atlantic City that I'm looking for a Trump Casino
    • So yeah there you have it
    • Well we now know that this is not this is not New Jersey
    • This is this is Maryland
    • This is where Joe Capone on the fourth night that I had talked to him, at Lou's Bar and Grill, he said the night Seth Rich was killed, "I was in Ocean City that night"
    • (There's the there's the roller coaster the obligatory roller coaster.
    • Was Seth Rich involved in the drug business?
    • Oh GOD. Tell me that ain't true
    • Was Molly McCauley given the NOAA business--NOAA data, that she received from the Navy?
    • Was she giving that over to Imran?
    • Oh boy I hope not
    • Resources for the Future
    • Well if NOAA wasn't giving out TWICs, to bring people in to the country
    • If they weren't bringing in Ukrainian girls here by the hundreds, I might feel differently
    • But one thing I've learned through this whole thing is ratlines tend to fuse
    • They tend to fuse
    • And they tend to fuse over the whole world
    • And I'll use the CNN or PPN code word for world GPS, they tend to fuse over a GPS
  • Day 59.13. TWICs the Left Off Of Me, Coast Guard To the Right, Stuck ion the Middle With Andrew - YouTube
    • What a long day 13 today oh and we're not even done
    • So I didn't I was the last one I'm gonna label comedy, because it's satire
    • But I'm just saying if you were satiring that's how you would come about a
    • So sometimes there's satire mixed in
    • So you have to ask me when I'm meeting satire and I have intent and what I don't
    • But anyway here we are this is the inlet in this is the inlet in Ocean City and I don't know much about no Ocean City
    • But I do know that that's the inlet and I got my TWIC
    • I just got my TWIC from NOAA got my TWIC
    • So I don't need a visa I got my TWIC
    • So and it's its TWICie its TWICie but once you get you TWIC you don't need a visa
    • So I'm a fisherman I got my TWIC fisherman got my TWIC
    • Now I'm working, fishing with a string in Pakistan
    • Indonesia Philippines wherever and somebody says, "well, you know, if you hang around you bring some stuff in, other than fish, you're gonna be a citizen--we're gonna give you a visa. You get you EB-5. Get you a big boat like that Coast Guard Cutter"
    • Going by right there I should be over there I should be over there well let's go over there
    • Let's go see the Coast Guard Cutter it's kind of fun it's not the Coast Guard Cutter
    • Somebody said, "it's not the Coast Guard Cutter"
    • Well look at that that's US Coast Guard
    • That's US Coast Guard let's go find the Coast Guard Cutter
    • Let's go look at him
    • But if I have the Coast Guard go that way, and my fishing pier over here and then my TWICers not TWICer TWEATERS
    • I'm just saying TWICers if TWICers go this way
    • That's how I would do it if I was running a ratline
    • Now this is all speculative
    • And you never know what's satire what isn't
    • But there's our Coast Guard--that's just a little branch office
    • I think there's a main office here that's a little bit bigger by the bus station the guy told me
    • I think I can see it almost across the way but there's some communication facilities there
    • It looks like like kind of a satellite office
    • Nice sunset here
    • Beautiful evening here. For December it's awesome
    • And I'm guessing those look like Coast Guard boats, guessing those look like Coast Guard boats
    • So I think you have a layout here
    • Those are our guys
    • Now again, as I say in all these ratlines--and if you don't think they're Coast Guard somebody can correct me--but you don't
    • All the people involved 99.9% of the people involved are fantastic people that care very much about their coasts
    • And drug interdiction and human trafficking and all that stuff
    • If you just have a few people at the top, a few codes, if I can get a few codes to a few people, I can run my ratline
    • That's what I'm saying
    • Satellites, NOAA is going to be part of this--I can tell already just from metadata
    • And these TWICs they're coming from NOAA
    • These codes that are coming from the Coast Guard
    • Those are going to be two key pieces
  • Day 59.14. DeFeBo Pizza- You Made It To Heaven. - YouTube
    • It's day 59 and I'm here at DeFebo's it's almost sounds like a slang for when you get defibrillated
    • But I don't need to fibrillation but Defebos is a beautiful Italian restaurant here in Berlin
    • Berliner beautiful restaurant Italian restaurant the pizza here you see that woodfire pizza back there
    • Task Force amazing definitely do that
    • Now, I did have a chance to interview the folks across the street at the Masons Lodge
    • And I wanted to learn and one of the gentlemen there's a 32nd degree Mason
    • And just how it works
    • And those blue lodges are like the first three levels it's kind of like their feeder program to the Scottish rates[sic] {{ Rites }}
    • And I knew that they were associated with the Shriners Hospitals
    • There's a Shriner Hospital in Portland Oregon there's a burn center
    • I met a guy who was a head of the Burn Center in Houston I believe in Washington DC
    • And there's a burn center also in Philadelphia
    • What I didn't know is they pay all the expenses of the families if they're let's say this child is in a car accident, they commit to not only the transportation of the child and so forth but they also commit to supporting the family and all the expenses of the family
    • Which I thought hey man that's I mean I saw a lot of these kids
    • One of the guys I met who was the head of this and DC said if you ever have a problem with like you everything having a bad day I got a headache or something and you're feeling sorry for yourself, just take a little walk through the Burn Center and--it'll work you'll find your way you'll work it out
    • {{ 911: Yes, believe everything Masons tell you. Shriner hospitals aren't feeders for missing foster children ratlines }}
    • Now is it all the other things and and and
    • Now people say oh he's changing a story on the Masons
    • I'm just presenting new information and letting you decide
    • Now he did say that between 32 and 33 it's a huge jump
    • What's that he has a media he was 32 and something happens between 32 and 33
    • That I don't know he doesn't know either and but something happens between 32 and 33 yeah yeah there's a very select it sounds like the number of thirty twos going to the number 33
    • So I don't know if you have to be an undertaker or--whatever but something is there's something at 32 to 33 that's a big hurdle that he had not made yet
    • Here I'll leave you with all the beautiful Christmas lights here and beautiful barely and hb9 Berliner barrel
  • Day 59.15. Contempt of Congress. - YouTube
    • It's day 59 this is 15 and fairly late, but I'm fairly surprised that Bruce Ohr would not show at the Senate committee
    • No matter what you can go in and just take the fifth
    • It's a secret testimony, nobody's gonna know that you took the fifth
    • I mean it might leak that you took the fifth
    • So what that's your constitutional right but to not show
    • I think is a smoking gun it shows that there is something you're hiding
    • And all power granted by the Constitution comes with oversight
    • I mean there's no branch of the government that has no oversight
    • So by saying that there's an you're not answerable to anyone, I think this kind of started on a bad path with Pagliano, being in contempt of Congress, and there being no--
    • A private citizen in contempt of a subpoena from Congress
    • And there was no retribution no no reprisal no I mean no punishment for that
    • It's set off kind of this chain reaction, where we are the FBI in what are you gonna do about it?
    • We are the secret police we are all powerful
    • And we don't have to come to your stinking hearing
    • That's just I mean that's almost a coup
    • I mean that's if by saying there's no oversight: if Andrew McCabe doesn't show tomorrow--that's a coup
    • I mean that's it's not a overt hot war coup
    • But it's certainly a contempt of Congress, where you're saying you have no power over us we are the FBI
  • Day 60.1 - Operation Cassandra - Car Theft Ring in Va For Drugs and Weapons? - YouTube
    • It's Day 60 and a lot of people have probably seen this article already
    • It's in Politico and it's the back from story of how there's a used car network that sends used cars
    • This is out of Northern Virginia
    • To West Africa to ship arms in used cars then to send those used cars to Central America to pick up cocaine
    • Maybe it's paint cocaine who knows?
    • And then bring those back in to the United States in a guns for arms trade network
    • And it's going to be called Operation Cassandra
    • Now the objection I have here of this investigation with over thirty investigators and over eight years of investigation is they couch it and hide it behind Hezbollah
    • Americans don't really know what Hezbollah is
    • Objection I have to this
    • But here it is
    • This is a global threat--how Hezbollah turned trafficking cocaine and lauded money through used cars to finance its expansion
    • Now what they could have said was 'northern car Virginia car ring operates over eight years in Chantilly Virginia'
    • Or in wherever it operated out of
    • But here it is--we know Al Attar
    • We identified a lot our being a member of the CIA car dealership way back when when
    • This I think going back Allah tar is in the first 120 150 days
    • I'll go back and check it
    • But here it is Project Cassandra, launched in 2008, DEA amassed evidence, Middle Eastern political military organization
    • Now is this going to be Chagoury, the Lebanese finance man bagman for Hezbollah
    • I think it's going to be Chagroury
    • Here's the DEA facility it's located in Chantilly Virginia they use wiretaps undercover operations and informants to map out this illicit network
    • We know the ax wants have an affinity before Iran
    • We know that they have Al Attar is a key person that has supported them
    • We followed cocaine shipments right from Latin America West Africa
    • Has anybody ever heard of pain cocaine and Jaquaya? Has anybody ever heard of that?
    • So this, again, the problem here is fuzzy reporting
    • It's like well we're gonna describe everything in general, but we're not gonna actually say who the people are involved in the conspiracy on the ground okay
    • So here they say oh yeah we tracked all the the cash moving back and forth we tracked all the--cars going back and forth
    • But we're not gonna say dates times and places
    • We're just gonna just fog up the journalism, so that it just makes you afraid of 'terrorism', but doesn't actually get down to the facts of actually what happened
    • There's no timeline of events here, for instance
    • Very fuzzy
    • Talking about leaders very far away and and very difficult to pin down
    • Here's a Lebanese Bank why not name the Lebanese bank
    • If it laundered billions of dollars of drug profits why not name the Lebanese bank here right?
    • And then they talk about these kind of shadowy organizations inside the paramilitary organizations inside Iran
    • But again, why not be specific and
    • Again, this is Preet Bharara which is color of law
    • Well oh yeah we had an eight year investigation, but we wanted to do the Iran nuclear deal, so we we backed off on this deal
    • Why not be specific?
    • Why not say rather than Lebanese financial institution, why not say exactly what the institution is, and who the financier is?
    • Again, use cars to Africa not me--this is Preet Bharara saying this
    • and I think we talked about that before
    • Now there are people that are out there in Florida, which will say, "no theirs were never used--for guns in one direction and drugs into another one." These experts that say the trains are never used to move these cars around
    • Well: fine. Well I think you need to talk to DEA you guys need to get on the phone DEA right now, and get your facts straight
    • Because this is now an eight year process, which basically got shelved or or pushed under by Jack Lew and the people in the Justice Department with Eric Holder etc
    • Again, I know it's so give this a read and Politico it goes into some of the people
    • Now Trump is on the case here
    • Trump has kind of named a person in Iran as a drug kingpin--the number two guy in Iran, but you need to drill down to the people that are here in Virginia
    • That's the key!
    • So that's reporting
    • This is fuzzy "be afraid of Iran reporting"
    • You need to get down to actually who bought what cars, what day, and a timeline, have been disputable events
  • Day 60.2 - Response to Motion To Dismiss For Haseeb Rana - YouTube
    • This is Day 60 part 2 and we have Haseeb Rana's response back
    • He's obviously gonna motion for dismissal that's kind of the first check of the swords and the in the parry here
    • And this of course also happened in the Beck case, that our case is derivative of
    • And they claim of "worldwide conspiracy": no actually I don't
    • I talk about a conspiracy of about a mile square actually it's within walking distance a quarter mile of Capitol Hill
    • So and and basically the summary of the argument by the defense is: there's two things 1 standing and 2 cause
    • So we'll just take those one at a time
    • Now remember this is derivative of the case of DNC
    • This is Wilding versus DNC
    • Jared back this is one of the plaintiffs here in Wilding
    • Remember: that the judge here found in his final opinion, article 62, that there was standing,
    • Even in this case the DNC, where they didn't know anything about the Awans, they didn't know anything about Fusion GPS, they didn't know anything about the Podesta group, they didn't know anything about ARMZ, they didn't know anything they knew a little tiny bit about uranium one
    • But really didn't have a concept of ActBlue(s) or phishing attacks or the agreement with Hillary for America with the JCA agreement
    • None of that. None of that was known
    • And even at that here's the judges final opinion after it's all said and done
    • Again, they the defense quotes a flurry of--just a litany of lawsuits that are not related to the actual case
    • Which the actual case is gonna be a case that's tried already on this on similar grounds, that's derivative of this
    • They quote all this case law that just has nothing to do whatsoever with the case
    • When you when you go before a judge, you cannot waste their time, and their legal staffs' time
    • You have to go immediately to the most relevant facts and this has already been adjudicated
    • Now the basis of the standing has already been adjudicated by a judge
    • And he said, "yes there standing"
    • Now he said basically there was "weak standing"
    • So that's why the case was dismissed, but it moved forward
    • I'll just read judge Locke's opinion here "but the plaintiffs in this case do not allege a causal link between their donations and DNC statements."
    • Well I sure do, because Bernie went from town to town saying "hey--give me money, work the phones for me, knock on doors"
    • There's a whole bunch of people that did a whole bunch of statements here thinking they were sending their money to Bernie
    • Now with that JCA agreement, we know that it was swept
    • It was just swept directly to Brooklyn--swept directly to Brooklyn
    • They did not make this case. Jared did not make this case
    • I will
    • I don't I don't have that standing problem
    • So they lacked standing to assert that claim because they didn't make that connection
    • I certainly am going to make that connection
    • They talked about of fiduciary breach, which is not enough to--buffered by too many layers of speculation--I'm not buffering anything
    • I'm saying it's the Awans,
    • It's the Becerra server
    • It's the hack that occurred
    • It's Nancy Pelosi's cover up--get Imran in here
    • Here's the days that Imran was at DNC
    • Here's the inspector general's report
    • Here's the credit union report
    • Here's the night of the inauguration burglary report
    • Here's the John Wilkes phone booth report
    • Here is all the different police reports in Fairfax County of beatings...
    • And here's all the the problems with all these different companies--
    • So there's no lack of proof here, with the Awans
    • And remember the chairman of the DNC her right-hand man was Imran Awan
    • He was running around her laptop her life had her phones and her passwords
    • So the link is is is iron
    • There is a almost a meld between Imran Awan and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
    • Now we come to the idea of of Haseeb Rana, being hand-selected and selected surrogate
    • Now here I'm in a motion for oral argument, because my motion to compel discovery of those documents I just talked about, has not even been entered in by DC district
    • That's over seven days ago now--eight days ago
    • Now equally the production of documents is not there
    • And also production of discovery is not there
    • The judge has never seen this
    • He has no idea that there is a very strong case against Imran Awan
    • Just in documents that that could inform the court and
    • Again, we want to move towards judicial economy
    • We don't want to waste the Court's time we don't want to waste the staff of a court
    • So moving on I'm gonna quote where not my testimony not my testimony
    • I'm gonna quote the people that are actually the father of the defendant, saying "hey this is the situation"
    • So I'm gonna quote that article that Luke said, and I'm gonna just go down here
    • And this is my motion to oppose a motion to dismiss
    • We're gonna clean that up a little bit
    • But basically I go here and I say look with allegedly no-show employees connected to Imran, being added to numerous House offices, someone had to do the work
    • Imran enlisted an old high school friend Haseeb Rana for this purpose
    • Haseeb Rana did not respond in the comments but his father did
    • Tanwir Rana and he said, "hey they made him do all the work"
    • Here his father is saying, "Haseeb are the hands of Imran Awan and Rao Abbas"
    • "He is the hands the brain is Imran, the brain may be also a Rao Abbas, maybe that's the wheels, but but Haseeb is the hands"
    • So this conspiracy is one thing it's one body it's one corpus okay
    • So there's his father testifying, not something I'm asserting from a third party
    • So of course what it's not evidence yet, but I mean this leads you to believe that there's reasonable suspicion
    • And then you've got [Tanwir] saying, Imran manipulated his high school buddy Haseeb Rana into doing his work
    • Well if those were crimes if those were felonies you if did--that those were felonies that's the key question
    • There's clear evidence with all those documents that felonies were committed
    • My son is quiet
    • Imran's the opposite always relishing power and displays of influence
    • well that's fine I believe all that to be true I believe his father knows him pretty well here and then here here
    • Again, a direct linkage an iron linkage between Imran and Haseeb
    • Haseeb believed Imran hired him directly, although men were not part of the same company and were hired as different W2 employees of Congress
    • So here he signed an individual agreement--an employment agreement
    • He signed the Terms of Use Agreement
    • He signed to W2 in terms of filing his taxes
    • He had to understand that he worked directly for the Congress and had responsibilities
    • If you're taking orders from Imran and breaking your Terms of Use Agreement, your confidentiality agreement, your other agreements with equipment going to Pakistan, for instance, or money going to Pakistan, you're on the hook
    • There's no getting out of this you're on the hook
    • So again, a timeline of events
    • We're going to present this to the judge--a timeline of events
    • Imran basically Rayo hires Imran here after 2003
    • Imran gets bankruptcy in 2002
    • He starts this company the bankruptcy heads in May of 2002
    • And then he brings Rao in November, after they win the election
    • And he starts another mortgage company
    • Imran starts another mortgage company
    • And then Haseeb Rana comes in and Haseeb Rana is is employed in the Congress for two years and one month
    • And he works for six or seven different Congressmen
    • I'm sorry but you have to realize if you're a W2 employee and it says the US Congress on your check, your loyalty is to the US Congress while he's there
    • Well the CDW and some of the other things happen after he leaves, but you're still on the hook for stuff that happens while you're an employee in the United States Congress
    • There's a couple of good resources I wanted to point people to
    • This guy here which he's the litigation kind of guy
    • And I like him--I like watching him if people want to watch him at Steve V O N D R A N
    • And he's a good one and then there's other resources out here to wikiHow
    • Talks about responding to different motions...for people who are doing their own
    • For people are doing their own lawsuits
    • There's another interesting thing here with Haseeb
    • He's involved in this company a surgical company -
    • I think one's a surgical glove company and the other one looks like they do something for dentistry
    • Maybe it's the same company one's called triumph Surgical
    • And the other was Accu-surgident
    • So we don't know exactly what that is but there's the DUNS number for people who want to look up for it
    • My first question was do they do business with the Army or the Navy?
    • Do they do business with Fort Belvoir?
    • Is that Duns number in any contracts in any Federal contracts?
    • There's another company called S A M A W E E and I don't have a Duns number just yet for that
    • But I'm interested to see if they do any business in Fort Belvoir
    • But there you go
    • There's this period of hire Q1 of the 2013
    • Q1 of 2015 and then--1 2 3 4 5 6 7 has worked for seven different representatives in the house
    • Your loyalty's have to be to these representatives and the Congress and the rules of the Congress
    • The sergeant of arms it's not to Imran Awan
    • You may be from the same little village in Pakistan, but you still have to abide by your agreements
    • When you take the money when you take the money in your employment agreement, you have to go by the rules of your employer, not by somebody who you think got your the job
    • That's what it book kind of boils down to here
  • Day 60.3. Cops, Drugs, and JTTF. Symbiosis. - YouTube
    • This is Day 60 a little bit of a lockdown situation I think to just keep it everybody away for the vote this tax vote I think it's going to go until the middle of the night
    • So we'll see what happens
    • I think the vice president's coming up
    • So I think it's gonna be a close one you never know
    • So anyway yeah the Capitol Police are out
    • Now if they wanted to give me the Imran Awan police reports, while they're up here that would be awfully nice
    • So I saw that DNC also asked to dismiss motion to dismiss, which is really funny
    • It's like there's no basis here
    • Whoa what has happened since August of last August of this year, since the DNC case
    • The Awans, the break-ins on there was no connection to the DNC when Jared Beck had his case dismissed
    • Now we know the Awans did the DCCC, they did the DNC, Fusion GPS, McCAbe's paying Fusion GPS for the dossiers, bringing in spies, probably in Maryland
    • I mean so many things, going after the president
    • So this is the part that I really didn't want to say
    • I've always kind of been pushing this off in the background
    • But there is gonna be this drugs--I'm not saying that the FBI is in on it with for the drug piece, but there is sort of a symbiotic relationship a cops-and-robbers relationship
    • Where you go ahead and do your thing, and we'll look over this way, color a law, then every once in a while make a deposit, and we'll bust a couple of people and bring them in
    • It's kind of the old Chicago way
    • So then and I am going to be involved in try to break that up on the I-5 corridor
    • And I'll just let everybody know right now Fresno is the spot
    • And that's where the Hells Angels are based
    • And Jeanine and Linda Muller and the sex first and then the drugs
    • I never did any of the drugs
    • But I have been outspoken about JTTF ratline there
    • Again, I'm not saying they run the ratline, I'm just saying it's symbiotic
    • I'm just saying it's symbiotic
    • So there's your Capitol report
    • Andy McCabe actually is testifying just under my feet here, not too far from me
    • So hopefully he'll have good things to say
    • And he'll just fess up, own up
    • I filed my motion to oppose
    • Obviously, I opposed the motion for Haseeb Rana and you can read that now
    • Hopefully it'll get scanned
    • They'll scan in some of my stuff I'm still waiting for stuff eight days ago that hasn't been scanned
    • So hopefully they'll scan my stuff
    • And I'll be able to respond
    • And they won't just give me a default judgment, because they're not scanning my stuff

  • Day 61.1 Journalism BEGINS When You Get a Preet Christmas Present - YouTube
  • It's day 61 and this is part one
  • And this big Project Cassandra dropped yesterday in Politico
  • This part 1, part 2, part 3, very long article
  • I believe it was dropped by Preet Bharara and Andrew McCabe for their network here in Northern Virginia
  • And also Maryland,
  • Because this didn't come about
  • You don't interview 35 people and the whole thing perfectly fits together Day 1 unless you're trying to give it to somebody who's gonna bury the story
  • Take all the names out of it take all the who, what, when, where, just do the and why out of it and just say when things occurred
  • And a very light treatment on what actually happened
  • But if you haven't read the article it's very good
  • But now what's happening is the metadata is emerging
  • So people are coming in who are involved in this project because there were
  • So many people and this is going to show that the Awans are involved in this directly with Hezbollah
  • And I'll show you how
  • But for those who don't remember here's kind of the Mark Levin show yesterday where a guy was an investigator actually calls in
  • And he's talking about where they laundered the money through, what mosque they laundered the money through,
  • "It was 2009-2010 I'd have to go back and look at the reports, but it was around 2009, 2010. Mm-hmm go ahead I'm sorry I interrupted you--no no it's fine we also discovered they were the golden dawn dome mosque, we knew the exact mosque we knew where they were living. We knew who"
  • So that mosque if you remember that's the DAR all Harwich Dar al-Hirah mosque and what's important about this and where it's located is it's in unincorporated Fairfax County
  • So if you had a friend who is the intake officer at Fairfax County, you could make friends with them as far as who worked here and who came and went out of this mosque
  • And would provide protective cover for those people
  • For cover such people as murderers such as Arshad Mahmood
  • So if you go back to my first day in Washington DC, the brain of the operation is gonna be right here at the CIA car dealership at 724 South Washington Street
  • I can't remember how many videos I did there: lots
  • and then there Dar Al-Hirah was right next to it just outside a Falls Church
  • Arshad Mahmood's down here in Woodbridge
  • He's the enforcer for all these different ratlines
  • This is just gonna be one of a finger of the hand
  • There's give me five of these ratlines, mainly centered around the community colleges
  • And then this guy last night was calling in from Fredericksburg
  • And this is that Smuggler's Cove that I was talking about, where kind of Potomac bends at a 90-degree angle here by Mount Vernon
  • So what I'll do is I will just go quickly to my first day in Washington
  • And we can see what I said that that time
  • "IT's still there we don't know I just met Taggart at that moment-- we don't know but he did say this is kind of Herman United States Marine he did say unequivocally that Imran had left Blackberries which is interesting. If he is the beta expert for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary and with black bears left in the home, that would be an interesting find"
  • So I think the important thing there is that even back at day 170, which is this is over two hundred and thirty days ago
  • Now, there was first day in Washington, if you look at it I had Light Bridge Communication, which still hasn't been reported on as far as the Imran working at light bridge
  • I had the satellite piece of this with kind of a NOAA piece, which still hasn't been reported on
  • I had DISA which is the Annapolis piece that where I went this weekend okay
  • So all these things in the first weekend and I had of course obviously Hawkshead to get the hard drive story
  • So this is a part that still hasn't been done on this story, with the Hezbollah, and it's and it's a spin
  • Now the press kids here in Washington DC are going to accept this as fact
  • But this is actually, I hate to say it, this is how it's done
  • You actually go to the neighborhood and you actually go to sorters or and the down involved in a murder a car dealer in near Richmond hired two MS-13 Gang Members
  • So I doubt he's still here but let's see if he aces and the this is also true for investigators--as far as not just journalists, but investigators--you need to go to the the front door
  • Just to show that I had said that this money-laundering was happening at the mosque and the Awans were the stolen cars
  • Still this is not come out yet and the NADRA bank connection to Firtash still has not come out yet
  • So we're seeing this, but here's EZ Car Buying and all the other metadata that just fits perfectly with this story about Hezbollah
  • Now remember they're in business with the top Hezbollah guy
  • Of course here's the favorite famous jeans video me asking people different questions at the different doors, more than eight years ago at one location and then here I'll stop that could it be more went to California
  • And that I think Suriyah Begum does end up going to California
  • But pretty quickly in one day I was able to go to most of the locations
  • And then of course there is me at the mosque that night
  • And here we go I'll just play a little short clip
  • I met the very famous star Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church Virginia okay
  • So that's all I'll say for right now, but there's a lot more reporting to be done in the story
  • And what I like to do is take a great story like the one we have
  • Now if Cassandra and then pick up where that left off and move forward from that
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What was THE first purchase of something with Doge?

... via some other BTC or LTC or direct via Doge for thing..?
Searching through /dogecoin there been a few posts of people buying some online stuff or services which is cool to see.
I ask because I was reading the wikipedia article on Bitcoin and read:
It is widely believed that the first bitcoin trade for goods or services took place on May 21 2010 when Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer living in Florida, sent 10,000 bitcoins to a volunteer in England who ordered two pizzas for Hanyecz at a cost of US$25.
Otherwise known as "the most expensive pizza ever". The dogecoin page doesn't say, but what was the FIRST thing bought with Doge? Anyone know?
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[Table] IamA (Owner of a successful wood fired pizzeria) AMA!

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Date: 2013-12-29
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Questions Answers
Do you make stuffed crust? do you make bbq wings for sides? do you make potato wedges? damn im hungry :< No stuffed crust. That is gross and one thing I am strict about is over cheesing. The only side I sell is salad. Sometimes I also have a raw bar for oysters on the half shell. No potato wedges. you belong at pizza hut.
You're the best type of person, but I think your pizzas would be appreciated more in Europe than America. Some Muricans can get pretty foul sometimes when it comes to pizza topping. Whatsup with all the downvots on this comment?
People presumably aren't happy about the rash generalisation that the user made, and I'm inclined to agree with them (and I'm European). Plenty of Americans have great taste in food. Plenty don't. That's how cultures work. People are different. Word.
When I was in Italy, the pizza was crap. Have you been there and had pizza? If so what did you think of it? I have been to Italy twice. I agree. Pizza is crap. crap crap crap. I traveled there before I started making the pizza so I didn't have such a critical eye. one thing I remember is that i was not impressed. I dont actually like traditional Neapolitan style.
That's a long long journey for me. Currently looking at a volcano in New Zealand and working for the night as a guard in our national army museum. Would love to though as I really enjoyed my time in the States. Hahah nice tank. as a night gaurd you must get a lot of quality time on reddit. I can only dream.
Have you seen anything go wrong on your security cameras?
Ever have to take someone out?
What would be your most popular pizza? At the same time, what is YOUR favourite pizza topping? Most Popular?? number-wise its a Make your own. my most Acclaimed pizza would be: Scallop, Baccon, three cheese (mozz, gruyere, fontina) and lemon zest.
MY - BUDDY KOERNERS favorite pizza? well It is on the hall of fame menu and it is the "BK special". Tomato sauce, pepperoni, basil, carmalized onion. I put a TINY amount of bufala mozzarella cheese on it and extra Grana Padano.
I have lived in Brooklyn, Boston, New Haven. So I am picky about my pizzas. So I ask, in your opinion, what makes a good pie different from a mediocre one? Well I think that could be a really long response. I would say that my pizza is most like "new haven" apizza style. I have a natural leavened dough, cook in a hot wood fired oven, and use mozzarella di bufala. I have had a fresh shucked clam pie with pecorino romano just like frank peppe!
I think the difference between a good pie and a mediocre pie comes from the intelligence of the pizza creator, an attitude of "this pizza could be better", hard work and the lust for being the best.
Ah. a man who knows WTF he is doing. My hat's off to ya. However, FWIW, Sally's is better than Pepe's. Yah and the both are only mediocre now that they are so famous.
Indeed. Modern was good for a while as well, til news of it spread outside the grad ghetto. You know new haven, i take it? Happens to the best of em. same thing with Grimaldi's in brooklyn. They used to have the best margarita pie anywhere. No longer. I dont personally. I have been a few times. My best friends father (who is my friend as well) grew up in New Haven. He has been much a part of our pizza making process. I dont think there is more of a "foodie" then him in all of Vermont. He is never satisfied with our pizza and always wants us to progress. He is a really good person to have as a critic.
I've read it's best to preheat a pizza stone (and my apologies if this doesn't exactly apply, but I don't know a whole lot about pizza!) but I have a nightmarish time transferring the raw dough with toppings to the preheated stone!! It always sticks to where I've prepared it, gets distorted, etc. any tips on transferring the dough with toppings into a home oven? And congrats on your success! Well to give you a quick answer i will copy and paste from a post I did recently: If this does not help please let me know I will make a video tomorrow and try to help more!
Stretch your dough with lots of flour to about 75% of its final size.
Let the dough rest for 30-60 seconds. This will help relax the gluten.
Cover your peel with coarsely ground "Winter Wheat Berries" - (Link to you can get these at a local health food store. I use a commercial coffee grinder to grind them. They should be COARSE - with a coffee grinder it should be on the espresso setting. These wheat berries will act as little ball bearings.
Now go back to your dough and stretch it to 90% without any flour.
Put the dough down on the counter and cover the top with a thin layer of flour. This should coat it enough to dry out the dough.
Flip the dough back over and stretch/knock off the excess flour. -Get the dough onto the peel -now build your pizza FAST. the longer its on the peel the more it will stick. If you are more interested I will make a video and post it.
You make 50,000 pizzas a year and you make them on the peel? Yes.
No leavening agent? Are you making Neapolitan-style flat pizzas? I guess I'm just accustomed to a yeast-based dough to offer a more pillowy bite. No the leavening agent is just a natural culture containing Both fungus (yeast) and bacteria. fungus metabolizes which produces co2. this is what makes the crust fluffy. the bacteria produces acid which gives the crust flavor (sour dough) although the "sourness" of the dough is easily controlled by environmental factors. The microbes originate from the surrounding air and the husks of the wheat when you originally make the starter. You keep this culture alive by feeding it periodically. The crust has a lot of rise to it.
I'd love the recipe!! Thank you so much for the info and link!! OK I will look for it tomorrow and send it over if I find it!
How do you guys make pizza so amazingly good, but when I try to make my own at home it tastes terrible? Flour.
Link to
Othen then the dough I would guess it is the oven you are cooking in.
Build an out door wood fired bread oven (this is a fun summer project and will allow you to have lots of awesome parties. It is also easier then it sounds) . Make the vault a little bit higher then most bread ovens call for so it can double as a pizza oven. When cooking pizza you need a tall vault to give the fire room.
Just wanted to throw in that natural leavening only works well in certain regions of the country. Some areas (like San Francisco) have amazing natural yeasts whereas others (Colorado) are so so at best. You can always buy cultures from certain places. I have purchased two cultures from SF and honestly my homemade one (Vermont) was much better. could have been from the fact I knew how to work with it. It is cool that you can get starters from all around the world.
So, I don't add yeast to the dough? Nope no added yeast (other then what in the leaven)
What do you recommend to someone who want to open a pizzeria who has no business or pizza-making experience? I want to open one in my city because I think the people there should experience pizzas beyond Pizza Hut or Dominos. Where are you looking to open one? I would say - get some experience somewhere. doesn't even necessarily have to be in pizza. Find a good wood fired artisan bread bakery and try to get a job/internship. You need to learn how to make good dough. You also need to learn how wood fired ovens work. I would recommend using an oven with a LARGE thermal mass. The core of my oven consists of 1600 fire bricks. This large amount of mass will soak up tons of heat energy. The main way the pizzas cook is through Conduction. that is the heat energy leaving the brick directly into the pizza. You also have a fire in the oven which offers Convection as a second form of heat transfer. This is what will give the dough color and cook the toppings to perfection. conduction and convection are actually kind of the same form of heat transfer but it is easier to separate them.
What's the strangest thing that you've put on a pizza and liked? Raw egg, bacon, chedar cheese. when it came out I put a swirl of ketchup on top. mmm.
What do you like on your pizza? Pepperoni, basil, onions. TINY bit of mozzarella and extra grana padano.
Oh, grana padano on pizza sounds nice. Fresh or aged? 9-16 months. regular grana padano - iss thee BEST! (like Ramses's\)
What is your opinion of deep dish? I dont have much experience with it. but because its a form of pizza its gotta be pritty damn good. I am working on a "gluten free vegetarian" deep dish pizza that we will only sell frozen. I think deep dish has a better change at holding up in the freezer and not drying out so bad in a convection oven. Also gluten free is really big around here and there is no product like that at the stores.
Question as someone who is looking to open a pizza shop in the next year or so how should I go about it? I'm thinking of going to the Pizza convention in Las Vegas in March! It seems like the best option. I am still debating if I should franchise or open something on my own from scratch. Where are you planning on doing this?
How much experience with pizza do you have?
Have you ever run a restaurant?
Honestly I dont think the pizza convention will offer that much. with that said i am going to be there too :p
Planning on doing it in Dubai! I think you should consider the style "apizza" Link to In my opinion this is by far the best tasting pizza possible. it is "a style of Neapolitan pizza common in and around New Haven, Connecticut." Traditional Neapolitan pizza is limiting and there are too many around. Link to I would be a good consultant for you. Let me know if you have any questions or need help in the future. It wouldn't take me long to whip up a few videos.
Zero experience with restauraunts :) I have enough capital to hire a manger though so not too worried about that.
Nope, family had one 27 years ago but thats it!
I think its a good place to start, I still need to decide which pizza style I should go for.
I have heard that some pizza makers swear by water buffalo mozzarella as being THE cheese for pizza. What's your take on that kind of cheese? Buffalo mozzarella is THE cheese for pizza no doubt. whole milk low moisture mozz does have its place in the pizza kitchen. I have many pies that are better with a regular mozzarella.
What type of wood do you use in your wood fired pizzeria? Have you experimented with different types? What works and doesn't work? I dont really care what type of wood I use. It just needs to be small split really dry hard wood. I split everything myself so most of the time I source straight grain ash wood just because it splits like no other.
Could you please update your Facebook page to mention this AMA? Your current proof is kinda flimsy. Done.
Oh and by the way you are kind of flimsy.
What is your opinion of frozen oven pizzas? I think they are good. Especially If it is late night and you got the munchies bad. frozen pizzas go from being just ok to fucking unbelievable. well so does blue box blue mac and cheese with a can of tuna...
Wat? You heard me.
You said my proof was flimsy. then i delivered. So i decided to call you flimsy. but i was only joking. joke did not go to plan.
Why can't you use disappointed, failure wood? To be honest I cant tell what you are trying to ask.
It was a joke, premise being that your oven was only fired by successful wood. 10-4.
What’s your opinion of basil pesto as a base? Where I live it’s still a novel idea that’s scarecely seen. I use to have it on the menu. Since buying quality pesto is extremely expensive I started making my own. During the summer my farmer friend could supply me with cheep basil. It was a bit of a pain in the ass but it was pritty tasty. Once it was winter and i was buying hydro basil I decided to stop making the pesto. It was just using up too much basil.
I changed the pesto pie on the menu to the "Italian"
Basil, oil, garlic, pine nuts, romano, mozz, tomatoes. This pie has been extremely popular and i havent seen too many people crying about no pesto so i think i will leave it as is for the time being.
Have you ever had St. Louis Style Pizza, and if so, what did you think of it? I have never been to St. Louis but have read about the pizza. I was interested i their signature cheese Provel. I read online how to make a similar cheese to experiment with. I thought it tasted pritty good and was unique. I never explored it further then this.
Link to What is your opinion on that style of pizza?
What kind of capital did it take you to start this? We got a loan from the bank in order to construct the building. we had a 600,000 dollar budget.
Can I have a pizza? Yes.
I've been waiting all night I still haven't got my pizza :( It should be there soon dont worry.
Do you honestly ever get tired of eating pizza? No.
Man, that is tempting. I'm from Albany, and my brother lives in northern VT. I live in DC right now. If you were serious, I would actually consider it. Just google Folino's pizza.
I live 20 mins away...looks like I know where I am going for lunch tomorrow! Better come today! we are closing down for 2 weeks for lots of renovations.
You heard me. You said my proof was flimsy. then i delivered.
Ok, I want to make pizza at home with a sweet sauce... give me your best recipe! GO! I dont have any good sauce "recipes". All I use is good tomatoes run through a food mill with a little bit of salt. The tomatoe sauce cooks in the oven.
Started reading your bio and thought "hm sounds kinda like folinos" and then I realized it was. Weird. Hi from Vergennes :) No questions, but your pizza is great so thanks for that! Very fair prices compared to places in Burlington. It's cool you accept bitcoin. I'm always so surprised how many local people see my posts on reddit.
casualiama. I will post here if I do another AMA.
Last updated: 2014-01-03 04:23 UTC
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Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Bitcoin as a Store of Value The Bitcoin Pizza ($15,000+) 20 Most Expensive Celebrity Mansions - YouTube The most expensive music format (in the world) - YouTube How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti ...

Bitcoin. comments; other discussions (1) Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. English; limit my search to r/Bitcoin. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" find submissions from "" url:text search for "text" in url selftext:text search for ... Well, the creation takes 72 hours to make because the dough is given ample time to rest before being made into the most expensive pie the world has ever known. It is topped with bufala mozzarella ... The most expensive publicly traded stock of all time is Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), which was trading at $320,250 per share, as of October 2020. Berkshire hit an all-time high ... Since then, the value of that same amount of bitcoin has grown exponentially (worth over $90 million dollars as of May 22, 2020), making this the most expensive pizza ever purchased in the world. Every year on May 22, the Bitcoin community commemorates Bitcoin Pizza Day. This historical day highlights the deflationary nature of bitcoin and its store of value properties. Bitcoin has been recovering from the crash ever since, and surpassing $10,000 would imply that it’s made a full restoration. One can solely speculate why Bitcoin has elevated. It may be as a result of there’s a whole lot of curiosity in DeFi, or decentralized finance, proper now. DeFi refers to non-custodial monetary merchandise, most of ...

[index] [2954] [32165] [9957] [12714] [21534] [6458] [7168] [30593] [13031] [14140]

Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Bitcoin as a Store of Value

Forget Lambos. The first car ever purchased with Bitcoin was a Toyota Prius. Owner Michael Tozoni takes us for a drive and tells CoinDesk what he loves – and regrets – about his purchase. i play the most expensive minecraft map. BUY DANTDM TOUR TICKETS HERE :: Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: ... SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HOW MUCH - Nviddia GTX 1080 Ti - 6X GPU Mining Rig Case - Here are 20 of the craziest and most expensive celebrity mansions in the world. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitte... 18- year-old Erik Finman made his own rules when he invested in Bitcoin and left high school to start his own business