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Ive read quite the opposite. Most pass IBT and then fail the long term 95 test. Most failures are with ram in my experience which prime tests more extensively and... - GFLOPS results are not comparable with the GFLOPS of the CPU specifications. Only comparable with the results of this test. - The clock speed (GHZ) of the CPU description might not show the Turbo Boost speed. - In all tests, except for 'Memory cache performance', the iterations are divided among the execution threads. - Before run tests close all applications on your system for reliable ... Remember Me? What's New? Forum; FAQ; Calendar; Community. Groups; Albums; Member List; Forum Actions Bitcoin endured a surprisingly volatile Easter weekend as it traded within a 10% range between $7,300 and $6,570. As of Tuesday morning it is trading firmly in the middle of that range, with price ... I am running gpu_burn ver 0.9 on a GTX670 and this works perfectly. When I try and test a GTX580 it fails I think due to compute capabilty of the card only being 2.0. I tried to edit the makefile (-arch=compute_30) to (-arch=compute_20) and recompile but this fails to compile. Any ideas on how to get it to support the older card would be much ...

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Returned Faulty BM235 Switch Investigation

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