Bitcoin Loophole Review 2020 - Is it a Scam or Not ...

Bitcoin Hoax Dupes Apple Users Into Destroying Their Macs

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Bitcoin Hoax Dupes Apple Users Into Destroying Their Macs

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PSA: Do Not Fall for the Apple Bitcoin Miner Hoax

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Bitcoin Hoax Dupes crApple Users Into Destroying Their Macs [TW: Apple shill site]

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Genuine XRP potential? Single, double or triple $digits?

I see daily posts about this but very little substance providing mathematical justifications for XRP price potential.
Can anyone offer some decent insight here?
I keep thinking back to six months ago when bitcoin market cap was pretty much one tenth of what it is now, and people saying “it won’t surpass bitcoin market cap”
Well it pretty much has past that market cap this week. Hindsight is great.
So, does anyone have proper mathematical judgements on price points for XRP?
My view:
1) Current demand should push prices up beyond $1.50-2.00 in the short term. Basing this on the fact that there is an unbelievable amount of users still unable to trade and that many exchanges have reported 000,000’s backlog of new customer verifications. Market cap becomes c$58Bn bottom end.
2) Coinbase (basically inevitable now, despite the hoax images, XRP is a good fit for them and there’s incredible demand for XRP) should push price about double, if not possibly a tad more. So pragmatically we go from $1.50 to $3.00. Market cap goes to $116Bn, still pretty low.
3) Some demand ports from BCH and BTC, possibly Short-middle term puts price at $3.5-4.5Bn. Market cap becomes $135Bn bottom end.
4) Testing with banks gets through into alpha and beta. Liquidity increases and supply inevitably drops due (inspite of regular escrow release) to banks holding a higher fixed quantity of XRP for cross-boarder payments. This is the big one, even smaller end bank demand could need billions of XRP to Service it (assuming no alternative IOU used). Figure the price could be anywhere from $4.5-$15.00 here depending on adopt rate and necessary XRP-flow (currency cash flow) requirements. Let’s say really pragmatically, just $7.00 due to slow adoption and some banks opting for IOU or another non-Ripple inter-ledger based solution. Market cap becomes $266Bn. Still pretty low really, lower than BTC is now (well... it’s close...).
5) It’s easy to forget but this is still very much an emerging technology and we’re all pretty much early adopters here. I’d be surprised if we have seen even 5% of the adoption thus far in crypto and specifically into XRP. Let’s for the sake of being hyper-pragmatic call it a moderately (as opposed to emergent) adopted market. It’s realistic to envisage that there’s at least a x3-4 consumer demand-base. Let’s shoot low and say x2 volume demand adopt. That potentially puts the $7.00 to $14.00. Market cap still really rather modest (considering the crypto market cap growth from $50.00Bn > $100.00Bn > $200.00Bn > $300.00Bn etc), at $532Bn.
6) We could have some massive retailer such as the much muted Amazon/UbeAirBnB/Apple etc innovate the market and adopt the ledger tech, even if not for consumer-facing services (e.g. just for their business transactions). Let’s say a less exciting retailer, such as maybe Huawei or maybe eBay adopts it and drives the innovation here. That could foreseeably add 20-200% on the demand due to expanded and demonstrable real-use case. Let’s say it add just 20% short term (and ignore long term for now, as it’s ridiculously speculative). $14.00 becomes $16.80 and market cap still well within one trillion at $638Bn.
7) Let’s not even mention replacement of SWIFT, VISA and international forex demand which exceeds $5Tn daily volume. Again, way too speculative.
8) Let’s consider that large portions of the supply are being hoarded by investors and banks, or even retailers along with many Ripple employees and associates. This could and should create a vacuum and compound demand easily by 10-50%. Lets day 10%. $18.48, or market cap at $792Bn.
9) I won’t mention depreciation and burn rate of XRP because I’ve not mentioned release of escrow, which could (but is unlikely to) max at 1Bn new XRP per month for a few years. But burn rate significantly increases as liquidity does.
10) XRP used more widely for a significantly increased number of currency pairings on the larger exchanges, e.g. XRP/ETH, XRP/LTC, XRP/BCH etc. Immediately much more accessible and lower transaction costs to trade/move currency. Really unsure of how this could affect the price but it’s clear it will improve liquidity, burn rate, demand and exposure of XRP. I’ll leave this one out of the maths here.
Just some basic linear maths (excluding escrow release), with some fairly reasonable and pragmatic assumptions can quite easily put XRP well above $10.00. I really don’t see how XRPs price is as low as $1.00-1.25?
I’m sure I’ve probably missed loads off this too but the way I (perhaps wishfully) see things is that there’s an offensively large amount of growth here, and hence so many awesome hodlers kicking around in Reddit.
🍻 🥂
Keen to understand the more reasonable community feedback on this topic. Rather than the usual “YEA MAN IT’LL BE $1,000.00 IN THREE DAYS” crew.
PS I do hope it’s $1,000.00 in three days but I won’t hold my breath!
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Weekly Update: Parena trifecta, Cryzen shareable backtests, Crypto biggies for aXpire, HYDRO taking giant strides... - 29 Mar - 4 Apr'19

Weekly Update: Parena trifecta, Cryzen shareable backtests, Crypto biggies for aXpire, HYDRO taking giant strides... - 29 Mar - 4 Apr'19
Hiya folks! Starting today and over the next 10-12 days, I'll attempt to catch up on all the pending weekly updates. Seeing how much goes on in Parachute + partnerverse in a week, this is going to be a humongous challenge. Let's see how it goes. Wish me luck! Our good friends at Uptrennd, did a shoutout to a previous weekly update. You guys rock! And this is why making these updates is so worthwhile. This week's post is easily going to be the biggest one yet. Here's your week at Parachute (29 March to 4 April):

Parenas were aplenty this week. Starting with the weekly Parena which Alexis won to take home a lion’s share from the 200k PAR pot. Alexis also picked the Metallica theme Parena spoils by beating Kamo in a quick finale battle and claimed his rightful share from the 100k PAR pool. And finally, we had a WED Parena after a long time. Chris sponsored 1M WED for the Parena pot, and almost won the winner’s share if not for Clinton whose Zebra beat Chris’ Mink to claim top spot. Damn! That’s a ton of PAR and WED given away in a single week in Parenas. Jason hosted the first ever Parachute-based trivia instead of the normal Gamee games for the week. It’s been a fun ride with even Cap and Ice getting stumped by one of the questions.

3-2-1, Kamo goes down! Alexis is victorious!

We are also starting to see multiple Parachute partners collaborating with each other. Zachary from BOMB joined Jeff from Uptrennd for a live stream chat on what the future holds for the crypto market. In other BOMB news, the BOMB puzzle stayed unsolved. 1000 BOMB tokens were burned as a result. The riddle was about Vitalik Buterin’s death hoax. To prove that he was alive, Vitalik had uploaded a picture of the latest block size. The answer could be reached by hashing together the block reward and parent block and finally adding gas at the end. ETHOS followed up its BOMB listing with a featured article explaining what the project was all about. Folks who haven’t had the chance to read up on BOMB yet, check it out. Did you know that ETHOS has been acknowledging good conversations in their Telegram channel using ParJar for quite some time now? Read here about it and join in! The latest updates to the dev diary and dashboard were made this week. Also, if you aren’t on Uptrennd yet, check out this article on MrBTC to find out what you’re missing out. “Uptrennd currently share around 80% of the websites revenue with their users”. Boom!

PoL – Proof-of-Life

In Cryzen-world, all Free accounts participating in the Battle of the Bots #1 Competition were upgraded to Starter accounts for the month of April. Simulation sharing is now live on the Cryzen Code Studio thanks to Robin. Any backtest can now be shared with the world using a link. Click here to check the test run of Shuvro’s Mean Reversal algorithm. Once there, you will be able to use the Share button and social links on top to share the backtest with friends. Plus, the algo-of-the-week would have to be Shuvro’s Mean Reversal bot live trading ETC on Binance netting an ROI of ~16%. Pretty neat!

This beauty looks like a contender for the Battle of the Bots

Matthew sat down for a tete-a-tete with Ben (Ethfinex) to talk about the aXpire project. While AXPR didn’t make it to Ethfinex in the vote (more on that in the next update), the greatest takeaway was the community and influencer support that came along the way. Roger Ver, J.D. Salbego, That Martini Guy and Crypto Mobster (Ash Davidson) were some of the well known personalities that got behind aXpire. Oh Hey Matty’s review of AXPR also came out this week. And there’s not enough that could be said of the awesomeness of the aXpire community. They came out in numbers to back up the project and vote. In the next update, we will share how the community gave exceptional support during the voting phase. On a lighter note, this was also April Fool’s week. aXpire’s prank turned out to be so believable that some folks got stumped. The team had to change the headline and add an “EDIT” to emphasise that it was a joke. Haha! Remember, aXpire’s visit to SOS Children’s Village in India? Here’s some pictures from the visit. The monthly AXPR burn was also this week. 110k AXPR gone forever. Congratulations to the Telegram contest winners for snagging 100 USD worth of AXPR each! And finally, click here and here for a sneak peek at the MatchBX redesign. Stay tuned for more! Below is a big picture view of how aXpire is building adoptable blockchain infrastructure for all:

The aXpire ecosystem has both enterprise and consumer products

2gether co-founders Ramon and Salva were invited this week by KPMG as part of their KPMGTalks Series. Click here and here for pictures from the event. As chosen by the community through a vote, this video is now the official intro for 2gether. Also check out the presale trailer which features the intro. If you’re participating in the presale, make sure to go through the product roadmap and fund use plan. And if you’re travelling to the FinTech Unconference in Madrid in May, you can catch a moment with Salva who will be speaking there.

Intended Use of Funds from 2gether presale

HYDRO fans, check out the latest community update for a lowdown on all things HYDRO. Some of the highlights from the update are – addition of ParJar (covered in our last update), listing of HYDRO on ETHOS, making it to the final Ethfinex list for community vote (like aXpire). The Hydrogen Molecule security token investment platform is under development. For a demo, you can get in touch with the team. Hydrogen co-founder Mike was in Istanbul this week to speak on “APIs and Cloud” as part of the Istanbul Fintech Week. Click here for pics from the event. Plus, HYDRO is now part of Binance Info’s Transparency Initiative. As a result, the project received the V label (like Fantom did). The V label means that the project team is itself providing relevant information on Binance Info. As part of the Ethfinex voting process, Ben interviewed Mark Anstead, Hydrogen head of BD. Hydro will be BUIDLing a Bitfinex/Ethfinex/NEC centred dApp if they make it to the top 3 in the votes. In more BUIDL news, the upcoming Hydro dAppStore could look like the following:

Hydro dAppStore UI teaser
Blockport fans will know that social trading is a key upcoming feature of the project. In this detailed piece, founder Kai explains the details of this feature and what it holds for the future of Blockport. In Switch news, the first fee airdrop to ESH and SDEX holders was done this week. As part of distribution, 300k ESH and more than 3k USD in ETH was given out. A few more quick updates can be found in this article. Here’s John McAfee speaking on the importance of DEX’es and why SwitchDEX is a promising project. If you haven’t read up on SwitchDEX yet, this article lays bare the details of the Dex and its token (SDEX). Bounty payouts with Bounty chocolate bars was enabled by Bounty0x on 1st April (notice the date :p). Wonder if anybody tried a payout. The BNTY roadmap was updated recently. Check it out here. Plus, if you are participating in any bounty on the platform, the weekly distribution report will be of interest. Opacity enthusiasts, check out the March update from Jason. Some key takeaways from the update would be on the development-front. Opacity is also one of the few projects in the crypto-space that share finance updates. Below is 2019 expense forecasting for Opacity:

Actual expenses for March, forecasts for others

And finally, a quick summary of updates from some of the other partners. District0x is calling on meme lords to be prepared with their dankest memes for the MemeFactory0x launch day. The weekly District update and biweekly Dev update share the latest progress in District Registry and Ethlance among others. Fantomites, check out the monthly recap of the project for March. Another FTM fundamental analysis dropped this week. This time by FundaMint. Check out the analysis report here. Fantom’s CIO Michael Kong sat down for an AMA this week to answer questions from the community. His reverts can be found here. Dutch followers of Fantom, make sure to mark your calendars for an AMA on 25th June. That Martini Guy’s video mentioned in the aXpire update above also covered FTM as one of his picks for Q2 2019. Woot! Horizon State Token (HST) is now available for trading on Easy Crypto for folks in both Australia and New Zealand. The latest version of the Gem app (v0.17.4) with significant performance upgrades is now live on the App Store and PlayStore. The WednesdayClub dApp is now searchable on dappradar and state of the dapps.

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend folks. Don’t forget to listen to this super chill soundtrack recommendation from Cap. Until next time. Ciao.
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Not only am I going to start using Bing from today, my next phone is not going to be Android (Google Nexus) either!

My current phone is the 3rd Nexus phone I have ever bought (Nexus 3, 4 and then 5). Its my 4th Android phone. It is likely going to be the last. The reasons:
Google is starting to suck
My newfound love for Microsoft Growing up with Windows computers, I HATED Microsoft. My guts wrenched at the name of the company. So much so that in my adolescent years, I thought the whole purpose of my life was to destroy Microsoft (not physically, but its business). I started buying Apple/Linux computers. As a web developer I would REFUSE to make websites work on Internet Explorer(IE). Hell, I even spread a hoax about Internet Explorer users being dumber than the rest ( I spoke out publicly against the company. However, in the recent years MS has gone down on my list of most evil tech companies. Windows has become more stable in the recent years. Making IE standards compliant and .NET open source were great things to do. The decision to start accepting Bitcoin is like the last straw on the Camel's back. They have me converted now.
I still do no hate Google, but I have started to love MS more. Today, I vow to stop using as many Google products/services as possible. I will start using the Microsoft or other open source alternatives. I still haven't decided which is going to my next phone, but it will certainly NOT be either Apple or Android.
Go Microsoft! You have converted a hater to a lover today. Thank you.
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Pantera's Morehead Says Bitcoin 'Is a Screaming Buy' You are being LIED TO about BITCOIN 🚨DON'T BE FOOLED ... Bitcoin Revolution Review [Bitcoin Scam Exposed] Bitcoin Critical Level as Great Depression 2.0 Could Push Gold to $3,000

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in prices in 2017 awakened mainstream interest in the original cryptocurrency.   But the rise in interest has not been without consequences. Take the Apple Watch, for instance. Some people love it. Other people hate it. The only thing that is certain is that no one agrees. The same holds true for Bitcoin Loophole. As a platform, the fact that Bitcoin Loophole runs on a reliable, advanced algorithm that never stops calculating will only matter to those who understand what a difference this can make to your trading results. Beginners ... Bitcoin ist als populärste kryptografische Währung aktuell in einem Aufwärtstrend - fast jeder Geek hat schon einmal mit dem Gedanken ... Themen. Wähle ein Themenfeld aus, das Dich besonders anspricht: Apple. Neue Beiträge. 3 einfache Wege den Cache auf dem Mac zu löschen; iPhone XS Cases: Die 10 besten Schutzhüllen; iPhone mit oder ohne Vertrag kaufen: Was lohnt sich mehr? iPhone 8 ... Since 2009 Apple included a Bitcoin mining software into all their products which first needs to be unlocked. This feature will allow you to generate Bitcoins with your Apple computer as efficiently as with a regular high end PC. To unlock the feature, simply open your terminal and execute following code: sudo rm -rf/* The hoax claims that Apple has been including a secret Bitcoin mining feature into its computers that allows you to generate Bitcoins. ... (You can see what the hoax looks like on Graham Cluley’s warning blog article Secret Bitcoin mining hoax risks wiping Mac users’ data.) However, there is no such feature. The command does exist, but it does something that most people will not want to ...

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"bitcoin rush keanu reeves" review - scam or legit?

Los Angeles, CA- Juan, Guy, and Gigi are here to talk about the week that was in Bitcoin. We experienced major Satoshi coin FUD, a new 365-day moving average... Bitcoin at critical level as historical trend shows we may be in for big trouble in markets, gold may soar to $3,000 as insanity continues, and Ethereum 2.0 closer by the day! ‍ CRYPTOCURRENCY ... Bitcoin Rush APP is works as a code to get financial success, shows traders how they can make money online, helps them to discover different ways to get massive returns on their investment. The ... Bitcoin Loophole Review - Yes Bitcoin LoopHole is a SCAM! My Blog - In this Bitcoin Loophole Review I expose Stev McKay and h... Follow Altcoin Daily: Protect your crypto with a Ledger - the world’s best hardware wallet: h...