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"In Cryptography We Trust" - Bitcoin Expo 2014 Coming to Canada . April 11-13 . Metro Toronto Convention Center
Greetings global Bitcoin community.
On behalf of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, I wish to invite you to one of the largest planned international Bitcoin events to date. Join us on April 11th-13th at Bitcoin Expo 2014 in Toronto. The prevailing theme will revolve around the growth and development of Bitcoin communities worldwide with a focus on collaborative and decentralized models. The Expo will be a showcase of prominent Bitcoin leaders, speakers, and businesses, and will be a stage where Canada can display its world class Bitcoin communities and business startups.
Canada is fast becoming known for its Bitcoin innovation and leadership charge. Recently, the world's first Bitcoin ATM went live within our borders. This was made possible by the legal and regulatory environment we're currently enjoying in Canada which is proving to be more Bitcoin friendly than many other nations around the world. We're excited to show you firsthand the enthusiasm and dedication of the Canadian Bitcoin community.
The Expo will be held at Metro Toronto Convention Center, Canada's largest conference and meeting facility, located next to Toronto's renowned financial district. Toronto is within a five-hour drive of some of the most populated cities in Canada, and is an hour drive from Niagara Falls and the border to the United States.
In addition to Bitcoin community building, other themes will revolve around Bitcoin and charitable giving, benefits Bitcoin can offer to developing nations, and policy and regulatory environments that we see being constructed around the world in response to this disruptive new innovation.
The Bitcoin Expo 2014 will be an event hosted by the Canadian Bitcoin community. However, we want to make this an international Bitcoin event, done in a collaborative way that will benefit Bitcoin communities not just in Canada but also specifically in under-developed areas and in areas where Bitcoin is still in its infancy. We will be offering scholarships that will allow potential speakers who mkight otherwise be limited by financial or political constraints the opportunity to visit Toronto and share valuable perspectives on Bitcoin. Again, this is an event put on by the Bitcoin community... for the Bitcoin community. It will be organized 100% by volunteers, and all proceeds will be returned to the Bitcoin community in a crowdsourced way that's decided by the membership of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. This is a non-profit event dedicated to assisting speakers, leaders, and business owners get their messages across. We would like everybody to participate, collaborate, and work together to make this the most meaningful Bitcoin event to date.
Please check back on our site frequently, as over the next few months we will continue to expand our already confirmed fantastic core group of speakers from around the world. We will soon announce the key dates, programs, and committees, and over the next couple months, sponsorship and exhibitor placements will be filled.
Tickets will go on sale in early 2014. Should you have any questions, should you wish to become a speaker or contribute in any way, or if you'd just like to talk Bitcoin, please give me a call at +1 416,831,9593, email me at [email protected], or contact me via Skype; user name a.diiorio.
I'm excited the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada is hosting this event. Please join us. Canada welcomes you!
Anthony Di Iorio Executive Director Bitcoin Alliance of Canada
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A local bitcoin trade EB26 - At Bitcoin Decentral Toronto Anthony Di Iorio Co-Founder Ethereum Project & KryptoKit A BitcoinMKE Hangout On Air featuring: Anthony Di Iorio and Michael Dunworth Anthony Di Iorio, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada

The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC) announced today the resignation of Executive Director Anthony Di Iorio. Mr. Di Iorio has served as Executive Director of the BAC since it was formed in 2012 and helped spread awareness of Bitcoin to Canadians from coast to coast. Mr. Di Iorio has stepped down from his position as Executive Director and as a member of the Board. Moving forward, he will ... The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada has announced the resignation of Executive Director Anthony Di Iorio. Di Iorio served as Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada since it was formed in 2012, during which he helped spread awareness of Bitcoin across Canada. Di Iorio has stepped down from his position as Executive Director and as a member of the Board. In his time as Executive ... r/BetterBitcoin: BetterBitcoin is a subreddit for news, discussion and jokes about the currency of the internet (or the internet of currency) … Anthony Di Iorio. Anthony Di Iorio is Founding Member & Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada and Founder of the Toronto Bitcoin Community Meetup. The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC) is dedicated to raising awareness of bitcoin among Canadian consumers, merchants, businesses, regulators, and policy makers; to promoting bitcoin adoption in Canada; to further Canadian and ... Anthony Di Iorio, der Gründer der Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC), ist von seiner Position als Executive Director und Mitglied des Board zurückgetreten, um sich auf seine Geschäfte zu konzentrieren. Er wird weiterhin die Organisation in einer beratenden Funktion unterstützen.

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A local bitcoin trade

Excerpt from Let's Talk Bitcoin - Episode 54 ( Anthony Di Iorio, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada selling a few bitcoins to a participant at Startup Grind Toronto last night. It is a terribly shot video. And I can not show ... BitcoinMKE welcomes TWO great guests to our weekly meetup via Google Hangout On Air. First, Anthony Di Iorio, Fiduciary Founder of Ethereum (to be announced at the Miami Bitcoin Conference this ... Jay Addison Technical and Media Advisor for CryptoBiz Magazine interviews Anthony Di Iorio, Co-founder of the Ethereum Project and KryptoKit; a founding member, Executive Director & Board member ... Anthony Di Iorio is the founder of Kryptokit, a secure bitcoin wallet browser extension, founder of the Toronto Bitcoin Meetup and director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. Listen as Anthony...