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Transcript of AMA with Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave & Basic Attention Token, creator of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox (Dec. 20th, 2017)

Here is the transcript from today's (Dec. 20th, 2017) AMA with Brendan Eich. Some incredible insights and information:
bat-jennie Admin 12:58 PM Hello everyone! Welcome to our first AMA here on the Basic Attention Token (BAT) Rocket Chat! Rocket Chat is one of our verified publishers, so if you’re participating in this AMA through your Brave browser, you’ll be seeing BAT’s utility in action.
Today’s featured guest is the creator of JavaScript, co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox, and CEO of Brave Software and Basic Attention Token himself, Brendan Eich!
For those tuning in, please feel free to ask your questions in the #ama-questions channel on Rocket Chat, which will be active for the duration of the AMA today. Please remember: this is a friendly environment; please be kind and be respectful of our guest and of one another! 🙂
This purpose of these AMAs is to provide a platform for members of the community to ask relevant questions directly to featured guests, and to satisfy any curiosities one may have about our guest’s thoughts, projects, plans and endeavors!
With that, I turn the floor over to our guest. Welcome, Brendan! Maybe you can start by giving a quick update on progress with BAT and Brave!
bat-brendaneich Admin 12:59 PM Thanks @bat-jennie.
As people know we're deep into Mercury phase, with a few people working on Gemini (user-private ads, anonymous revenue share to user). We did the first batch of UGP grants last month and will do more in January. We're working on creator referral awards, to pay YouTubers and site owners who bring new users to the platform as measured by 30 days uptime in Brave.
We had a successful pair of bizdev trips to NYC and London over last two months' time, getting close to announcing an ongoing partnership with a top-3 NYC media co.
The tide is turning fast with publishers. Three years ago when I was thinking a lot about brave and studying problems in ad tech, I met with publishers and ad tech people in NYC. Some fear of ad blocking but mostly business as usual, even as programmatic plays launched in previous few years were hitting what now look like peaks (and trying to exit via M&A).
Two years ago I met as Brave founder and pubs were mostly "you're an ad blocker, we hate you" but a few got the larger play. At that point I was thinking about Bravecoin and met with Stephan Tual and co. at Ethereum's London office; helpful but also clear it was too early to do "Bravecoin".
Last year publishers started turning, because their revenue was going down y-o-y, partly from ad blocking but also from G and FB eating the best programmatic ads and owning the user. This year the worm has turned, so to speak -- no one discounts ad blocking and everyone is talking about GDPR + ePrivacy in Europe next year requiring consent for tracking, so with this as background I think we are well-positioned to move into Gemini phase of the BAT roadmap in 1H2018.
bat-jennie Admin 1:06 PM Wow, what an update! This is all very exciting news! I’m sure people are just dying to ask you their questions now! Let’s move onto those 🙂.
Our first question comes from Modernity from Rocket Chat:
Why use a separate cryptocurrency (BAT) instead of just using ETH or a more established cryptocurrency?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:08 PM Thanks, @modernity -- the answer is twofold: 1, to raise funds for the project (no shame in that); 2, to precreate the User Growth Pool before the sale to stake users with tokens, gratis. With ETH or other existing cryptocurrencies we would need a rich benefactor to endow the UGP and none were forthcoming. UGP+reserves wallet present notional value is $122M. I don't know of anyone who was willing to give us that much ETH.
When I met with Ethereum folks in July 2015 and talked Bravecoin, I was inspired by "Social Credit" money theory. Give people tokens just for being citizens.
That's the UGP.
bat-jennie Admin 1:10 PM @Robert.clark from Rocket Chat asks:
How do you envision the 'moat' of your startup being built? Is it about digging deep into the BAT reward system and creating truly better and more profitable ad experiences for the consumer as well as the advertiser, or more about the privacy focused / decentralized internet browsing experience?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:13 PM Thanks @robert.clark -- we aim to standardize what we can and hope to work with Apple and Mozilla in W3C on anti-tracking specs in new year, so that's not the moat. The moat is attacking Google's main revenue source directly, while using as much chromium code as possible.
That is a durable strategy as Google cannot diversify fast enough, and faces anti-competitive scrutiny in Europe that limits its ability to use MS-like tactics against us. If other browsers want to join in the platform, we will bring them on -- after we have built Gemini phase and specified endpoint as well as on-chain rules.
In this light it is crucial we neutralize Chrome in every area where we do not differentiate by blocking by default. Note: blocking invisible trackers as well as all third party ads (and some 1st party that place with Google DFP), this gives 3-7x speedup on Android vs. Chrome, and Android Chrome has no extensions which means no adblockers.
Google's "ad filter" is cosmetic and doesn't touch trackers or the ads its core business and public stock price depends upon (they'd be bad fiduciaries if they did hurt their revenue materially; I'd join the class action suit!).
My view is G (and FB) are both "stuck"; they have limited ability to disrupt themselves, even ignoring usual big-company and innovator's dilemma problems. When thinking about moats and strategy, I find Mr. Spock's remark that "Military secrets are the most fleeting of all" helpful.
Tech alone isn't a moat. Remember when Steve Jobs was rumored to be considering buying Dropbox? Then a bit later he said "that's just a feature" (meaning OS icloud integration)? The durable strategies go against deep conflicts of interest, in Google's case between Chrome users and G's ad business.
Btw the latest on G's ad filter makes me think they'll get in legal and possibly antitrust trouble, the way they require verification. But we shall see!
bat-jennie Admin 1:18 PM @Irak from Rocket Chat asks:
Brave is an obvious buyout target for the major browsers and ad revenue companies. What do you believe would happen to BAT if a buyout occurs?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:21 PM Good q, @irak. I think we won't get bought without proving the Gemini phase at least. If we did get bought, it would be self-destructive to abandon BAT or mess with Brave's terms of use or privacy policy. We're the GDPR or "user privacy by default" option the bigs need. To the extent they cannot move their large-share attention apps toward BAT, they need separate apps.
I can't speculate much more, but I think BAT is safe -- etherscan shows lots of addresses, last I looked, and volume is up. The UGP would be the asset to protect and as we bring on other apps to the BAT ecosystem, we will put it under shared governance.
For Brave and BAT, GDPR looks like the perfect storm along with bad privacy and dopamine-piracy complaints against the big two.
bat-jennie Admin 1:22 PM @Coke from Rocket Chat asks:
What are the Brave team's top three priorities at the moment?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:24 PM @Coke, thanks. The BAT ones are 1/ more UGP grants, with sybil attack resistance; 2/ creator referral awards; 3/ publisher onboarding (the top-3 nyc media co. and others). For Brave we have 1/ bug fixes; 2/ performance and memory work; 3/ extension support on laptop/desktop.
bat-jennie Admin 1:26 PM @Steve-1 from Rocket Chat asks:
What’s the likelihood of BAT transitioning to its own independent blockchain at some point?
Will BAT switch to an alternative Blockchain due to ETH scaling issues?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:26 PM @steve-1 We have thought about this enough to view it as an option -- no token or coin of value should ever be marooned unless the human element goes wrong. For now we are confident in Ethereum scaling but we're keeping an eye (and will help if we can, as we grow).
bat-jennie Admin 1:27 PM @Decisive from Rocket Chat asks:
Is the UGP script locked in any way to prevent a mass sell off, or developepublisher payout via the smart contract, or is it to the discretion of the BAT team?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:28 PM Hi @decisive: Currently locked in a wallet with keys held only by trusted/high-integrity founder-level people.
We don't like fancy smart contracts; I'm skeptical of on-chain governance as right move for upgrading contracts; we're keeping it simple and vetting keyholders who are known and deeply invested in Brave.
Only a few such people; I am one.
bat-jennie Admin 1:30 PM A user from Reddit asks:
How is the BAT browser extension planned or being developed?
You have mentioned in the past that he heard Mozilla might be interested in integrating Brave into Firefox. Have there been any updates on that front?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:31 PM First question may be about the idea of a BAT extension for other browsers, but that is premature. The big problem with UGP grants and Gemini-phase ad revenue shares to users is fraud. Just user-funded contributions has a fraud problem too: as with buy widgets, stolen CC identity => $20 charge to buy BAT => contribution at scale via sybils/mturk-users/bots-with-enough-work => settlement to colluding but verified (small blog) publisher. That's why I mentioned sybil-resistance above.
So we can't just make a wish and try monitoring Basic Attention Metrics from an extension, and attributing BAT flows and creating user wallets, from extensions. There can be other problems, which I've noted elsewhere: lack of extension APIs to do all we do for the BAT platform to work (block ads/trackers, HTTPS Everywhere, Fingerprinting Protection, BAM and the ledger), extensions run in JS sandboxes with API limits.
So to put first things first, we will build in Brave while keeping our code as separable from chromium (or the mobile webview on iOS) as possible. After we have those endpoing and on-chain specs I mentioned in pretty good shape, we can assess extension feasibility.
On Mozilla, I can't speak for them. The friend who contacted after the BAT sale signaled interest but said it would take time, to which I said "same here" (per roadmap). I hope that answers the two reddit questions.
bat-jennie Admin 1:35 PM @badgamer5000 from Rocket Chat asks:
I've worked in the industry on both the publisher and advertiser side. Conceptually the model is fantastic. Cut out the costly middlemen, better rewards the publisher and the user.
I'm struggling to see how online advertising moves into a permission-based model. Isn't there great risk of a sharp drop in available inventory for both publishers and advertisers?
How do you see this transition period work? Maybe sites use a hybrid during this time?
TLDR - How do you avoid short-term pain for publishers - who are already struggling massively - as they transition to BAT? Especially if Brave market share as a browser increases faster than people think.
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:35 PM @badgamer5000 I thought about that for over a year before founding Brave, so good q.
Publishers already face ad blocking cohort of size. E.g. I've heard from CN that Wired and Pitchfork see 30% ad blocker cohort tempting to try to turn around, as Page Fair, Sourcepoint and others wanted to have a go at a couple years ago: 3/7 is ~43% lift if you can convert all those users, but you can't.
Any on tech sites use a strong ad/tracking blocker such as uBO (which we admire and collab with where we can). They don't react well to hostile dialogs to "whitelist, subscribe, or get lost". Every site that tries that loses Alexa share, lol.
So the pitch from us to pubishers is: you lost a large and valuable fraction of your readers -- we can win some back to a paying relationship, pure upside. Make it a positive sum game.
On the ad side, we see such garbage, race to bottom, spray-and-pray deals that we don't worry about getting top brands and agencies doing trials next year; we are warming them up rn. The idea of user-private, low frequency (one a day), long-form/high-CPX video+landing page, personalized ads is strong.
The local machine learning users get when they consent to the BAT ads can see everything: search queries, Amazon queries and consummations, click logs/tab constellations, absolute above the fold and Z-order visibility and viewability. All together we hope this can notice great opportunities for advertiser and user.
E.g. you are shopping for a car, have not quite decided, have tabs open on BMW and Mercedes. You've even set a BMW dealer visit up for 1pm Saturday. Mercedes will pay ~$70 gross for a lead that will take a test drive at their home two hours ahead; 11am Sat we will give the user 70% = $49 in BAT.
This is kind of a best-case and we haven't locked this deal down, so take it as a for-instance. But I'm not worried about getting ad trials, and moving to paying deals as we tune the local machine learning agent.
bat-jennie Admin 1:42 PM A user from Reddit asks:
We know that earning BAT isn’t supposed to constitute a full income, but how much money can a user realistically expect to earn per month watching ads?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:45 PM I don't know. If you assumed every user could get a fixed piece of the ~$80B ad spend on digital in US this year, you might see $80B / 250M (people of age to act on ads) x .2 (programmatic share outside G/FB) x .15 = $9.60 per person year. But that is way low for our users, and take it as a lower bound.
Brave's principles are: 1/ consent-based always (user, and publisher if they want to participate); 2/ no tracking data in clear off device to any servers; 3/ revenue share to inventory owner (ad slot owner; "inventory" on "supply side" means ad space) should be 70% (industry standard); 4/ as much or more rev share to user as to Brave, to align interests.
So for user private ads, we will give 70% to user via BAT. If we do programmatic ad slots with pub as partner (recovering some of that revenue lost to ad blocking; positive sum game) we will give pub 70% and 15% to user, 15 to us.
So suppose our users are more valuable than average (early adopters, web and tech and even crypto savvy); take that $320/person-year figure from above ($80B/250Mppl). 70% of 320 is $224. That is a notional upper bound.
My BMW vs. Mercedes lead gen example suggests higher outliers but you don't by a new car every month, lol. Still, attention has not been fairly priced by deep/transparent markets. Let's find out how much users could make. I hope this helps.
bat-jennie Admin 1:49 PM @Tyler from Rocket Chat asks:
What was your reaction to the UGP being claimed so quickly?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:49 PM Thanks, @tyler. I expected it to go fast and it suggests both high interest, and growth opportunity -- esp. as we add creator rewards for referring users who stick around 30 days.
bat-jennie Admin 1:50 PM A user from Reddit asks:
How does the BAT system differ from Patreon?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:53 PM Great q, anonymous Reddit person! 1/ we are a user agent so work with any verified creator, whether they sign up with another site or not; 2/ we don't censor first parties (whether sites, accounts on YouTube, Twitch, etc.,) as a browser, beyond things like antiphishing/antimalware protection that all browsers use -- if you can verify you own the payable resource (domain name, account) by challenge/response and/or OAuth APIs, you get verified and your fans can support you.
There are still censor risks in (2) at the moment, of course. DNS registrars, account systems, even Brave so we will move toward decentralized and anonymous operation over time -- that is the Apollo phase of the roadmap.
bat-jennie Admin 1:54 PM @Jscrypto89 from Rocket Chat asks:
Will there be function to donate/tip creator on the spot instead of waiting for the monthly payment?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:55 PM @jscrypto89 That is timely, as our team thinks the ANONIZE2 protocol we use may support such spot contributions without loss of anonymity.
The other challenge there is blockchain scaling, of course. With Bitcoin in the beta test, and with BAT on Ethereum now, the fees can add up. We're looking at this but the best anonymity and fee amortization is via the 30-days-of-uptime, private-on-device ledger reconciliation => settlement process.
bat-jennie Admin 1:56 PM @Frosty from Rocket Chat asks:
What is the most interesting thing you’ve encountered so far, and how has it affected your direction?
bat-brendaneich Admin 1:58 PM @frosty i have to say that learning about tokens (from GNT on, as ERC20 was standardized) and realizing I could do "Bravecoin" without having to set up a new blockchain, that was huge (obv. in terms of the token sale but also the UGP).
Another interesting win was ANONIZE, created by CS profs who wanted to anonymize their class surveys. We were looking at randomized response and other techniques in 2015, but ZKP won. We look forward to the evolution of blockchains (zCash already has them; Ethereum hot topic) to absorb this area of research and put it into practice for everyone (ZKP = Zero Knowledge Proof).
bat-jennie Admin 2:00 PM @apertus from Rochet Chat asks:
When will BAT be implemented on mobile browsers specifically Android /iOS?
bat-brendaneich Admin 2:02 PM Thanks @apertus, and yes: Android ledgeBAT support is hot 1Q2018 initiative and we shall see about iOS. We have good relations with Apple and do not want to have a bad rejected-app day, so stay tuned.
bat-jennie Admin 2:02 PM @badger from Rocket Chat asks:
How does the BAT team plan to engage with and foster ease of use for non-technical user audiences?
bat-brendaneich Admin 2:04 PM @badger Great question, and we have been a bit short-staffed before 2nd half of this year to answer it well. All new browsers start from what E. von Hippel calls lead users, those who switch browsers fastest and even innovate on web stuff (as web devs, back end pros, power users, etc.). Even for a small-share browser appealing to lead users, we need to smooth out more UX and support more chromium extensions, and we will move fast to do so in 1H2018.
For the non-tech users we aim to keep the defaults right and relieve them from having to learn about crypto. Rn funding the user wallet requires crypto -- but we want to make it easy to use a debit or credit card to do small monthly budget out of goodwill (people do $5-20/month).
With UGP grants and then BAT ads, we really want the more average-at-scale/non-lead user, every user really, to have the option to let their wallet self-fund via UGP up front and then recurring BAT ad revenue and let it drain to their pinned and automatically-designated-by-BAM creators and sites.
That's the steady state we think has simplest user model, no crypto in most users faces unless they want it, etc.
bat-jennie Admin 2:07 PM Thank you so much for all of the thoughtful answers, Brendan! To our dear viewers, we are just about to wrap up today’s AMA! But before we do… Brendan, we have one last question for you:
Burnerman from Rocket Chat would like to know:
What color should my lambo be black like Batman or purple like a rapper? 😉 🚘
bat-brendaneich Admin 2:08 PM Black like Batman, of course 👍.
Thanks @bat-jennie and everyone! :dancing-penguin:
bat-jennie Admin 2:09 PM Thank you so much to everybody that tuned in for today’s AMA! Brendan, it has been an honor having you on! 🙂
We apologize if we didn’t get around to your question today, but stay tuned for more AMAS in 2018! You can find more information about the BAT project here:
BAT subreddit community: https://www.reddit.com/BATProject
BAT Twitter: https://twitter.com/attentiontoken
BAT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/attentiontoken
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Jim Preissler, CEO AMA Session On Telegram, Friday 13 July 2018 - Everything!

For those of you who like to go through everything in their correct order to get context, here is the full AMA from beginning to end. Knock yourself out.

Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:01]
Hi everyone
Scarlet ~ trade.io Admin, [14.07.18 00:01]
[In reply to Henry]
The first 1000 will receive email either on 16 or 17, but before exchange actually launch.
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:01]
Jim in the house! ??
Crypto Bling, [14.07.18 00:01]
Hi jim
trade.io, [14.07.18 00:01]
Hello Jim!
Scarlet ~ trade.io Admin, [14.07.18 00:01]
[ GIF ]
TSas, [14.07.18 00:01]
Hello Jim
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:02]
Hello jim
Satish, [14.07.18 00:02]
Wassup man!
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:02]
Been busy getting ready for the launch and signing some more partnerships for us
Hiro S, [14.07.18 00:02]
Hi Jim
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:02]
Good morning / afternoon / evening / go to bed to all of you!
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:03]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
[ GIF ]
Le Tai, [14.07.18 00:03]
Hi Jim
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:03]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
yeah, thats exactly how I feel
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:04]
Nice to hear the new partnerships
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:05]
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:05]
Jim can u tell me which all coins will be listed intialy??
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:06]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
Initial will be the basic, big coins, but then will roll out a ton after, especially ERC20
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:06]
Have a bunch of listings and ICO clients that will come out quickly as well
trade.io, [14.07.18 00:06]
Hi Jim, here's a question and a suggestion from Phil(@PhilWall10):
  1. When the calculator will be available for the lp pool?
  2. I would like to see a 1% bonus for the first day that the exchange is Trading ,just for investors that held over 25,000 Tio's something like that would be nice.
Zeep, [14.07.18 00:06]
hi Jim
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:07]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
I am asking for those 10 basis ones
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:07]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
is there a particular one that you are driving towards?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:07]
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:07]
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:08]
I can help out here, as the list came up a short time ago:
BTC - Bitcoin
BCH - Bitcoin Cash
ETH- Ethereum
LTC - Litecoin
TIO - TradeToken
USDT - May be available right at launch or at the very least within 2-3 days following launch
TSas, [14.07.18 00:08]
Jim, here's a question: What are the plans with FX Primus?
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:08]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
Both those require testing, ERC20 will be sooner
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:08]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:09]
Jim, Can you speak any on the progress with regards to regulations in the various jurisdictions? Which jurisdictions is trade.io currently focusing on, or which is top priority at the moment?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:09]
Also can u please tell me approx figures u have earned out of ico consultantancy..? Just to have a idea about profit in ico
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:10]
Also what is your status for regulatory licences??
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:10]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
Working on HK, Singapore, Switzerland, Malta right now as the bigger ones. Smaller ones as well. We are meeting with regulators in the US as well
HODL Droid, [14.07.18 00:10]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
Same question + will TIO be tradeable with other comodities listed under FX Primus ?
Jimmy Choo, [14.07.18 00:10]
Hello, Jim.
My question is : After the exchange has been launched, how is the price movement of TIO in the future?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:10]
Are u also acuiring one for india??
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:10]
I want to ask when can we have the new Roadmap?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:11]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
Scarlet ~ trade.io Admin, [14.07.18 00:11]
Lets hold until Jim clears these questions.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:12]
[In reply to Jimmy Choo]
you tell me
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:12]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:12]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
India is unclear as to regulations right now
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:12]
[In reply to Ro$€]
After exchange and LP launches
Le Tai, [14.07.18 00:13]
When exchange platform support fiat? Thank you
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:13]
[In reply to HODL Droid]
@biggiepaul will get back to you
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:14]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
@JimPreissler please answer this as well
Jimmy Choo, [14.07.18 00:14]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Do you not have any estimation for it?
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:14]
[In reply to Le Tai]
soon, there is no regulatory issue, just want to scale into features
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:14]
[In reply to HODL Droid]
Most likely not, as its a crytpo asset so it will be traded against other cryptos.
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:15]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Can you clearer on that? Will we have connect with bank account, convert directly into fiat?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:15]
@JimPreissler what is the ETA for decentralised exchange??
Hai Nguyen, [14.07.18 00:15]
Hi Jim, could you tell me when LP will full launch? After 30 days of exchange? And the profit of LP will count from the 1st day of exchange launch?
Morbidus, [14.07.18 00:16]
Will Trade.io move to comply with the SEC and other regulatory bodies worldwide as they ask for information on customer protections, etc?
TSas, [14.07.18 00:16]
[In reply to TSas]
Answer pls Jim
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:16]
Guys, kindly hold off on the rapid fire q's, pls let Jim answer one at a time
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:16]
[In reply to Hai Nguyen]
profit starts immediately, LP will launch after 30 days
Hai Nguyen, [14.07.18 00:17]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Full launch or Beta launch?
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:17]
[In reply to Jimmy Choo]
Impossible to know, however, we are actively exploring moving TIO to exclusively to be traded on trade.io exchange and delist from other exchanges, for more control over price manipulation.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:17]
[In reply to Morbidus]
Already started, meetings already happening. We will do what we can to eliminate insider trading, wash trading, bots, fake volumes, all the bad things that hurt customers and plague other exchnges
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:18]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
There is no ETA at this time, we're fully focused on making sure we have a flawless centralized exchange and execute on the liquidity pool.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:18]
[In reply to Hai Nguyen]
there is no more beta, full launch is next week
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:18]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Hai Nguyen, [14.07.18 00:19]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
I mean the about the LP
Morbidus, [14.07.18 00:19]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
great thanks
Crypto Bling, [14.07.18 00:19]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Tommy Vu, [14.07.18 00:19]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:19]
[In reply to Hai Nguyen]
profits start accumulating next week
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:19]
[In reply to Paul Johnson -trade.io]
Whats solution in the future to avoid sth like Bitforex?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:19]
@JimPreissler will Tio offer margin trading??
" Not giving away CS, CAS and TIO", [14.07.18 00:19]
When 1 tio
Zeep, [14.07.18 00:19]
how much coin exchange?
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:19]
[In reply to Ro$€]
they picked us up on their own
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:20]
And What about futures and options (F&O)[email protected]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:20]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
We will, working with risk mgmt to get it structured
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:20]
[In reply to Ro$€]
Impossible to prevent a supposed decentralized exchange from listing TIO
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:20]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
Talking to some vendors specifically about this as possible partners
Jimmy Choo, [14.07.18 00:20]
[In reply to Paul Johnson -trade.io]
Thank you, Jim.
Hope exchange is a hit. ??
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:21]
[In reply to Hai Nguyen]
LP not sooner than 1 month following exchange launch
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:21]
[In reply to Jimmy Choo]
It will be unlike anything anyone has seen yet.
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:21]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Maybe question is about the launch only being for 1000 people. Is LP being targeted launching 30 days after July 17th? or after it is fully available unlimited>
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:21]
@JimPreissler will Tio have algo trading??
Zeep, [14.07.18 00:21]
jim. how much coin exchange?
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:22]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
the limitation to 1000 is not really for technology reasons, its more to allow customer support to get feet under them before we pummel them
Hiro S, [14.07.18 00:22]
Jim, I know this a tough one, but there is a lot of specuative thoughts around what LP will share when it starts, and I saw way too optimistic, in my view. Today, the expectation of nothing will be distributed on the first month and lots will be distributed that will make TIO moon are two events of equal probability, at least for me. Can give us a better directions that any of this outcome is not a 50/50 probability? Or being more direct, how much can we expect from LP daily payouts in the first month? Nothing at all? Something more than current airdrops program? Or much more than current airdrops? thank you.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:22]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
talking to a partner on that currently as well
Hai Nguyen, [14.07.18 00:22]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
I mean which version of LP will launch after 30 days of exchange full launch? Beta version LP or full version LP? I see the new road map on trade.io website, it has beta LP.
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:23]
[In reply to Hai Nguyen]
there is only a full version of LP, there is no beta version of LP
Zeep, [14.07.18 00:23]
jim. how much coin list on exchange?
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:23]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:23]
@JimPreissler just a confirmation that u have wavied trading fee but we will get other income like spread in lp for 17 july to 17 aug (30 days after launch)??
Crypto Bling, [14.07.18 00:23]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:23]
[In reply to Hiro S]
The exchange needs to ramp and generate volume, then the LP will have meaningful distributions
Grimlock, [14.07.18 00:24]
[In reply to Paul Johnson -trade.io]
not sooner or not later?
Hai Nguyen, [14.07.18 00:24]
[In reply to Paul Johnson -trade.io]
??, thank you.
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:24]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
Note, that its 1K on Day 1, looking to open up to many thousands, within only a few days following launch
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:24]
[In reply to Zeep]
depends on volume and user base of the coin. send details to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
TSas, [14.07.18 00:24]
Jim, what are the plans with FX Primus?
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:25]
[In reply to TSas]
Hey Tsas, i can help with that one.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:25]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
correct, only trading fee waived initially
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:25]
[In reply to TSas]
The current initiative with FXP, is to accept TIO as a deposit method, then eventually allow TIO to be traded on the platform.
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:25]
Which users will have profit from LP in the first 2 months? Only the first 1000? Any new formula to calculate
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:26]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Thanks for confirmation
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:26]
[In reply to Grimlock]
Definitely not sooner, and might be later.
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:26]
[In reply to Paul Johnson -trade.io]
Thank you, now knowing that is is limited release based mainly to help support team, it is a lot clearer.. Gives assurance that team is confident on the technology side
TSas, [14.07.18 00:26]
[In reply to Paul Johnson -trade.io]
?? thanks
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:26]
[In reply to Paul Johnson -trade.io]
No worries though, as revenue generated will be calculated from Day 1 of the launch
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:27]
Obviously, the success of the LP is directly tied to success of exchange
Grimlock, [14.07.18 00:27]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
and vice versa i suppose
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:27]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
People harder to scale then tech
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:27]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
Correct, there is no level of training that can prepare support/finance, etc. once live users come through the door. This is not our first rodeo with running brokerages, so we understand its a completely different ballgame once the bright lights are on.
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:28]
@JimPreissler will there be something which tells the days profit with its details for transperancy before lp launch?
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:28]
[In reply to Paul Johnson -trade.io]
so, revenue generated to this point, through ICO consultancy, etc... is not included in LP? Only what is generated after exchange launch?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:28]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
They said eariler it will be included
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:28]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
As i remember, it is included
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:28]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
There will be a LP distribution amount widget, but not promising that before LP launch
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:29]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
I stand corrected, you're correct, ICO consultancy rev's will be included regardless when exchange launches.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:29]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
its included
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:29]
You guys ROCK!!
Crypto Bling, [14.07.18 00:29]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
Grimlock, [14.07.18 00:29]
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:29]
Which users will get it and how?
Tommy Vu, [14.07.18 00:30]
[In reply to Crypto Bling]
Jimmy Choo, [14.07.18 00:30]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:30]
[In reply to Crypto Bling]
[ Photo ]
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:30]
Is there any hardware wallet also as a gift from selfkey partnership??
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:30]
Like airdrop
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:30]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
? not sure of Q
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:31]
My question pls Jim
Hai Nguyen, [14.07.18 00:31]
How is about Blossom wallet?
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:31]
[In reply to Ro$€]
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:32]
Can u please tell security measures taken for exchange... As these days many exchanges are being hacked even the so called best exchange i.e. binance , bancor etc
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:32]
[In reply to Hai Nguyen]
That wallet is under development, which makes it easier to participate in ICOs, have KYC, etc.
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:32]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
And on that note....
Are there plans to provide insurance against hacking? If wallets get hacked is it guaranteed that owners will get all their tokens back? One suggestion is that part of the undistributed funds from the LP (due to tiers with percentages less than 100%) can be used to offer such insurance, If unnecessary...if not, could be retained by the company …Security is obviously of the utmost importance especially if trade.io is targeting institutional investors. This insurance would bring extra peace of mind.
Johnson, [14.07.18 00:33]
Jim, what measures will be taken to boost the trading volume of TIO token after launch of exchange. With liquidity pool, I think the volume might be very low as it is today
DeviLpaL ~ trade.io Moderator, [14.07.18 00:33]
Hold on guys. Let jim answer Q one by one
Hiro S, [14.07.18 00:33]
There was some thoughts that running costs would eat up the revenues that was already generated from consultancy arm that would left very few to be distributed. COuld you tell us this is not the case? And in general, costs to be subracted from LP is only direct costs that affects it, could you confirm that as well? thank you.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:33]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
We have inhouse, outside team, cloudflare, fireeye, etc.
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:34]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
I think the undistributed profit (as for those having less than 100%) will add to profit of next day
Grimlock, [14.07.18 00:34]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
the important question is still: in case of any hacking, are we guaranteed our tokens back?
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:34]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
To elaborate, virtually all client assets are kept in cold storage as well.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:34]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
We are lookng for ans on that, so I like the suggestion. Nothing definative yet
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:35]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
I believe any undistributed for the day would be retained daily
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:35]
[In reply to Grimlock]
Agree, noone can say i am unhackable
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:36]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Thank you
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 00:36]
[In reply to Ro$€]
There is no company in the universe that is "unhackable"
DeviLpaL ~ trade.io Moderator, [14.07.18 00:36]
Which users will have profit from LP in the first 2 months? Only the first 1000? Any new formula to calculate
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:36]
[In reply to Johnson]
if you look at the token economics of TIO, it is deisgned to be more like a berkshire hathaway than a high volume penny stock. The goal is to drive value, not volume. The more value we create, and with low float, this will be good for price
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:37]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
At the end what to do with it ...it will keep on accumulating .... Better to distribute
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:37]
[In reply to Paul Johnson -trade.io]
We are not skimping in any areas or security, it is a high priority
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:38]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
I think jim should clarify on this
Ray Zhang, [14.07.18 00:38]
Any news about the license?
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:38]
[In reply to Grimlock]
I would like to ask what the solution if that ever happens. For sure, i dont want it :) but i want to know
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:38]
Do we have any security feature like bnt had to freeze [email protected]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:39]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
what was the orig Q again :)
Hiro S, [14.07.18 00:39]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
I definitely like that. ;)
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:40]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
The question is that... What will happen to the undistributed profit due to people having less than 100% profit share in lp??
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:40]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:40]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
concerning undistributed LP profits, they do not roll over, correct? Retained daily by the company?
Soroush, [14.07.18 00:41]
Talking about licenses, Jim, can you tell us which one is your top priority? US, Swiss, FX?
Hiro S, [14.07.18 00:41]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
I simpatize with this “insurance” would be also a nice promo tool on top of all top security measures and if security play its roles it will be an asset that company will have anyway.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:41]
[In reply to Ro$€]
We will xplore insurance and other things, but same ans for all of crypto, there is nothing like FDIC yet
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:41]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
Or put into seperate fund, to provide insurance, buy back and burn programs, etc... :)
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:42]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
cover down days is the main use
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:42]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
those can all be considered
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:43]
[In reply to Soroush]
scroll up a bit
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:43]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
This will be nice i think first to set aside 10%profit for buy and burn Tio and to distribute 50-50 (i.e. 45% of total ) to mgt and lp
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:43]
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:43]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Its why I love this company, project, and vision so much
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:43]
[In reply to Soroush]
U r bit late buddy
Hiro S, [14.07.18 00:45]
[In reply to Hiro S]
@JimPreissler can u comment on this pls. I think if LP is able to share good profits on first days that would be good marketing and this may possible because of accumulated revenues.
samy101, [14.07.18 00:45]
This is promising and time to buy more Tio’s.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:45]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
too early to be planning or discussing buybacks at this point, most don't fully understand the long term ramifications of this anyway. Most crypto doing this haven't thought it all the way through, but that is discussion for another day
Den, [14.07.18 00:46]
Hello guys, hi Jim! Got a question about negative days for LP. I don't really understand how it can be, exchange should stop trading and other revenue streams should be off for that day?
Oliver, [14.07.18 00:46]
Are you guys familiar with Ian Balina? He was hinting to an exchange partnership in his last video. The company will sponsor his world tour and meetup. It is not binance so I was hoping it could be TIO haha
Oliver, [14.07.18 00:46]
*that's for Jim or BD
Johnson, [14.07.18 00:46]
Jim, regarding trading TIO on competitors exchange. Are there plan to get TIO de-listed from other centralized exchange? This is necessary to avoid price manipulation. Also, is it possible that these exchange refuse to de-list TIO when you request?
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:47]
[In reply to Johnson]
Thats answered, up buddy
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:47]
[In reply to Den]
There is risk making markets and providing liquidity
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:48]
[In reply to Johnson]
They could refuse
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:48]
[In reply to Oliver]
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:49]
@JimPreissler is that exchange he is saying TIO
Hugo Cruz, [14.07.18 00:49]
What r the rewards for someone the buys TIO now before launch of exchange?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:49]
[In reply to Hugo Cruz]
Capital gains
Scarlet ~ trade.io Admin, [14.07.18 00:49]
[In reply to Hugo Cruz]
Capital appreciation.
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:49]
[In reply to Scarlet ~ trade.io Admin]
U are late
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:49]
Scarlet ~ trade.io Admin, [14.07.18 00:50]
I know..
Hugo Cruz, [14.07.18 00:50]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
Thats wut they said when bitcoin was 20k.
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:50]
[In reply to DeviLpaL ~ trade.io Moderator]
One more time Jim :) Q still
Scarlet ~ trade.io Admin, [14.07.18 00:51]
[In reply to Hugo Cruz]
30 cents vs 20k, c'mon man.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:51]
[In reply to Oliver]
I am going to find that Bitconnect guy! BITTTCOONNNEECTTT!
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:51]
[In reply to Johnson]
@JimPreissler please answer this
Oliver, [14.07.18 00:51]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:51]
[In reply to Ro$€]
We are only limiting to 1000 until customer service, and any other issues are under control
Leo Elias, [14.07.18 00:52]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
[ ?? Sticker ]
Dmitry K, [14.07.18 00:52]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
[ GIF ]
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:52]
Are MEW or other wallets going to be integrated in such a way as to make it possible to be able to participate in the LP without having them on the exchange? If this is actually possible that is. Will Private Keys be made available to the holders of the wallets in trade.io?
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:52]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Oliver, [14.07.18 00:52]
[ GIF ]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:53]
[In reply to Johnson]
yes, we will try to pull down elsewhere. no guarantees they will do it though
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:53]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
It will make no sense for company. To share profit withour using assets
Ro$€, [14.07.18 00:53]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
That was cleared up, but how to distribute the LP profits from Ico, which custumers? Or we need the formular till LP launched?
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:54]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
Asking mainly for other community members who are looking for answers from managment
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:54]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:55]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
yeah, also not sure on security on that as well. May be part of hybrid DEX solution
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:56]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
And transaction fees would be high, since every transaction would be recorded on BC, cant really use ledger. Not ideal overall
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:56]
Couple more questions from community members...
Are there any updates on the Angel Investors Program?
What roles do Kosmos, Plutus VC and Blockway Capital play in the Angels Investors Program?
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:56]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Thank you for those answers
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:57]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
We are sending them deals to look at where they know we already did KYC, took a first pass, etc. They are also bring us deals to look at as well
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:58]
couple more minutes, then going to lunch!
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:58]
Will Tio place there own buy and sell orders toaintain liquidity??
Grimlock, [14.07.18 00:58]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
one last question from me,
Grimlock, [14.07.18 00:58]
are you confident that we are all going to the moon?
Grimlock, [14.07.18 00:59]
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 00:59]
[In reply to Grimlock]
Satish, [14.07.18 00:59]
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 00:59]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 00:59]
[In reply to Grimlock]
how much trading are you going to do :)
Hiro S, [14.07.18 01:00]
[In reply to Hiro S]
@JimPreissler can comment on that pls, thank you.
Soroush, [14.07.18 01:00]
Jim, will we have any kind of voting system for new coin listings?
Can you tell us anything about your plans on how new listings will be done? Would TIO owners have any privileges over others?
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:00]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
We will keep risk low initially, but over time us and outside (insitutional) providers will be doing this
Grimlock, [14.07.18 01:00]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
am just going to hold. buckle up and sit tight. is that alright with you?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:00]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Very less ... As i am all in in TIO and now dont have any penny to trade
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:01]
[In reply to Hiro S]
You mean operations??? No that is covered from our 50%
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 01:01]
Any fear that the initial 1000 will be doing no trading since they are loyal TIO holders, and all-in already? ??????
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:02]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:02]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
Hiro S, [14.07.18 01:02]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
ok, it is clearer now. thank you.
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:02]
[In reply to Dustin McDaniel]
then we add more
Leo Elias, [14.07.18 01:03]
Uscitizen when ?
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:03]
[In reply to Hiro S]
An "expenese" would be an affiliate commission or something like that, not operations
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:04]
[In reply to Soroush]
we are not looking to limit coins by any means, just need a controlled process to roll them out
Hiro S, [14.07.18 01:04]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
understand even better now. :)
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:04]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Good... So approx how many coins before lp launch??
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:04]
[In reply to Leo Elias]
hopefully soon, been talking to FINRA and SEC
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:05]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
We will get to EOS and XRP pretty soon :)
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:05]
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:06]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
I want others too as have economic interest via lp
Jali, [14.07.18 01:06]
[Forwarded from .]
Ok Tnx
Got it
Leo Elias, [14.07.18 01:06]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
[ ?? Sticker ]
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 01:06]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Johnson, [14.07.18 01:07]
I Missed response on licenses, can someone please repost?
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:07]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
@JimPreissler any estimate
Ro$€, [14.07.18 01:08]
Any plan that we can store Tio in hardware wallet like Ledge Nano?
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:08]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
ERC20 - we are looking at rolling out maybe 200 as soon as possible, but priority is on listing clients and ICO clients
Dustin McDaniel, [14.07.18 01:08]
[In reply to Johnson]
Working on HK, Singapore, Switzerland, Malta right now as the bigger ones. Smaller ones as well. We are meeting with regulators in the US as well
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:08]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:08]
[In reply to S Aggarwal]
And for you, EOS and XRP
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:09]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
trade.io, [14.07.18 01:09]
[In reply to Johnson]
I'll PM you
Soroush, [14.07.18 01:09]
[In reply to Jim Preissler]
Consider Tezos too plz, right now they only have two low-key exchanges available with high fees
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:09]
[In reply to Soroush]
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:09]
Maybe they can pay us to list them :)
Jack, [14.07.18 01:10]
hi Jim, which kind of wallet we are using after exchange go live?
Jim Preissler, [14.07.18 01:10]
OK, I have a hot lunch date with my 5 year old. I will be back on here in a bit. Thanks everyone!!!
Jack, [14.07.18 01:10]
cos Blossom is under development
Hiro S, [14.07.18 01:11]
Thank you Jim, very quality AMA!
trade.io, [14.07.18 01:11]
Thanks Jim!
S Aggarwal, [14.07.18 01:11]
Thanks jim for ama @JimPreissler
Johnson, [14.07.18 01:11]
Thanks Jim! Enjoy your lunch
Ro$€, [14.07.18 01:12]
Thank you
Grimlock, [14.07.18 01:12]
ok guys, AMA is over. Time to load up your TIO bags and check in!
Jack, [14.07.18 01:12]
[In reply to Jack]
hi @Trade_IO, could you answer this?
trade.io, [14.07.18 01:13]
For your Q's please drop Admins a PM. We will collect your Q's and forward it to Jim. The AMA with Jim will also be uploaded on our Reddit page. Thank you!
???, [14.07.18 01:13]
Jim,I strongly recommend that you develop app!!
Paul Johnson -trade.io, [14.07.18 01:13]
Thanks Jim, Admin, and of course the TIOnauts...great dialogue as usual

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Log of AMA with particl

Let's all give a warm welcome to Particl.io team members - @umbrah, @dasource, @litebit, @rynomster, @imyb, @ludx, @synergy - you can start asking them questions. You know the drill - wait till they respond (not more than 3 questions of backlog) so they can catch up. (edited)
umbrah Thanks @boldninja , we're ready to answer questions anytime :slightly_smiling_face:
rynomster thanks @boldninja, thanks Ark for having us
macdac Hey guys, so Ill be the first to ask, where are we as far as the mainnet release?
litebit macdac: we are waiting for Particl foundation to be approved. Paperwork is in Swiss regulator's hands and we're waiting for them to approve so they can oversee us create PART tokens and distribute PART tokens
jeffjam Since Micah seems not to be present, is he still part of the team?
litebit jeffjam: micah is still a member of the team as an advisor. he has and will continue to contribute to the Particl project. On top of that, his fiance just said yes, so he's pretty busy :slightly_smiling_face:
litebit is it ok to answer in threads @boldninja or do we usually just do a long string?
tranzer welcome Particl - just learning about you guys looks promising and interesting concept. Can I ask how much did you guys raise and currentl holdings you have (mainly asking if you have enough for years to come) ?
litebit @macdac we are waiting for Particl foundation to be approved. Paperwork is in Swiss regulator's hands and we're waiting for them to approve so they can oversee us create PART tokens and distribute PART tokens
umbrah @jeffjam micah is still a member of the team as an advisor. he has and will continue to contribute to the Particl project. On top of that, his fiance just said yes, so he's pretty busy :slightly_smiling_face:
macdac @litebit, did they say anything as far as when they will approve like an approximate date or just when they get to it?
litebit macdac: once foundation is formed we'll use a couple days to do final prep for mainnet setup and then release the clients, source and tokens
litebit @macdac once foundation is formed we'll use a couple days to do final prep for mainnet setup and then release the clients, source and tokens
ryano What is particl
litebit ryano: to put it simply, Particl will be an anonymous, crypto-agnostic marketplace. this will be a self-governed decentralized system
commodore64 Hey Particl team, can you comment on whether or not the fact that it's taking the Swiss Regulator so long to approve has anything to do with any problems that have surfaced, and if so, what those problems are, or is it typical for it to take this long?
litebit commodore64: I know Zug is getting bombarded with cryptocurrency startups.
zedsix Hi there team at Particl, will the GUI be released alongside mainnet?
litebit zedsix: we have started testing the GUI internally. There will be a testnet with the GUI prior to mainnet
macdac @litebit, and you guys are 100% sure they will approve and is just a matter or time??
umbrah @ryano to put it simply, Particl will be an anonymous, crypto-agnostic marketplace. this will be a self-governed decentralized system
tranzer Who do you see as your biggest competitior in blockchain and in traditional sense of the way atm?
mgaruccio So if it's crypto agnostic where does the value of PART come from?
litebit mgaruccio: what's good about particl is that buyers can pay in whatever coin they want, provided it's available in shapeshift. it will automatically be converted to particl. it will be the receiver's choice to sell, hold or stake particl
mr_robot @rynomster When can we expect a working beta of the marketplace? Is the team focused on developing a mobile app version that can do staking on a mobile platform as well?
rynomster @zedsix, we have started testing the GUI internally. There will be a testnet with the GUI prior to mainnet
jarunik Why should i use it and how will you ensure a vivid marketplace?
macdac Are you guys sure of the Swiss foundation approval, that they will approve?
umbrah @mgaruccio what's good about particl is that buyers can pay in whatever coin they want, provided it's available in shapeshift. it will automatically be converted to particl. it will be the receiver's choice to sell, hold or stake particl
litebit @commodore64 I know Zug is getting bombarded with cryptocurrency startups.
zedsix Long time supporter for Shadowcash/Particl since the early days. The biggest gripe I have with the transparency and delays between the team and the community/supporters/investors. This has stemmed from the Shadowcash days - do you have any plans to change the way you address any delays? NB. Nothing against your team, I love the work produced - as a long term supporter I would like to see a company take a more proactive approach to issues that have stemmed in the past and not release hype/release dates until 100% certain.
rynomster @mr_robot, In terms of our timeline, we anticpate the beta to be out mid October, that's without the reputation system.
michaelthecryptoguy Can you explain your exchange mechanism somewhat? What exactly takes place in the background? Explain the client server side of that token being exchanged to the customer receiving that different coin :coinspin:
sacode Any plans to integrate fiat gateway? I don´t see how particl can go mainstream without this feature!
b.b.2k17 will Particl team implant feature similiar to delegatation (dPoS) in order for small staker to vote on propsoal without setting a node?
umbrah @zedsix as you can probably see on twitter, blogs, 3rd party media etc, we are actively informing the community about the status of particl. good or bad. you can see this on particl.news
litebit @macdac our legal counsel is Swiss based and have been through this process before so we're trusting they have all the right docs to get the job done. We were only told it takes 2 weeks to receive the answer once they have paperwork
rynomster @mr_robot, we intend to have the reputation system in place towards the end of October, at the same time we will have the protocols and codebase audited
umbrah @sacode
commodore64 @rynomster Hi there, long-term supporter. I bought SDC back in February of 2015 and have been following the project closely the whole time. One thing I have a problem with is that you have announced the marketplace launch a number of times. For the first half of 2015 you continually said that it would be ready by the end of the year, then the same message was communicated in 2016. The constant missed deadlines have caused me concern, and now I'm still not sure what to believe about the market launch.
So why now should we believe in the October date?
umbrah @sacode yes there is a plan. there are ideas but not limited to coordinating with companies like changelly, so buyers can use credit cards. but priority is still the marketplace
zedsix ^ That's currently how I feel, everytime we receive a release date it never happens - it gets concerning when a company keeps doing this and doesn't learn from the previous time it occurs that you shouldn't release a release date if you're not 100% certain that you'll meet the timeline, @umbrah - the announcements posted on social media primarily are related to delays. I won't go into detail - we'll leave it there. (edited)
rynomster @commodore64, back then we barely had a functioning team. In 2015 the SDC team pretty much fell apart. Funding dried up and there was no real teamwork.. People work working on what they wanted to work on, and there were constantly issues arising that would take priority over the MP. Particl has a team now, as well as funding, a project manager, and we are busy growing. (edited)
sacode How will you approach sellers to use particl market?
tranzer Posting questions again : Can I ask how much did you guys raise and currentl holdings you have (mainly asking if you have enough for years to come) ? Who do you see as your biggest competitior in blockchain and in traditional sense of the way atm?
macdac Will you guys release with ringCT due October?
rynomster @macdac, ringCT is currently in testnet 3
b.b.2k17 I quite like the delegate feature in ARK. Will Particl team implant feature similiar to delegatation (dPoS) in order for small staker to vote for their delegate on propsoal without setting a node?
umbrah @sacode there are a lot of upsides for sellers to use particl market. less paper works, tax breaks (depending on location), more security for seller, not to mention cheaper. we will approach them on more than 1 way. 1 st priority however will be existing crypto sellers
commodore64 @rynomster thank you.
throwplastic @umbrah what do you mean with "existing crypto sellers" as your 1st priority?
umbrah @b.b.2k17 currently there is no plan on changing the PoS structure. I agree dPoS has their upsides, but for the product that particl is setting up, PoS is the perfect choice currenctly
synergy @commodore64 there have been governance issues that have arisen that have delayed the project but now there is a dedicated team of 15 people of which 10 are working full time
commodore64 Another question for the particl team: Will the marketplace allow the ability to create a private market that would require either registration or invitation?
mr_robot Was this answered? I'm also curious on the details of how this works michaelthecryptoguy Can you explain your exchange mechanism somewhat? What exactly takes place in the background? Explain the client server side of that token being exchanged to the customer receiving that different coin :coinspin: Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:09 PM
macdac What will be the main differences between the Part wallet and the old Umbra?
umbrah @throwplastic sorry, let me clarify. currently, there are a lot of existing sellers who are also sellers on amazon/ebay etc, also people capitalizing on selling crypto merchandize, these will be our initial users and we'll work on that growth
b.b.2k17 (dont forget slack has reply to thread feature, easier to follow the questions and answer)
rynomster @macdac, Particl is being built on the bitcoin core 0.14 codebase. We are building the GUI from the ground up, using Angular (2), and electron. Umbra used QtWebkit, and native html5 + jquery. The UI is new, as well as a way healthier backend inherited from bitcoin core
macdac Is Crz here with a different username? if not can you guys tell us how the GUI of Part is going? What is he working on now?
b.b.2k17 macdac: here is a link to their GitHub, you can see the progress: https://github.com/particl/partgui
sherp Also curious about this tranzer Posting questions again : Can I ask how much did you guys raise and currentl holdings you have (mainly asking if you have enough for years to come) ? Who do you see as your biggest competitior in blockchain and in traditional sense of the way atm? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:15 PM
litebit Particl in it's current state is a privacy platform, so we would be in competition with privacy coins. We are testing Confidential Transactions and RingCT on our TESTNET3 atm. Monero is the only other currency using RingCT and only a view others are using CT. Particl is the first to use this tech on Bitcoin codebase. We also have a decentralized voting mechanism so projects like Decred who are excelling at governance are projects we would also be similar too.
Once our market is out we'd have competition from other decentralized marketplaces like bitbay, OpenBazaar, Syscoin's blockmarket and a couple ethereum projects in early phases of development. We'd also be competing against ecommerce sites on clearnet that are strictly centralized models.
The cool thing with the market is it'll be crypto-agnostic so no crypto would be competition. OB also will offer a crypto-agnostic market and I don't recall if Syscoin's does at this time. tranzer Who do you see as your biggest competitior in blockchain and in traditional sense of the way atm? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:06 PM
umbrah @mr_robot what we want for particl marketplace to be is a seamless system where buyer doesn't even know he's buying particl to transact. this will be beneficial to normal users who are not familiar with crypto
b.b.2k17 macdac: here is a link to their GitHub, you can see the progress: https://github.com/particl/partgui GitHub particl/partgui partgui - Particl Angular GUI - The source for the Particl GUI.
rynomster @macdac, crz is working on the GUI wireframes still, as well as the new website design. He will be helping out with the GUI as soon as he is finished with his current tasks, to give it some polish (edited)
throwplastic @umbrah thanks for clarifying, that makes sense. Will there be any mechanisms in place to ensure that no illegal products are sold?
umbrah @tranzer currently there is openbazaar (OB), but we believe we will have more features like anonymity, staking and others.
trixter- Particl team: Will their be a 3rd party Audit for RingCT feature before forking it, and do you have an idea how much time this audit could take?
zedsix When's Particl expected to reach exchanges?
michaelthecryptoguy Can you explain your exchange mechanism somewhat? What exactly takes place in the background? Explain the client server side of that token being exchanged to the customer receiving that different coin :coinspin: Does this take place with shapeshift?
macdac Cool, thanks for all the answers guys, Do you guys have an idea of when the new website will be released? which Domain will it be Particle.io still or what?
sacode In June 1st - blog update - you told us there was 3 new faces who joined to the team. Can you reveal who they are? What's their background?
umbrah @throwplastic yes, we will put in a governance model where stakers can vote whether they are ok with putting a product in. as there are grey areas for products, this will be based on votes
litebit The main difference is codebase. Umbra was built on bitcoin .08. Particl is built on bitcoin .14. So we'll have native segwit, malleability fixes, increased security, bip65, lightning network readiness.
The privacy is increased as well. Umbra used ring-sigs and Particl is using Confidential Transactions and is testing RingCT. macdac What will be the main differences between the Part wallet and the old Umbra? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:18 PM
@umbrah can speak to this, we're catching up sorry :slightly_smiling_face: sherp Also curious about this Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:21 PM
mr_robot How does the governance feature work and what's stopping people from making multiple accounts to collude on voting? Is it based on the reputation or staking? (edited)
umbrah @tranzer the team has raised 591 btc and roughly 250k particl. this will last the team for an expected 9 months, which is more than what we need to come up with a working marketplace. there will be a 2nd crowdfunding early next year and we will be expecting particl to be self funding after that.
jeffjam Will mainet be released with implemented ringct?
litebit Yes, definitely. It was one of our funding milestones and it'll be around 3 months to audit and correct major bugs. TESTNET3 currently has RingCT on it but we'll probably remove it for TESTNET4 because it's so raw and we're focusing on mainnet. trixter- Particl team: Will their be a 3rd party Audit for RingCT feature before forking it, and do you have an idea how much time this audit could take? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:22 PM
trixter- @litebit thanks
michaelthecryptoguy It seems the business side of particl (picking up more clients, instead of customers to use the service) is moving faster then the developers. Any explanation on this?
litebit michaelthecryptoguy: our dev team is working full steam ahead and making sure we are testing properly. We are in the final stages of the GUI development. The Blockchain and daemon are working and in public testing.
litebit by saying clients, do you mean contributors? if so, this is exactly what we expect, as this indicates speculations. same with other successful projects
umbrah @michaelthecryptoguy by saying clients, do you mean contributors? if so, this is exactly what we expect, as this indicates speculations. same with other successful projects
zedsix When's Particl expected to reach exchanges?
litebit zedsix: we are in ongoing conversations with majority of the exchanges, in an ideal scenario we would be listed on launch date, this is a work in progress and has been given priority by team
rynomster @michaelthecryptoguy, our dev team is working full steam ahead and making sure we are testing properly. We are in the final stages of the GUI development. The Blockchain and daemon are working and in public testing.
macdac Are you guys concerned of the competition? like Bitbay and others that have or plan to release a market
litebit macdac: there have been markets around for a while. We are focusing on anonymity and decentralised governance.
imyb @zedsix we are in ongoing conversations with majority of the exchanges, in an ideal scenario we would be listed on launch date, this is a work in progress and has been given priority by team
umbrah @zedsix we are waiting for foundation to be finalized first before we can release the mainnet, then exchange. same as other coins, it has to be the exchange's discretion when to add a coin, but we have already communicated with numerous exchanges to list this, and we are seeing positive replies
sdcpod How far are you with the Gui ? Will it be in Testnet 4 and if yes when is testnet 4 ?
zedsix Thanks @umbrah / @imyb
umbrah :slightly_smiling_face:
sacode There will be a marketplace app on app store or google play? If so, when?
rynomster @macdac, there have been markets around for a while. We are focusing on anonymity and decentralised governance.
molefish Will there be a way to run the wallet at launch on Mac OS X?
litebit Original mainnet (this first one) won't have ringct. We'll need to audit the code first jeffjam so it'll be on testnet for a while before going live. we haven't contracted any party yet to do this. I'd imagine a 3 month window to audit is to be expected jeffjam Will mainet be released with implemented ringct? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:25 PM
michaelthecryptoguy So do you blame the advertising side of particl, for these announcements, or does the finger point mostly toward the developers for not meeting there timeline?
litebit Any mobile version of the marketplace will come after the second funding round. This first seed round is to get the MVP to market. Greater enhancements will come with additional funding and larger focused teams. sacode There will be a marketplace app on app store or google play? If so, when? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:32 PM
Yes. molefish Will there be a way to run the wallet at launch on Mac OS X? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:32 PM
rynomster @sdcpod, right now we are working towards getting the GUI ready for public testing. Based on our estimates we will have some GUI elements ready for testing next week.
michaelthecryptoguy What is causing the team to not work insync (as one) What improvements or changes have been made in this area?
throwplastic Will there be a browser-based market or do users always have to use a dedicated particl software to make purchases?
dasource throwplastic: Particl wallet will work both in browser and as an application .. to ensure privacy you require your own particld daemon running within the same network. Whilst it is possible for it to work with external/shared daemons that is not part of the current scope to effects it has on ones privacy
sdcpod What you mean with "some elements" you mean the gui like back in sdc but like say without widgets ?
rynomster @sdcpod, there will be basic functionality, but it won't be complete as its still in development.
michaelthecryptoguy Who do you see as your main customer base? Average people that use or work with Crypto Currencies?
litebit @michaelthecryptoguy i think it's a product of the fast paced crypto ecosystem. when people's money is on the line, deadlines and firm dates are expected and we want to be as transparent as possible so we try to accomadate, but roadbumps happen and deadlines sometimes get pushed
trixter- Particl Team: Will TOR, I2P be integrated in the wallet on release?
dasource trixter-: TOR - yes I2P - no
mike where can we buy Particl now?
umbrah @michaelthecryptoguy there certainly are challenges we are expecting like any other team/company, but we believe we are working better than an average team. now that the team is well funded, we can expect fster project and more deadlines to be met. as a matter of fact, the team has already contributed more thatn 100k lines on github
commodore64 I'll ask this question again: will users be able to create a 'private market' or is everything 100% public?
dasource commodore64: Yes there will be support for Private Markets
commodore64 @dasource thanks! Has this feature been fully fleshed-out in terms of development? Like will there be an integrated invitation system or ability to create user credential authentication information? And also, will the private market be subject to its own separate governance?
dasource conceptually it is not much different to the public market other than the key to access the private channel is a secret and shared by the creator with those he wishes to invite .. there will be no governance on the private market as its impossible to govern something you cannot access
imyb @mike you will need to wait until PART hits the exchanges
litebit To start it'll be trend setters so crypto users. Big picture we'll be reaching out to vendors, sellers and buyers in countries that don't have access to the ease of amazon or ebay due to political positioning and restrictions on where they live. That's the big goal of the market michaelthecryptoguy Who do you see as your main customer base? Average people that use or work with Crypto Currencies? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:36 PM
umbrah @commodore64 particl platform itself is a private marketplace. no one will be able to know what anyone buys/sells, thanks to the CT, RingCT features and encrypted msgs
mike does Particl have a wallet available for OTC exchanges?
macdac Will you guys make a video showcasing the wallet GUI soon?
litebit The wallet will be on testnet soon so people can be hands on with it :slightly_smiling_face: much better than video macdac Will you guys make a video showcasing the wallet GUI soon? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:40 PM
commodore64 @umbrah so the answer is no? People won't be able to create sub-markets within the main marketplace?
sacode May i set my favorite currency and language to navigate on marketplace?
umbrah @mike particl will have a very user-friendly wallet :slightly_smiling_face:
commodore64 like with authentication restriction
litebit CHANNEL: is this method of question answering helping or hurting? it seems a mess and hard to keep up. we want to make sure everyone is being heard. Could we answer using threads instead?
umbrah @commodore64 that is a feature-based question. i'll ask one of my colleagues to answer that
mr_robot Threads would make more sense it seems
umbrah @commodore64 dasourced has answered your question in threads. and the answer is yes :slightly_smiling_face:
rynomster Our new members are: Imran, our Commercial and Partner Strategy Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini, Talented developer * experienced in C, AngularJS, Web development Jason Eybers, Junior developer * he is still studying, but he is adding valuable things like unit tests, linting, and little things that the seniors aren't currently focused on. sacode In June 1st - blog update - you told us there was 3 new faces who joined to the team. Can you reveal who they are? What's their background? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:23 PM
michaelthecryptoguy How do you overcome a vendor that is brand new to Crypto Currencies, that can't pay for his supplies or merchandise in crypto? Will you be working directly with any banks? (edited)
umbrah michaelthecryptoguy: working with banks would not be a good strategy. as of the moment, we will make particl marketplace to be a decentralized marketplace free from paperwork etc.
imyb michaelthecryptoguy: we are in discussions with partners who should be able to provide us with the facility to entertain these types of transactions
sacode The fact that you guys met in Hong Kong in the past, has something to do with the possibility of establishing contacts in the Chinese market? (edited)
umbrah sacode: yes :slightly_smiling_face:
litebit sacode: Establishing a prescence in China is a major reason for this Particl pivot
mr_robot Private sub markets... What would prevent that developing into unfavorable things that would bypass the community governance voting?
dasource mr_robot: Private markets are precisely that, no governance.
throwplastic But there is a way of voting certain products out by stakers from what I've gathered?
litebit Private markets are just that private, who is in there, what is happening, what is selling is all private. the network is unable to tell what is going on. similar to how signal or whatsapp encrypts on client side
commodore64 @litebit @dasource what if someone gains access to a private market and it's determined that there are undesirable products being sold in there and they take some screenshots and post it up online like in reddit or bitcoin talk or something? Is there a governance model overseeing the private markets at all?
dasource There will be no governance on private markets .. it is impossible todo.
commodore64 @dasource @rynmos
commodore64 @dasource @rynomster rynomster indicated in the main thread here that 'the network will only be supported while it is being run cleanly'. is this concern not relevant within private markets?
litebit the only way to "gain access" is for 1 or both parties to "give access" by posting these images themselves. otherwise everything is encrypted with industry standard cryptography
commodore64 like why is it relevant within the main marketplace but not within private markets? particularly if it becomes publicly known through screenshots on public channels? Like I get into a private market and take some screenshots and put them on reddit, is that not concern about the market being run cleanly?
dasource this has already been answered in another question ... you cannot govern something you cannot access .. the whole point of a private market place is that it is private by the creator and shared with those he wishes to only.. I am not sure what is the misunderstanding here? (edited)
mr_robot I think the concern is that any private market would bypass the community governance and therefor allow any kinds of black market items that could be used to hurt particl's reputation for larger more legitimate things. Ie larger sellers on Amazon wouldn't want to have anything to do with a marketplace that had screenshots of nefarious things being sold... (edited)
dasource I see your point and understand it however let me give you another example ... If you and I use Signal and we decide to trade Cuban Cigars ... you post that on the internet. Should Signal be held liable because they provided a secure means for you to communicate and trade? Particls Private Markets are no different, we are providing a means for people to trade in 100% privacy (anything from cigars to private paintings etc) .. in that environment you cannot govern because it is encrypted for everyone else. Is it possible people may use this for nefarious items? Yes... but it is also possible for that to happen on Signal or any other good encrypted chat platform. Should we stop developing for the good because a few bad actors might use it?
2cuse What about the case where people just don't vote?
umbrah 2cuse: if people do not want to vote, we cannot force them to. this however, remains a feature in the particl
b.b.2k17 this is why i would love to see dPoS
2cuse Seems like you'd have to spend allot of time voting to stop bad stuff that may pop up
throwplastic Is there a legal risk of staking if illegal products are traded on the platform?
umbrah throwplastic: the reason why we are taking a lot of time with foundation is because we want to make sure there are no loopholes in terms of legality. i'm confident that we have this covered
throwplastic Good to know, thanks!
rynomster @2cuse, the required threshold will be set quite low at first, as failed governance will be very fatal for Particl. The network will only be supported while it is being run cleanly
2cuse Hmmm ok that sounds ominous
michaelthecryptoguy Is their a current partner that can re-distribute particl or another coin, back into my choice of monetary unit? (usd, eur, rupee, peso, etc) (edited)
imyb michaelthecryptoguy: yes
mr_robot Can you explain how the governance will work and what will prevent people from gaming the system with multiple accounts?
umbrah mr_robot: the governance will be based on a staking vote (not yet final) we will ensure that there are no duplications
litebit mr_robot: for the market we're still researching and developing models of governance. a seller will need to pay a fee to list which can become expensive if gaming a system. voting will be an incentive for the network so it would become expensive to gain a majority % to manipulate voting
2cuse I could see spammers testing the governance then worth illicit goods
litebit 2cuse: of course. there is no centralized control so the network affect will be in effect :slightly_smiling_face:
macdac Will the people who were gracious enough to donate 25% or more from their bonus receive any incentive outside of just having username be mentioned?
dasource macdac: How does early access to Market sound? Open to ideas
macdac That sounds good
macdac I donated a good amount of coins
umbrah we are actively thinking of ways to reward donators. if you can think of a reasonable reward let us know :slightly_smiling_face:
dasource Thank you .. I am sure the 100s of people who genuinely missed out on the conversion will be grateful
macdac Youre welcome, ive been supporting this project since day one
macdac Early access would be nice ill think of something else and let you know
macdac Hope you guys look at the number of coins donated too when considering because I know that many people had multiple accounts and could have chosen to donate from only 1 but not the rest, I only have one Particl.io accoutn
michaelthecryptoguy Would you be willing to introduce that partner to the :ark: team? (edited)
umbrah michaelthecryptoguy: i don't see any reason not to :slightly_smiling_face:
michaelthecryptoguy :partywizard::slightly_smiling_face::sun: (edited)
michaelthecryptoguy @mike This might be something you would be interested in pursuing.
mike thanks for bringing up.
mr_robot I understand that details of particl being on what exchanges at what time is not currently possible due to the unforseen events of the delays of the terms of service. But is there still open communication with the exchanges and are they responding positively to the idea of listing particl when it's released?
umbrah mr_robot: a lot of exchanges are responding positively. we are actually expecting to be listed a few days after mainnet release, but could not confirm any of exchanges of course
commodore64 litebit, commodore64, and mr_robot @litebit @dasource what if someone gains access to a private market and it's determined that there are undesirable products being sold in there and they take some screenshots and post it up online like in reddit or bitcoin talk or something? Is there a governance model overseeing the private markets at all?
trixter- Particl Team: How much % of wallets are created and how much has been donated to this day?
dasource trixter-: 83% are ready for genesis with 125k Donated
trixter- 125k does that include the teams donation of 40k or without?
dasource that is without .. and the team will match upto 40k based on 5:1 formula ... so 125+25k=150k ... well short of the 250k we are aiming for
trixter- nice Im rooting for the project to achieve this goal. This is a uniqum in crypto that people give away money to help out other people. I hope you guys will provide an address for people to donate their staking rewards to so we can achieve this goal
sdcpod Yea staking to address function would be nice but @dasource said wont be possible im near future due another feature in the pipeline ?
umbrah we will do what we can to stake, but the priority will stil be focused on producing a marketplace
dasource I said "it was unlikely" ... however we wont know until we get down to the nitty gritty on it ... best way to donate to the cause is the increase your donation % before the genesis block
trixter- im alreaddy on 100%
sacode About marketing? Are you doing it all by yourselves or are you going to work with a specialized company?
umbrah sacode: we have a few partners in terms of Pmarketing
umbrah you might have seen taizen and leon fu videos, we have hired PR firms as well
sacode Yep i saw leon fu videos
umbrah :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
litebit we have been ramping up and beginning contracts with professionals beginning in June. in prep for mainnet and PART tokens being live in the wild
sacode So I presume we will start seeing some marketing very soon
sacode :slightly_smiling_face:
sacode This PR firms have any kind experience in crypto world?
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Engyo proudly announced on June 1st the introduction of its universal cryptocurrency platform for donors and NGOs. The platform offers a great opportunity to donors to browse and donate to NGOs/projects of their choice. Through Engyo, all transactions become transparent, trackable and reliable. All unnecessary barriers, middlemen and regulations are removed, hence making the system cost-effective, low on bureaucracy and extremely fast altogether.
Engyo seeks to be the preferred method for making online donations
Engyo is a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by the ENGYO Token. The platform allows through an easy-to-use interface, a perfect connection between donors and NGOs, while offering full transparency and traceability of donations.
Engyo integrates in one single platform, several services including:
  1. A built-in wallet to store and donate easily to NGOs and different projects of choice
  2. An internal exchange to convert major cryptocurrencies into Engyo token
  3. An explorer to track donations transparently
  4. A marketplace for professionals/service providers eager to work for NGOs (and earn Engyo in the process)
  5. Embedded bonus buttons/widgets in different major retailers shopping carts
  6. Embedded donation buttons/widgets or links in different major NGO sites – practically any site.
Engyos’ mission is to create an instant, continuous and fluid cash flow between donors, NGOs all around the world and third parties such as professionals or service providers, thus, closing the circle of use for the ENGYO token. This is a truly unique idea, that will make ENGYO the payment of choice for charity jobs and charity related work all around the world.
Engyo Mobile Application: Wallet+Integrated Exchange
Donors will be able to convert major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Verge) into Engyo, with the aim to add an increasing number of cryptocurrencies and at least one fiat currency in the future.
Engyo grants donors fully transparent donations
The platform is a simple, reliable and transparent method of donating, all you need to do is insert DONATE “n” ENGYO button in their site, and NGOs will be able to transfer the donor to the Engyo website or mobile app. Engyo will be able to manage all donations received for an NGO within a single wallet while providing transparency and traceability using a transparent donation protocol, which permits donors to receive notifications for every step of the donation flow. Engyo will allow donors to give any specific amount to their preferred NGO, without fear that certain criteria aren’t met or that the donations will return. And this makes it possible to have micro-nano- or even pico- donations.
Engyo Mobile Application: Donor and NGO specific profiles
Donors can register anonymously or with different information points regarding their personal data. Engyo will be developing an advanced tracking system called Donation Follow-up System (DFS) where donors will be able to receive notifications and information for every step of the donation flow.
These elements of the platform will allow charities to simply manage all donations received within a single wallet and provide transparency and traceability through the ENGYO DFS.
Engyo Mobile Application: Browsing NGOs and Projects
Engyo will also give NGOs the opportunity to integrate an ENGYO DONATION BUTTON / WIDGET in their websites to further enhance the flow on donations. This button will automatically redirect donors to the Engyo Web Platform or the Google Chrome extension to finalize the donation (transaction). In this way, Engyo will be the simplest, most reliable and transparent method of donating.
![img](e80z2r4sb9211 " Embedded Engyo Donation Button ")
In addition, Engyo will give online retailers the opportunity to integrate an ENGYO BONUS BUTTON / WIDGET in their Shopping Cart. This will act as an extra inducement for the costumer to buy a specific item and get a predetermined bonus buy just entering his ENGYO wallet address (ER-20 wallet address). More buying will lead to more donations in the Platform. The chance of the now new ENGYO owners to just sell their tokens on exchanges and get the equivalent of a few dollars in Bitcoin or some other coin is low, they will likely just prefer to make simple donations in the app/platform.
Engyo integration of online retailers
At Engyo, you don’t have to incur transaction cost, and you don't need to worry about fraud because all your transfer is secure. A milestone that ENGYO plans for the future is the ability to implement AI – Artificial Intelligence in the decision-making. If users are unsure what NGO to choose or where to contribute with their token, they can simply select a certain category, and the system will allocate the ideal NGO or charity with the highest impact in that area.
• Instant ubiquitous micro, big or huge DONATIONS
• NGOs' internal transfers
• NGOs' external transfers
• Marketplace for professionals / service providers
You can follow the project and ICO sale and pre-sale on www.engyo.io or by subscribing to the Official Telegram Channel: https://t.me/engyo
ENGYO PRE-ICO: starts July 1st, 2018 at 18:00 pm CET
ICO Stage I: starts August 1st, 2018 at18:00 pm CET
ICO Stage II: starts September 1st, 2018 at18:00 pm CET
Softcap: 1000 ETH
Minimum purchase: 0.02 ETH (every stage)
submitted by Engyo to u/Engyo [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Opportunity for competing against the kickstarter and the idiegogo's of the world, Advice Needed!

I am a Designer, not a coder and it is not a skill-set I have now. I am writing this to hopefully generate a conversation, a solution, or a new project based on a vision I have.
Crowdsourcing I feel needs ability to not only pay for various perks or prizes, but an investment in the project/company is the future to be able to scale and/or decentralize the process further.
Using applications that exist already like lighthouse are great but I want to hit the markets of peoples who use dollars, or even euro's, pounds and yuans. And I believe it is possible at least in dollars via bitpay, and coinbase. (although Im not sure how I would in my application)
I believe Bitcoin could become the perfect addition to the formula of crowdfunding because I envision launching a project to the world and excepting money for perks/rewards (traditionally) but also accepting larger sums of capital needed to grow in exchange for a future percentage of product bought.
IE: I publish a new Project named 'Widgety' a new widget for $10.00 or Ƀ0.04 (Current Price as I am Typing)
Me and a fellow designer are launching it and we each give ourselves 50% ownership in the form of one wallet we split into two where we are accepting payments for the 'widgety'. [We accomplish this via coinsplit to split up any order made] Then we find a manufacturer for widget-y and we need to pay him in USD and he doesn't wish to be given a percentage of the project and wants payment upfront which is the initial Goal needed to crowdfund 'widgety'. In order to pay for the manufacturing we get the quote of $1000/Ƀ3.51 lets say for the first run. I also want a specific packaging designer to join the project and they agree to take a % of future sales instead of a predetermined amount.(lets say each partner gives him 5% making their share 10% of the coinsplit-ed wallet to go public)
The Project is launched and the wallet Qaddress is made public to accept payments as well as payment option with USDs (needed to expand customer base in todays world). Orders come in both $ and Ƀ and all are converted (with a Bitpay or Coinbase) into Ƀ so each Partner of the project gets their allocated % via the Coinsplit.
In order to allow for more capital to be generated the founders are offering each 5% of their share to be sold for a price of $100/Ƀ.35 for a 1% Futures Sale of the 'Widgety'.
+Goal Reached
The stated goal necessary to make the initial run at least for the ‘widgety’ is met and the necessary funds are transferred from Ƀ to $ to pay for the service production and can begin to be shipped out and the excess inventoried etc.
Ideally the example would incorporate an escrow service as well until a goal amount could be made and perhaps some other consumer protections too.
I would like to make this a reality and believe it's not far off from current reality I just need a bit of advice and help into making this all come together, I'd love to make a successful and popular run at a crowd sourced product design in the not to distant future this way plus it will most likely lead to further crowdsourceing and bitcoin use!!! Feel free to PM me here or comment to discuss further.
Jacob Eckert
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XE Currency Charts. With this convenient tool you can review market history and analyze rate trends for any currency pair. All charts are interactive, use mid-market rates, and are available for up to a 10 year time period. To see a currency chart, select your two currencies, choose a time frame, and click to view. BTCNaira is a simple realtime Bitcoin and Ethereum value converter, where you can enter any amount of Bitcoins or Ethereum and get it turned into Naira accordingly with the average market value. All you have to do to use the BTCNaira converter is to enter a Bitcoin or Ethereum amount, for example 1.2365 and you will get to know how much it is worth. The Bitcoin.com mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the Bitcoin.com pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. Convert Ghanaian Cedis to Bitcoins with a conversion calculator, or Cedis to Bitcoins conversion tables. Also, view Cedi to Bitcoin currency charts. Get also a Cedi to Bitcoin currency converter widget or currency conversion guide sheet or chart for your website. Get also a Cedi to Bitcoin currency converter widget or currency conversion guide sheet or chart for your website. Individuals, businesses, developers: learn from our simple Bitcoin guides. How Bitcoin works, what is Bitcoin, what is blockchain, how to buy Bitcoin, what is Bitcoin mining and more.

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