CEO Indodax Memprediksi Bitcoin Dapat Tembus USD $20.000 ...

One Of Lyfe's Founder Is An Influential Cryptocurrency Figure

One of the founders of Lyfe is also the most influential cryptocurrency figure in Indonesia, his name is Oscar Darmawan.
Oscar is the founder of Indodax, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange (used to be known as PT BitCoin Indonesia/ Indodax, on the other hand, is the biggest digital asset marketplace in Southeast Asia, with more than 1.5 million active members and daily trading volume as high as 230 million USD. Also, in 2018, Oscar proceeded to found Tokenomy, one of the most successful ICO project in Southeast Asia. Tokenomy was founded by Oscar and DokterSehat first advisor & partner, Christian Hsieh, which turned to be the biggest Global Token Platform and the principal player in the tokenization economy.
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Bitcoin investors set to outnumber stock traders in Indonesia

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The biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in Indonesia may soon have more investors than the country's century-old stock exchange.
Id, the Indonesia Digital Asset Exchange currently has 1.15 million investors and is likely to reach 1.5 million members by the end of the year, according to INDODAX Chief Executive Officer Oscar Darmawan.
In contrast, the country's century-old Indonesia Stock Exchange, which offers stocks, futures, options and exchange-traded funds, has only 1.18 million registered participants, according to data from the Indonesia Central Securities Depository.
Indonesia Digital Asset Exchange expects its daily trading volume to double from a current average of $7.3 million USD, INDODAX CEO said.
The stock exchange on the other hand recorded average daily transactions worth roughly $550 million, in 2017.
Earlier this year, the country's former finance minister, Chatib Basri, said that Indonesia cannot stop the circulation of bitcoin, adding that prohibitive measures would not be effective.
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#384 Die Bitcoin Generation - Eine globale dezentrale Bewegung Spreading Bitcoin Cash Adoption in Venezuela w/ Oscar Salas - CILI #54 Berkenalan dengan Teknologi Block Chain oleh Oscar Darmawan, CEO Bitcoin Indonesia DETIK2 PENANTIAN... NXT GET IGNIS 5 COIN ☆ ☆ Q & A With Oscar Darmawan - AMA - Tokenomy

The world’s fourth most populous nation today launched its first formal blockchain association, Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (ABI), at a press conference in the capital, boosti Jelang memasuki halving bitcoin di tahun 2020 mendatang transaksi di pasar kripto sepanjang tahun 2019 bergerak lambat cenderung sideaway. Hal tersebut dikarenakan para penambang bitcoin memasuki fase menunggu (wait and see), hal tersebut seperti dilontarkan Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Indodax, Oscar Darmawan. WE Online, Jakarta - . CEO Bitcoin Indonesia Oscar Darmawan mengatakan bitcoin atau cryptocurrency sebagai aset digital yang menggunakan basis teknologi publik blockchain.?Permintaan dari masyarakat dunia dan supply dari token-token yang ada di blockchain mempengaruhi?fluktuasi harga pada aset digital tersebut. "Cryptocurrency ini juga bukan sebagai alat bayar atau alat tukar. Ini merupakan kali kedua Bitcoin melewati USD 10.000 setelah pada April 2020 lalu. Hal ini membuktikan Bitcoin mengalami penguatan harga saat pandemi Covid-19 dan masa new normal. CEO Indodax, Oscar Darmawan menjelaskan, kenaikan harga Bitcoin dua kali ini membuktikan bitcoin sebagai alat investasi yang menarik saat corona. Harga Bitcoin tidak ... Harga Bitcoin kembali melewati USD 11.200 atau Rp162 juta pada hari ini, Selasa (28/7). Ini merupakan kali kedua Bitcoin melewati USD 10.000 setelah pada April 2020 lalu. Hal ini membuktikan Bitcoin mengalami penguatan harga saat pandemi Covid-19 dan masa new normal. CEO Indodax, Oscar Darmawan menj

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#384 Die Bitcoin Generation - Eine globale dezentrale Bewegung 🔥🔥NI COIN SIRAJA VIP BITCOIN Mr. Oscar Darmawan SUDAH HADIR🔥🔥 Buruan masih hanget : Ico baru dengan ... Oscar is an absolute machine, helping to spread Bitcoin Cash throughout his city and country in Venezuela, where, arguably, the people need Peer to Peer uncensorable Cash the most. Check out the ... Q & A With Oscar Darmawan - AMA - Tokenomy TOKENOMY Milik Oscar Darmawan (pemilik vip.bitcoin) Ini Octoin ... Hey Krypto Fans, Willkommen zur Bitcoin-Informant Show Nr.... Pada Road to Devsummit #2 Jakarta, Oscar Darmawan (CEO Bitcoin Indonesia) mengenalkan seputar teknologi Block Chain kepada 300 coder yang hadir di rangkaian roadshow Indonesia Developer Summit di ...