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Ahh, help! I made a noob mistake! Sent 10 BTC to wrong address!

Ugh, I made my first careless Bitcoin transaction error!
I accidentally sent 10 BTC to Faucet's bitcoin address!!! I realize these are irreversible, but does anyone know the owner personally or how I could contact him and really really nicely ask for those bitcoins back?
The address I sent to by accident was: 15ArtCgi3wmpQAAfYx4riaFmo4prJA4VsK From this address: 1QEgRqvF3sVqzpqb95B7TgZg8Km8grTeRk
And the transaction hash is: fb8c99ec703416e0d63cda45c63440901e768d6d9cefb8b7cb1c910259fd2bac
It has only 1 confirmation so far... not sure if that makes any difference!
P.S. This is the "default" destination address in the Brainwallet.org !!!
edit: If needed I can prove that the sending address is mine by creating another send tx with a unique btc amount.
UPDATE: Bitcoins returned!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
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