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Hi All,
I signed up for a CoinBase wallet and purchased bitcoins to pay for the DogNZB registration, but not thinking ahead, I didn't over-fund my wallet, and a week later the value has gone down and now I'm too short on funds. Would anyone be willing to send about 75 cents in BTC? It would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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Newsgroup Reviews Blog. Latest Usenet News, Discounts, Free Newsgroup Trials You can pay with bitcoin or use a credit card. Note that credit card payments also incur a $10 service charge. Given the popularity of the site and scarcity of invites we suggest you get in now. If you’ve missed previous opening this is your chance to gain access to DOGnzb. The site doesn’t really need an introduction. Since Newzbin and NZBMatrix dropped out, DOGnzb has become one of the ... DOGnzb requires a third party payment processor which adds $10 to any payment. While they include a t-shirt for the $10, most people aren’t interested in the site for a shirt. After being downgraded some users are also likely to be skeptical about signing up for a long term account. DOGnzb is a quality site. I disagree with their decision to ... Here’s our full, updated list of the best NZB search indexers (also sometimes known as “nzb indexes”, “nzb sites”, “nzb search engines” or “nzb indexers” – with an ‘r').. An NZB indexer makes searching for NZB files easier and more convenient than ever before. But before we present our handy table of NZB search indexers, first we explain what they are. In addition to providing the best network reliability and quality of service, Newshosting also offers the best overall value for all-in-one Usenet access. For $8.33/mo, you get access to the fastest independently operated Usenet backbone with multiple server farms, unlimited article transfers with uncapped speeds, the most retention offered anywhere, a free newsreader with integrated search ...

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$13000 Bitcoin setting all sorts of records! Paul Tudor ...

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