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For this to moon, we need everyone that is holding to actually use it..
I've paid numerous bills using Satoshi's Living Room by paying to a Australian Bank Account or BPAY. Here is my compiled use cases for Bitcoin Cash. If you have any more, please let me know and I will add to this list. Also Check (thanks kenman345)
Payments: - Pay any Australian Bill - Coin Mixer for Secure Payments - Coin Mixer PrivCoin - TipBot by rawb0t
Coin Shifting:
Merchants: - Steam and Games Key Website - Gift Card Website - Online Marketing - Steam and Games Key Website - 3D Printer Buy In - BitTorrent Cloud - Mining Equipment
Wallets: *Desktop/Mobile - Incoming Support for BCH this week.
*Hardware Wallets
Information: - Coin Market Caps Tool - Coin Dance Bitcoin Cash Details - Bitcoin Cash Fork Details - Bitcoin Blocks Explorer - Bitpay Block Insights
Exchanges: - Australian Exchange - Japanese Exchange
Betting: Have a sneaky bet, true to Satoshi's Vision
Hosting: - For 15% off use coupon code "BITCOIN-CASH!"
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Techno 2019 Handsup Mix August Mega Mix #67 - YouTube

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